Pleasantview: Mary-Sue’s House

Apparently, I didn’t do much with Mary-Sue. What can you do with elders who aren’t Romance sims, anyway?

She invited her daughters over for breakfast, which in my mind is something she’s been wanting to do forever because they hated each other so much growing up.

Madeline came too because she’s part of the family. It was like a total girls’ day thing. So very… pleasant. Borderline sickening.

Madeline: They keep asking about my first woohoo, grandma. What am I supposed to do about that?

Lilith: Tell them, “First? Bitch, please, try ELEVENTH.”

Angela: Or, you know, you could not do what your Aunt Lilith says…

Mary-Sue: Just don’t get pregnant, dear.

Lilith: Yeah, definitely don’t… Excuse me.

Lilith: blarghrhararagaragarga

Angela: How is she still not showing? I’ve already had my kid.

(Her kid is called Abigail, by the way. Finally, we know.)

But yeah, I should probably play for less days at a time because it is kind of weird that Lilith got pregnant first and hasn’t had the kid yet.

Idk how many of you are familiar with ACR but I talk about it like everyone knows what it is. One of the functions is for the sim to “Make Booty Call” and it’s an autonomous thing where the sim calls up the sim they like the most for… you guessed it: woohoo. So, uh, this is what that is.

My god, is she EATING him?

I should put up a warning about elder nudity.

To be fair, he is basically fully in love with her and she is so badass she doesn’t even notice or care.

I love Mary-Sue’s independence, she’s a rock star. BUT THAT’S ALL SHE DID THIS WEEK. Next time: omg Lilith might ACTUALLY have that kid she’s been knocked up with for decades.


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