The End of an Era

Okay, Peaches. I hope this is what you wanted.

“It’s still hailing and I’m still in it, so not yet.”

Alright, let’s head inside.

“I’m sensing some rustic flair. This is acceptable.”

Well, you’ve always loved cowboy culture for some reason I can’t remember so I did what I could.

“I also like this new dress, I guess. The cow print belt is a nice touch.”

Yeah, now you can be a true country queen or something.

“The furniture is okay. Did you remember the–“

Yes, you have an ice cream maker in the kitchen and I added a bonus deep fryer.

“Great, I can smell the oil warming from here.”

“Ah, a downstairs. Let’s go there.”

“Popcorn, cotton candy… bar… I really made you feel bad, didn’t I?”

I mean… you used the word “worst” like 9 times.

“I’ll be back for you later, fluffy clouds of sugar.”

“I like this loft. I can gaze at the horse figurines from here.”

Yep, and the, uh, flamingos and stuff.

“So far so good, I think. It’s passable, anyway. Is there more?”

Well, you’ve got some cars to choose from, although I don’t think you ever learned how to drive.

“Eh, details.”

There’s a pool and furniture because I know you Love the Outdoors.

“Except when it’s hailing, yes.”

“This does make me kinda happy. I’m impres–“

There’s one more small thing to show you. Follow me.

“I can’t believe you remembered I’ve always loved horses.”

Well I never could forget, Peaches. You’re my generation seven sim, and founder, and… friend?

“Let’s not go that far.”

“I do have one question for you, though.”

And that is?

“Who did you kick out in order to let me live here?”

Um, what?

“This place has Bachelor Pad Built by EA written all over it. And those cars, they reeked of Axe body spray.”

Okay, yes, I may have relocated the Singleton brothers a little bit, but they’re in a great place by the beach now.


…Are you mad at me?

“You did as little as possible. It’s not as though I expected you would do more than the bare minimum because you’re you, but you could’ve at least–“

Well, I did have to type in the freerealestate cheat and stuff.

“*sighs* No, I guess I’m not mad.”

Well, good. Because it’s time for you to meet Genevieve.

“Genevieve? This wasn’t an elaborate scheme to get me to marry someone new and start again, was it?”

Genevieve: I mean, we could do that, but it wouldn’t exactly be family friendly. Or legal, for that matter.

“Eeeeeee! A horse for my new barn!”

I never meant to be a bad simmer, Peaches, and I hope you can forgive me.

“Oh, stop, it’s fine.”

I’ll turn off your aging and leave you alone now. I hope you live a wonderfully full and happy life.

“Thank you, Starla.”

You’re welcome. Goodbye.

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