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Hi! Just a quick update to say that I’ve done some tweaking to the site. Not a lot of noticeable stuff, but it was brought to my attention that the images on the Creeper Downloads page were broken, so I replaced those with simple text until I can get new images. Feel free to download some Creepers and finish my legacy for me! Haha.

Going through those links made me miss them so much :( I’m hoping to get my new computer in the next month or so, so we’ll see. It appears I may have accidentally lost Jermajesty, though… THE GENERATION 8 (or 7?) HEIR. So, I will have to do some searching for him and/or figure out a Plan B. This poor legacy has been through so much, but I’m determined to finish it. Fingers crossed!

Otherwise, I hope you’re at least somewhat enjoying my adventures in TS2. It’s been nice to have that game to play and get back in the swing of writing updates again.

I hope you’re all doing well! I’ve been lurking on some of your stories and I’m enjoying seeing pretty TS3 images again. You’re all so brilliant. Thank you for sticking around!



Pleasantview: Dreamer House


Alternate title for this chapter: Vomit.

Lilith and Dirk went on vacation shortly after being married. They’d wanted to wait to have kids (although they’d both rolled the want for a baby), to travel a bit and save money, but everything FAILED. Lilith came down with food poisoning a few hours into their island getaway, and her birth control seemed to fail (maybe it doesn’t work in vacation worlds?), which made her completely miserable and near death. They had to cut their trip short.

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