Chapter 4: The Heat Rises

Simothy: So, this legacy thing isn’t even difficult. Why couldn’t you finish your others again?

Don’t worry about it. Let’s just jump into this fresh new chapter of your legacy, shall we?

In our last chapter, Simothy married Maggie.

Maggie: But it’s not official until it’s Simbook official, right?

Our dear, sweet Maggie is a friendly, athletic cat person who schmoozes her way through life. She’s also a coward. Somehow.

Taxi Driver: Where to?

Simothy: Somewhere fancy. We just got married on the lawn.

Taxi Driver: Gotcha.

A honeymoon at the grocery store/diner. Perfect. You can grab a job while you’re here, Maggie! We are efficient here.

Maggie wants to be a celebrated five-star chef. Naturally she should start by slapping greasy food around and loosely following food safety guidelines.

They get home to their fabulous tent and too-big lawn. This happily ever after is where the fairy tale usually ends, but lucky for us, this is just the beginning. Time to add some luxury to lawn living.

Wa-BAM! Everything their hearts desire is suddenly spread before them.

And I took a side photo because I guess I was very proud of this.

They are THRILLED.

Maggie: A chair! I’m so happy. I was beginning to not be able to feel my legs.

But of course the first order of business for marital bliss is…

A magic tent ride together! They’re probably pretending to be on a safari or something.

Yeah, I think they crashed into a lion.

What’s wrong, Maggie? Is the lion ok?!

Maggie: I have seen some things…

I can’t tell if this is a good or a bad sign. Maggie?

Ok, so we’re off to a great start when the founder’s bride chews off all of her fingernails after the first tent safari.

Simothy does laundry right after, which is probably a great idea. I did laundry yesterday for the first time in, uh, too long for me to want to admit. I’m an adult!

Simothy cheers Maggie on as she prepares some hot dogs for the grill, their only way of cooking currently.

Simothy: You’ll be a five-star chef in no time. Hot dogs are on every fine dining menu.

Maggie: Keep hopping along, deer, or you’ll be our next sandwich.

Deer: Oh, my!

Our brilliant chef takes some creative liberties and creates a deliciously charred dish for her and Simothy to share.

Maggie: It’s blackened meat cylinders, a modern take on an old classic.


Another pretend safari under the full moon. How romantic.

Zombie: I came out to eat some brains and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.

By morning, the Eaxis lawn had collected many zombie friends, but luckily none of them knew how to use a zipper.

HAHA, Simothy has a plumbob tramp stamp.

Simothy: You put it there.

I know but I forgot and I’m so proud of past me.

Anyway, Simothy is not going to work. He is instead going to focus on becoming a social media influencer because what better job is there for an Eaxis than that?

The summer is heating up, much like Sim and Maggie’s very questionably fast romance. Since they have nothing better to do, we take them back to the summer festival for some fun and good times.

They must’ve enjoyed Maggie’s charred meat cylinders so much they need more for home.

Maggie: Free food is the best food.

Simothy: Ha, why is this townie here? Why do you even try?

Maggie wins!

Maggie: I knew filling my stomach with sand as a child would help me be successful in life.

And, oh no, it looks like the townie came in second place.

Maggie: I married a loser!

Simothy is determined to finish despite the fact that his stomach may burst any second.

Maggie: *has time to rethink her life choices*

Townie: Bored now.

Ah, look! It’s Peaches’ horse, Genevieve!.

Genevieve: All the customization options at your disposal and you went with THAT? Talk about a downgrade.

Hold on, what’s that smell?

Genevieve: That’s you being roasted.

No, that’s…

Townie: Me!

Simothy: I did not light him on fire for beating me in the hot dog contest so don’t even ask.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Tea.


Simothy, can you not?

Townie: HEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!

Simothy: …I think I’ll take Maggie on a nice date to the theatre. Maggie? You ready?

Pond: (I’m like literally right here.)

RIP Townie. Forever in our hearts.

Grim Reaper: Gotta pack a snack for the trip home.

And that is the end of this chapter! Did Simothy murder Townie as revenge for eating hot dogs faster than him? Will they have a baby soon? Or a real house? Tune in next time for more and happy gaming!

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