Pleasantview: Daniel Pleasant’s House

Daniel: Oh, god, I can’t… Can’t… Bre…

Daniel: Please, no! No, I’m not… I’m not r-ready. Don’t take me yet… P-please!

RIP Daniel Pleas–

Daniel: See? Do it just like that, you’ll have everyone believing you’re dead in no time!

Tiffany: *whines*

Daniel: It’s fine, Tiff, I’m alive, see? Now you try!

Daniel: Well, Tiff, dogs don’t usually stand like… Eh, that’s okay. Do what you feel is right.

Daniel: Perfect! You’ll be a star soon, I can see it now.

It’s great that Daniel has such a loving, loyal a companion. Really. Let’s take a look at his life, shall we?

Daniel is living it up in bachelorhood, his condo recently renovated to be the ultimate man cave. He spends his alone time making himself dinner and doing other mundane things.

He eats a TV dinner alone in his kitchen. Daniel doesn’t see any problem with this solitude. It’s what he’s always wanted. He’s living the Romance sims’ dream, something that that Don Lothario couldn’t even accomplish.

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Tiffany adores him, mostly because he feeds her in this high class food dish. She’d been a stray and he’d taken her in and made her feel loved and special. It was like Pretty Woman!

Whenever Daniel feels as though he’s lacking in his sex life, which is quite often, he simply picks up the phone and dials… well, whoever. This particular girl is his favorite, Gretchen. She brings him expensive gifts. She also likes to woohoo. A lot.

Daniel: I’m glad you’re cool with me not ever wanting to marry you no matter how perfect you are for me and no matter how much you spend on my gifts. I’ve done the marriage thing and, well, it didn’t work out. I’m not the marrying kind.

Gretchen: Oh, no, yeah, of course I’m totally cool with it. What girl in her right mind would want to promise herself to someone who would cheat on them mercilessly and leave them feeling like nothing? I’m definitely not the marrying the not-marrying-kind kind.

Daniel: …Glad we’re clear on that.

Daniel: Thank you for this hot tub. It’s been nice being able to woohoo you and the rest of the neighborhood in it.

Gretchen: Let’s not mention the rest of the neighborhood. But you’re welcome.

Daniel has a problem. He likes redheads. I mean, that’s not the problem exactly, redheads are fine. The problem is that most of the Apartment Life townies are redheads and I can’t keep track of which is which, and who Daniel has woohooed.

Sometimes we get lucky and find one he hasn’t tainted. We use a careful process in determining this.

Daniel: Do you know me?

Redhead: Sorry… Do I know you? That’s an odd question. Do you know me?

Daniel: Well, see, you’re more likely to remember me than the other way around.

Redhead: Oh, it’s like that. Well, in that case, no.

Daniel: Great. Come inside and get to know me.

You wouldn’t think that works, but it totally does. Every time.

Not even kidding. Every time. How? Don’t ask me.

Daniel: Don’t ask me either. I’m just good.

She’s thrilled to be his number 11. I think it’s 11. Idk.

Redhead: I mean, tbh, I’m a townie. This is basically my purpose. Romance sim fodder.


And she even knows when to excuse herself. See? Daniel has the life.

Don’t look so ashamed, redhead. He did roll the want to be your best friend. That’s something.

Just after the girl left, Daniel’s lot was smited. Smote? It was during a storm, and you know how the rain usually puts out the tree fires? Well, I was just going to let that happen but the rain stopped. It just kept burning and I was like oh… well, let’s just not put it out and see what happens.

The tree burned down. That’s what happened.

But it didn’t stop there.

It wasn’t until Daniel woke up and the fire crept a little too close to the house for comfort that I had him finally put it out.

Daniel: What the hell? This has been burning all night? Why didn’t you wake me?

For science!

The next day, Daniel accomplishes a thing and we’re all wondering why such a sleazeball has a wildly successful life.

Daniel immediately wants to share the news with Mary-Sue.

Idk if I’ve mentioned entirely what their status is. I know I said they’re divorced, but that was recently (idk why Daniel still wears his wedding ring btw). So, originally Daniel just moved out of the Pleasant home with Lilith and he and Mary-Sue were separated. Then after the girls went to college, they tried to rekindle their relationship. It worked for a bit, they were dating and it was lovely. But then when I was playing Nina Caliente and we were downtown once, Daniel flirted with Nina while out with Mary-Sue and it was just over. Next time I played them, she hated him so much there was no saving it so they divorced.

Now, enough time has gone by that they are still friends.

Daniel: Hey, Mary-Sue, I’ve got big news! Want to come over?

Mary-Sue: Sure, can my friend come over, too?

Daniel: Er, alright.

Mary-Sue has kind of taken to younger men since the separation/divorce. If you’re going to your ex-husband’s house for a visit and he had cheated on you, you definitely bring your new younger boy toy with you. Definitely.

Daniel: Oh, hello.

Mary-Sue: Hello, Daniel. This is Ju*mumbles the rest because I don’t actually remember his name*

And then idk what happened. ACR took over.

Mary-Sue: Daniel and I are going to talk about his big news upstairs, dear. We’ll be back down in a bit.

Jwhatever: Sure thing, Miss Pleasant.

Mary-Sue and Daniel have a 3 lightning bolt chemisty thanks to Daniel’s perks or whatever, so I guess this sort of thing is inevitable? Idk.

Mary-Sue: Mmm, this feels so right.

Daniel: Mmhmm, it does. For now.

Jsomething: It’s nice that those two can talk about life and stuff even after their relationship ended so horribly. I hope someday I reach that level of maturity.

Yeah, it’s nice that they can talk.

Mary-Sue: Hurry up, J, let’s go.

J: That was a quick trip, Miss P.

So quick she’s already vanishing.

Not long after Mary-Sue departs, we find another woman Daniel hasn’t yet slept with.

Her name is Calista Fuchs.


Daniel: She’s perfect.

Daniel: A beautiful rose for a beautiful woman.

Calista: Oh, isn’t that the sweetest thing? You are smooth.

Calista: But, darling, I’m a lesbian. Nice try.

Daniel: I can do that.

Calista: I can’t. LOL.

Okay, that’s creepy. Mortimer is… dead?

Calista: I know.


*clicks Yes anyway*

And we will end Daniel’s week here with this creepy lady. Next time, we’ll spend a week with Mary-Sue. Woo! Happy simming!

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