Chapter One ~ Life Lessons

I bet you thought I couldn’t do it, didn’t you? I bet you figured someone like me wouldn’t last two seconds without the comforts of her seventeen bedroom mansion complete with spa and petting zoo. Well, the joke’s on you! I made it work, just like Tim Gunn expects everyone to do. I have a beautiful silk sleeping bag, a lantern, toiletries, and even a little plant to spruce things up. And check out the beautiful masonry work on my wall. I’d like to see you do better. That’s not even all of it either!

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Prologue ~ Lady Alexandria

Hello aaaaall! Welcome to my fabulous life! I assure you it’s much better than yours will ever be, so pop some popcorn, find a comfortable place to sit, and prepare to be A THOUSAND TIMES ENVIOUS!

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Up to the Faytes – Founder Creation Part 3

Traits that received 10 or more votes move on to the next round. These are your selections.

If anyone is interested, traits that received no votes at all were:

Athletic, Couch Potato, Handy, Hates the Outdoors, Loner, Mooch, and No Sense of Humor.

We’re nearly there! Your decisions will only get easier from here.

Once again, please choose five traits for Alexandria.

Up to the Faytes – Founder Creation Part 2

Destiny has spoken. Your founder will start her life in Lunar Lakes.

Alexandria’s personality has yet to be formed, however. Your next task may seem daunting, but it must be done in order to begin. You must choose five traits for your founder. The top choices will move on to round two, where they will be voted on for the next round, and so on, until five traits have been determined.

Her life is in your hands. Enjoy!