A New Contender in Life Simulation: Paralives

Paralives - Alex Massé - Life Simulator

The world of life simulation is growing, much like the pixelated lives within the games. Titles such as Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Sim City, and of course Second Life have held their own for many years due to their mass followings and quirky adventures. The Sims franchise, one of the front-runners dominating the life simulator market for over a decade, has grown in popularity in recent years with new features and diversity being added with every update or expansion. An estimated 35% growth in life sim interest has been seen with The Sims 4 alone. But are EA/Maxis about to be given a run for their (piles and piles of) money?  

Enter: Paralives

In late June 2019, solo developer Alex Massé announced a new life simulation game he’s been working on: Paralives. With the help of the Unity Game Engine, he is making all of our simulation dreams come true.

Paralives - Alex Massé - Life Simulator

The game is in its infancy but has already created a huge buzz in the life simulator gaming community with promises of an open world and advanced building in addition to features many already know and love (like creating disastrous – or harmonious – lives for our little people, cars, bikes, boats, seasons, and PETS… IN THE BASE GAME? He spoils us).

Build Mode Intensifies

Many of the teasers Alex has offered so far revolve around building. On the Paralives website it mentions that builders “are not limited to a grid” which probably has Sims builders quaking, as they usually have to input cheats in order to enjoy that sort of freedom. Paralives will include fully customizable object colors, textures, and sizes, and even offers an in-game measuring tape so your dimensions can be on point.

If the simple clicking and dragging style of building is your cup of tea, trust me when I say, you will love designing in Paralives.

Open World, Endless Possibilities

In Paralives, your customized characters will not be stuck within the four walls of their homes. They’ll enjoy an open world, with a neighborhood full of life and character. Your little person (should we call them parasons?) will be able to shop, chill at the park, head to work, and explore with friends as well as make new ones.  

Paralives Availability And Community Creations

Alex states that Paralives has no release date or price set just yet, but that when it does become available, it will be through Steam for PC and Mac and will not be free-to-play. He plans to release free content updates with the possibility of DLCs, but it seems players will be receiving a TON of features in the base game that will be more than worth it. It will support custom content through the Steam Workshop where players will be able to share their own creations and designs.

There are currently no plans to bring it to console, but I’m of the opinion that you never know what could happen 😉

How You Can Learn More

More information and screenshots can be found on the Paralives website. You can also follow Alex and Paralives on Twitter (@_amasse and @ParalivesGame) as well as join the Paralives Discord server (link found here) for updates and input . He’s also set up a Patreon for those who would like to contribute to development. The community has already doubled in the past week and seems to be picking up steam as each day passes.

What do you think about Paralives? I must admit, I’m giddy with excitement (does it show?) and I wish Alex the very best in his journey of creation! I can’t wait to see more as this develops.

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