Pleasantview: Caliente House

This will be a relatively short chapter because these two are vampires and didn’t achieve much in a week since they have their whole lives to do whatever. But look how hot they are. Yaaaaas.

Nina lives with Count Dawson Baena. She doesn’t know why. In fact, I don’t know why either. The two just were going on so many dates, it was much easier for him to simply live with her. They’re also going steady. Nina doesn’t seem to mind.

Count Dawson: We have 53,000 dollars, why don’t we have a dining room table?

Good question. Throughout this update you’ll see a few changes to the house as I spend all the monies.

Count Dawson: I’m so glad I bit your neck without your consent that one night.

Nina: You know, at first I thought that was a really douchey thing to do, but now I’m glad, too.

Aw, pure romance.

Count Dawson is a Pleasure sim, so he enjoys doing stupid things like drinking juice from the bottle (that’s water?) and rolling wants to buy arcade games that he never plays.

He also participates in creating unplanned pregnancies. Unplanned by all, including me.

Nina: But… my six pack!

Count Dawson: This baby’s going to be so messed up.

Count Dawson’s neck biting assaults don’t stop with Nina – I thought she was special, but apparently not. He literally ran out of the house just as Austin passed by.

Austin: Unless you’re going to put a ring on it, I am not interested.

Count Dawson: Bleh, bleh bleh! Join me… in DEATH.

Austin: That is just tacky. Go away.

Austin: No means no, Count Dawson. You have to learn these things!

Austin: And just for that, person person minus minus.

Count Dawson: Oh, no. What have I done? I don’t like being person person minus minused. I’m a… a MONSTER.

Count Dawson IS a monster. He likes to light fires and then leave them unattended.


They didn’t even notice the fire, though, as they were too busy doing this.

Nina dabbles with magic.

Nina: I’m looking for a spell that’ll make me transfer this baby into Count Dawson because my body is being destroyed and I CAN’T TAKE IT.

Nina: Look at this. I didn’t even know a body could DO THIS. What is this? What is life?

Poor Nina. Always wear a condom, people.

And just as the sun comes up and begins to drain their lives…

Count Dawson: Oh, god, we’re gonna die. You’re gonna give birth and then we’re gonna die. This is a terrible day.



I always get a jolt of nervousness whenever this dialog pops up because of the whole TWO thing. Am I the only one?

Count Dawson: Maybe it’s because we’re both so pale from default vampire skins, but the color of this baby is fully unexpected.

It was. It really was. I love it.

Nina: This baby is gorgeous! Yay us!

But you’re not done, LOL.

Nina: Oh, right, here. Hold it.

Nina: It’s like opening a blind bag. WHO KNOWS WHAT WE’LL GET?

Count Dawson: As long as it’s not puppies…

Nina: Look, this one is gorgeous, too! Why didn’t I do this earlier?

Count Dawson: Because we’re both wickedly irresponsible people.

He really does have a point.

Okay, so one baby is a girl and one is a boy. The girl’s name is Lina because I thought it would be funny. If it had been two girls, the other would’ve been Mina, but I had to quickly come up with a boy’s name. Here’s how it was decided:

Me: What should I name this boy baby?
Roommate: Godzilla.

Meet Lina and Godzilla Caliente, everyone.

And (conveniently) that ends the week with the Nina Caliente! I’m so not looking forward to the next round because taking care of twins SUCKS. Next time, we’ll check in with Daniel Pleasant. Because he’s not dead yet, apparently.

I’ve started a family tree for Pleasantview because I like to keep things organized for myself. You can find it HERE. I’ll update it with pictures someday.

Happy simming!

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