I’m a terrible, horrible person who didn’t blog yesterday or follow my PATH TO RIGHTEOUSNESS from the post in which I talked about doing what I plan to do. I don’t know if I’m more embarrassed about that or the fact that one of the reasons I didn’t blog is because I was playing Roblox. Have you guys played Roblox? My kids were playing it one day and as a joke I joined them. But then the joke



Anyway, I think I like it because, much like the sims, it’s a sort of mindless way to spend time. If you haven’t checked the game out for yourself or you want to see some posts about what I’m up to in that, let me know because there are some STORIES I could tell.

To be fair, I did start a post a few days ago, it’s just still sitting in my drafts.

BUT for the sake of future Starla, I just made the rule RIGHT NOW that even if I make my best efforts to post and don’t, I’m not going to dwell on it. This is still more posts than I make when I’m not trying, so it’s okay! It’s Tuesday and I’m posting off schedule, I’m so wild. So crazy.

Here is a picture of some random try-hard doodles I worked on this evening. Imagine me presenting it to you like this:

Welp, here's the art
Doodling helps art, or so I'm told...

Here’s to tomorrow’s post! Take care, everyone <3

Additional Note:

This post sat here for a minute while I went downstairs and while I was down there I realized that my desire to read Harry Potter started off as a joke too. I was grounded for, like, an entire summer and as a joke I asked my mom to get me the Harry Potter books to pass the time. This brilliant woman went to the store that week and brought home all 4 (that were out at the time). Then, well, I’m sure you can guess what happened.

I’m sensing a pattern here… I should joke less 😂

2 thoughts on “Roadblox?

  1. You are right, if you miss a deadline don’t dwell on it! If you force it it doesn’t become fun and it becomes a chore, and that’s not what it should be :C

    Also Roblox is fun! I used to play it all the time, and I still do from time to time (I had to stop for a while when it became my “go to” when I got depressed and then it wasn’t fun idk why that happened)

    Have you tried that one survival game where you have to stay alive on an island and not die? That’s my favorite roblox game.

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    1. Yeah, definitely. We don’t want no chores around here!

      I totally understand about the “go to” thing, I hope you keep being able to recognize these things because I think that’s a huge part of the battle <3

      Omg I LOVE that one, especially when you win and you get to see yourself as a massive trophy thing. I'm also recently obsessed with Royale High (I usually troll around there with the ugliest possible avatar) and Retail Tycoon. There are so many options, it definitely helps on those restless days when your attention span is lacking.

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