Chapter Six: The Quickie

Zolten: Mom, can you stop rubbing your completely flat stomach and feed me?

How dare you neglect sweet, special Zolten like that, Peaches. Shame on you.

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to the Creeper legacy of fail. Fail because I haven’t updated in forever and… well, this always happens. I actually had half a chapter written for literal months, but I did that thing where you play ahead too far and get behind in screenshots and then stress out about all the updates you need to do to get everything up to date so you just stop and play something else.

LOL. Can you tell I’ve done this way too many times? (In this case, the “something else” is Stardew Valley, which I highly recommend)

Anyway, we are back and I am going to throw a quick chapter out there while I fix my game and get readjusted. I say fix my game because this is TS3 and if something doesn’t need to be fixed it means you’re lit af on something hardcore and not actually playing anything. Origin auto-updated my game to 1.69 which apparently breaks EVERYTHING so now I have to uninstall and reinstall and not let the update happen and pray to the highest of llamas that everything is alright.

Just another day living in a simmer’s paradise.

So let’s get started!

The next few days pass like the above picture because we are going to be a successful family and therefore must learn to walk and talk.

It’s around this time that I decided I wanted to stick my simself in town to see what destruction she could cause (she’s evil, you know), so I did that and then went back to playing. Just one day later, a notification pops up.

My daughter was sitting next to me while I played and I gasped and started laughing when I saw it. She rolled her eyes, but that doesn’t mean I’m not cool ok (I repeat this to myself in the mirror daily)

A couple days later, it seems they decided to make it official. My simself is momentarily on the family tree. How fun for me? Or something.

Blue Ivy gets the walking and talking down and–

Blue Ivy: What’s this I see?


Blue Ivy: Is my brother being FED ON THE FLOOR instead of the HIGH CHAIR you were so proud of?


Blue Ivy: You would’ve given me dialogue regardless.


Okay fine yes I failed. It was a lot of effort! (And tbh I didn’t realize I’d gotten photographic proof of my failure)

Zolten: It’s okay, I like drinking bottles on the floor, it’s fun!

GOOD. See? He’s okay. I love you, Zolten.

Blue Ivy: Suck up.

I forgot to take pictures of the newly expanded house (thanks to a promotion from Keith), but we now have a hallway and Blue Ivy and Zolten have their own (incredibly small, closet-like) rooms. Progress!

And it’s time for Blue Ivy to grow up!

Zolten: Mom, your phone is really killing the shot…

For real.

Blue Ivy grew into a child who will judge the shit out of you, it looks like. She gained the trait Bookworm. The outfit she grew into reminded me of candy corn and the shoes were on point so I kept it.

Blue Ivy: I’ll be in my room, peasants.

Nope, it’s FAMILY TIME. And Love Day. We’re going to the park to love each other and crap.

Keith: Look at this egg! That stupid girl didn’t even see it! What is she even looking at? Haha, I’m taking this.

Blue Ivy: I guess this is fun. I like beating people to things.

Meanwhile, Peaches and Zolten enjoy quality time together on the rocket ship.

Fair warning: Zolten spam begins now.

Did I spend an hour Photoshopping Zolten’s rocket ship adventure in his imagination because he’s my favorite? No, of course not. I would do that for all my sims.

See? I totally don’t have a favorite.

And of course we can’t end Love Day without a little special time between Peaches and Keith. They try their hand at the squeeze thingy.

Keith: This remind you of something?

Peaches Honeyblossom: Hush, you.

Restroom Sign Guy: Giggity.


But even their combined grip isn’t enough to win. How sad for them.

That doesn’t keep them from smooooooches though. The power of their kiss is strong enough, is the point I’m making with this artistic shot. D’awwww.

They end the night by putting the kids to bed and playing a hot and heavy game of chess.

Keith: We’re still in love, right?

Peaches Honeyblossom: So in love. Now be quiet, I’m concentrating.

The chess becomes too much and throws Peaches into labor.

This is the third kid, Keith, and you still haven’t figured out what to do?

Keith: She’s wearing different clothes, I don’t… I can’t…


They bring home the new baby and would you look at that, a cake is already waiting!

I have never really done the age-up-immediately thing, but this time I decided I want to keep the kids a little closer in age since Keith and Peaches are older.

Meet Rocket Ayer Creeper! He loves the color aqua and is Brave and Clumsy. Why are all the kids clumsy? So weird.

Rocket Ayer: ‘Sup brah

The real Rocket Ayer is the child of Pharrell Williams and his model wife, Helen. Rocket is admittedly not the strangest name for a human, and it’s no Pilot Inspektor, but rockets were in my brain because of Zolten so that’s what we get.

This is, I believe, the very first generation that does not have one sim with the dark greyish blue eyes that started with Agnes. It’s kind of sad, I’d wanted to see how far that eye color could go :( But since this is technically a do-over, we’ll let it go.

Unfortunately, Rocket doesn’t have a bedroom yet, so into the family inventory goes the couch and he’ll just have to deal with sleeping in the living room.


Blue Ivy: As queen of this room, I reject Rocket Ayer’s request and counter with GO TO SLEEP, I’M TRYING TO PLAY

But we do it anyway because Blue Ivy is definitely NOT the queen of this room


Rocket Ayer: This will taste better than any and all floor food

And it might be the only time he’s in the high chair, guys, I’m sorry, I tried

At this point, the screenshots get a little sparse because I started having an issue with free will (because it’s not TS3 unless you’re having issues). My sims would mostly just stand around despite having all the free will possible. They wouldn’t do just nothing exactly, they just weren’t as active as I thought they would be/used to be? Idk, but I don’t like to have to tell my sims to do stuff, I usually just let them roam free so this was bothersome

I blame it on the town being quite large, but I did a bunch of tweaking (why did I just type twerking) of mods to fix it. It might also be due to not really having much to interact with in the house. WHO KNOWS but I hope it’s fixed now. Anyway, there will be gaps in time probably

For example, hey, it’s time for Zolten to grow up!

…but that will have to wait until next time because I have forgotten EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS after this and need to open up my game to catch myself up. I will get back to chugging along with this reinstall. Until next time, babes!

3 thoughts on “Chapter Six: The Quickie

  1. I just read the words Stardew Valley and bypassed the entire update (which of course I will go back to!) to say – somebody else plays it!? I bought it back in June as a cheer up game, and oh – my – god do I love it. The only problem – I can’t find anyone else who plays it!!


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