Not fake

Updating soon, guys, I’ve just had a lot of super important real life things going on. I’ve taken a photograph for proof.

<3 ilu all!


Updating Thangs!

I’ve FINALLY gotten off my ass (or rather, on it) and gone through the Plug Your Legacy post and updated my Must Reads list to include all of your fabulous stories! You gave me excellent practice with alphabetizing, guys, I hope I did it right. I had to sing parts of the alphabet in my head a couple times (I am an adult). I’m still working on reading them of course, but I got a good look at each one as I linked them and you are all so brilliant, thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to read them ALL, I’ve been reading a few here and there when I can. If I made a mistake (I’m sure I did SOMEWHERE), let me know and I’ll fix it in two years. Everyone should go read everything now though!

Also somewhat updated is the theme, LOL, and I don’t know how I feel about it yet so feel free to yell at me if you hate it. It broke my Table of Contents a bit and links to previous/next chapters are now ALL THE WAY BELOW THE COMMENTS but it lets me have bigger pictures and it seems cleaner and prettier so I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Uhh, what else did I do? Um, OH I updated my pathetic family tree but mostly everyone on it is irrelevant now and it’s ridiculous to navigate and it makes me sad. Maybe next legacy I’ll do it right? Maybe? Probably not.

Things I did not update: Profiles. Because that’s a lot of work and I’m only mildly productive please forgive me. I also didn’t upload any new sims yet, but I will soon in case anyone is interested.

…And I just realized there are sites that would have alphabetized for me *headdesk*

Real update soon! Happy simming <3

Edit: Also I just saw the (very) old comments on the Must Reads page and feel awful for not adding or replying to those, ugh. Sorry guys! Doing that ASAP.

Edit 2: Those are added and comments have been cleared to make room for more if needed. Woo!

Edit 3: WordPress keeps unfollowing things without my permission? Rude.

By the way…

Sorry I haven’t been replying to comments yet, I have been so wrapped up in playing that I’ve gotten way far ahead and need to churn out updates to catch up D: Thank you all for your support, you’re the best and I appreciate every one of you.

Soon I plan on starting to catch up on the stories you’ve posted in the advertisement update. Super excited about that!

Also, I now have a simblr. LOL I don’t really know what I’m going to do with it, but if you’re interested, you can find me HERE. So far I’ve just been posting random screenshots of sims that have nothing to do with the legacy. I think it’ll be fun or something eventually, and a good way to get to know those of you who also have simblrs or just normal tumblrs.


Plug Your Legacy Here!

Guys, help. I am hopelessly lost and behind and I need you all to save me. I know I have the Must Reads page, which is great for keeping up with stories for the most part, and I follow many of you already so I can see your updates, but I’m feeling all over the place and cannot for the life of me sort things out in my head for some reason. I’ve been gone so long I’ll probably need to reread everything.

SO I am opening this post up for advertising your legacies/any other challenges, whether they’re brand new or have been around for ages and whether I follow you or not. I know I’ve received a few requests to read legacies in the comments of some of my chapters, but posting them again in the comments here would be wonderfullllllll so I can get my life together. Please? I want to read your stuff. Thank youuuuu <3

And eventually I’ll update the Must Reads page as well.

Oh… Oh hi!

So… wow, what a year it’s been. It seems like I’m doomed to write this legacy for the rest of my life LOL.

The good news is I’m alive and doing well and have been missing the crap out of Simming. The bad news is that, despite having moved eons ago (okay, it was only 9 months but that’s basically forever), my beautiful computer has still not been shipped. I know, I know, THE HORROR.

The kind-of-good-but-not-really news is that I discovered I can still play the game on my laptop, only it’s definitely not like it was. I can’t have much (or really any) CC and the graphics aren’t amazing by far. Also I don’t have any of my Creeper or Fayte files because my external hard drive, the one thing I DO have, was ruined. So there’s that.

But all that aside, I have a plan to overcome these obstacles. I was considering perhaps downloading Peaches Honeyblossom (and a few other Creepers, thank goodness I uploaded them), finding her a new spouse, and continuing the legacy that way. What do you think? If anyone out there can hear me, that is. Should I just keep on truckin’?


Sigh, angst.

I figured I’d update again on my situation. I’m here, and completely willing and ready to play TS3 (with Supernatural and Seasons ugh), only my beautiful computer is not currently with me. When I moved, I left it for people to ship down at another time because I wasn’t able to take it with me, and that hasn’t happened yet. It will soon, though. Seriously, or I will throw a tantrum.

I bought a laptop to fulfill my daily internet desires, but I didn’t have any intention of using it for TS3 when I got it. I did check out the specs on Can You Run It? and came up with this very miserable and expected conclusion:

So close, yet so far. My mom’s computer can run it just fine, but I’m not even going to go there. I’ll wait.

So it’ll still be a while before another update is around. I’m sorry. Until then, I’m going to read all of your stories and be slowly tortured by images from Supernatural and Seasons. So sad.


Well, well, well…

Is it a coincidence that I happen to reappear the day after another brand new beautiful TS3 EP is announced?

It might be. I’m not sure.

This fall is going to be spectacular and I won’t be seeing daylight thanks to TS3. That’s all I have to say about that.

Again, I have failed to update for a while. I’m sorry :( I have a good excuse this time, which is that I’ve been preparing to move again. LOL. Yeah, I’m moving on Wednesday. I’m excited. I should have better internet and more time to do things like this, so this is a good thing. I will get an update out ASAP.

I hate when they announce awesome EPs though because all I can think of is how amazing they will be and how NOT amazing my game is without them, so I’m disinclined to play XD Like if I were to start my game now I would probably pout because there are no WITCHES or FAIRIES and no PUMPKIN CARVING or IGLOO BUILDING or something like that. I’m a spoiled brat, I know. It’s pathetic. I’ll get over it, haha.

ILU all <3 Happy simming!

Another Newsy Update LOL

MOAR NEW THANGS! My menu up there has changed! Now you can find ANY and ALL things relating to The Creeper Legacy on ONE nifty page, creatively titled CREEPERS (it took me HOURS to come up with that). WHY AM I YELLING IN RANDOM CAPS, YOU ASK? Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, I’ll TELL YOU ANYWAY.

It’s because I’ve been at this for like A WHOLE ENTIRE DAY. I don’t know why I’m torturing myself, BUT I have spent all this time doing this in order to bring back the very pretty (and time consuming omg) PROFILE PAGES! HOW EXCITED DOES THAT MAKE YOU?

…*crickets chirping*

But… but… do you ever find yourself wondering, “HMM, NOW WHAT WERE BLUEBELL MADONNA’S TRAITS AGAIN?”

Okay, most likely not because no one likes Bluebell LOL. But maybe these things will come in handy for you someday. If not, well, they can just sit there doing nothing for all I care. THAT IS ALL, GOODNIGHT <3