Chapter Seven: The Quickie, Part Two

Llama: Mmm, I smell a sweet aroma. Is that a Peaches Honeyblossom I am sensing in the air of this very new save file?

I mean, it’s not new, technically…

Llama: Oh, it’s new. It’s so new I’m like the very first spawned NPC. You’re not fooling anyone, lady!

Alright, so I had to start a new save file. Again. On a new computer. And so now time has sped up. Because I’m truly terrible at this. Please bear with me, this isn’t even just technical difficulties it’s like actual human functional difficulties on my end at this point. Idek.

Blue Ivy Creeper was a child last chapter, but now she is a teen with a part time job at the bookstore.  She’s a clumsy, perceptive bookworm who dislikes children.

Blue Ivy: I’m glad I skipped most of my childhood because I would’ve hated myself.

We left off on the most nail biting cliff hanger with Zolten growing into a child, but it looks like you don’t even get to see what he looked like then because now he’s also a smelly teenager – it’s fine, though, he’s a clone of Peaches aside from the coloring so  you ain’t missing much. He is a clumsy couch potato who’s lucky and frugal. What a weird combo of traits.

Zolten: You don’t know what I’ve been through.

It’s true, I don’t even have screenshots of your childhood.

And this is the baby Rocket Ayer who was also a toddler I think? *looks* Yes, he was a toddler. I started to think he hadn’t even been born yet which would’ve made me feel extra bad. But anyway! Rocket Ayer is also clumsy. He’s a brave snob and a born salesman. He’s like Batman if Batman sold used cars?

Rocket Ayer: I… you’re right. I should look into this.

In the kids’ rooms there are things to prove they existed in a previous life, so I mean… I did do stuff with them I guess. Here you see Blue Ivy went to prom, found an excellent egg, and was even voted prom queen yay.

And Zolten went to prom, was voted prom king, and went on whatever field trip it is that gives you that fabulous mirror.

Not Pictured: Rocket Ayer’s cold and dead room of broken dreams.

So we begin this play through with Keith trying to collect a pygmy hedgehog but being RUDELY INTERRUPTED BY THIS GUY WITH THE POINTY SHOES.

Me irl as I watched this happen: EXCUSE ME YOU CAN’T TAKE THAT. THAT IS MINE. LOOK AT THIS GUY *points at screen, waves roommate over* LOOK AT THIS JERK, HE’S TAKING MY HEDGEHOG! STOP!

Roommate: This would’ve never happened in the sims 2.

But being that this is OUR WORLD and this guy just happens to live in it, we show him what’s what with a RUDE INTRODUCTION.

Keith: Hello, sir. My name is Keith Creeper and you don’t deserve that hedgehog because your shoes already look like hedgehogs. Also, I hope you AREN’T having a good day.

You tell him, Keith!

Keith: Mine. *scoops*

And that’s how you do that. And stuff.

We bring our precious pygmy hedgehog home, spending money we don’t have on a cage for him.

Roommate: It’s like real life!

(we just spent money we didn’t have on a new cage for his ball python)

Me: What should I name him?

Roommate: Sonic, duh.

So here is Sonic, because my roommate is as creative as I am.

The kids are all super close, but Zolten and Rocket Ayer are always doing their homework together because Blue Ivy is busy working at the bookstore to pay for her dad’s new hedgehog.

Zolten: Why haven’t any Creepers been body builders?

Rocket Ayer: I dunno. Maybe you can be the first. I can get you a good deal on steroids.

And that’s where I’m going to leave off for now! Hopefully we’ll get the next generation soon, like… before 2018. Fingers crossed! And happy simming!

One thought on “Chapter Seven: The Quickie, Part Two

  1. “I can get you a good deal on steroids.” XD That’s some pure and true brotherly love right there. I love it when sim siblings are close.


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