Audio Creeper

 Audio Science Creeper
{generation five spare}
:: Traits ::

Clumsy, Genius, Grumpy, Perfectionist, Workaholic


:: Hidden Traits ::

Asian Culture, Can Apprehend Burglar, Burglar


:: Favorites ::

Latin, French Toast, Orange


:: Lifetime Wish ::

Renaissance Sim
{Max 3 Different Skills


:: Skills ::

– 10
– 4
– 2
– 1


:: Relationships ::

Marlene Clay – Young Adult – Married – Divorced
Everly Bear Creeper
Reignbeau Creeper
Tenisha Goss – Elder – Affair
Leroy Goss


:: Career History ::

World Renowned Surgeon
{Level 10}


:: Lifetime Happiness ::


:: Lifetime Rewards ::

Observant, Office Hero, Multi-Tasker, Fast Learner, Dirt Defiant, Vacationer


:: Death ::

Old Age
{Elder – 99}


Note: Audio Science stuck around the legacy house until his death, meaning his stuff counts! If I were counting points, that is. Which I might. I dunno XD


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