Pleasantview: Broke-Dreamer House

Omg more of this?

Yeah, good ol’ ACR.

To be fair, this only happens once in the week I played and it probably hasn’t happened since their son Damon was conceived.

Anyway, so, oddly enough, Brandi is surrounded by family but she’s pretty miserable. I try to make her complete wishes, but idk, she’s just not a happy sim so she worries and plays with bags of flour as if they’re babies a lot. She’s had the wish for a baby for a while now and even though I’ve not locked it in it just sits there. Waiting. As if I can somehow magically un-wrinkle her ovaries.

Damon: *is completely unaware that his mother is depressed*

Darren is the easiest sim to keep happy and entertained. When he’s not wandering the house late at night after he’s filled his sleep bar (why do elders do that?), he’s painting in the zone.

Austin and Samuel (I still can’t exactly remember which is which) are really helpful and supportive of their family business despite this picture, and because I’ve been doing a rewatch of Supernatural, they remind me of Sam and Dean (if Dean were a sweater wearing nerd).

Surprisingly, the business just earned 4 stars, so I must be doing something right. Home business are easier to deal with, maybe. At some point I should show you the layout, idk. Darren is alright at sales, but Brandi and Austin (I think?) are much better.

Owning a business together has brought them even closer. It’s disgusting.

Customer: Mmm, this 4 day old pie looks scrumptious.

Bless the displays.

As soon as he’s off of school, Austin (? I seriously should learn his name) helps out with sales.

Austin: You’ve got beautiful eyes. Perfect for looking at this painting.

Customer: I’ll take seven!

Austin: Do you think someday we’ll make enough money to finish building this room?

Samuel: Idk, I mean, our last name is ‘Broke’ so I feel like that doesn’t set us up for a comfortable life.

Brandi can assess the moods and desires of her customers.

Goopy: You might not wanna do that with me, you won’t be able to unsee what I want.

And then we had a breakthrough.

TWO breakthroughs. Yay, success in a video game about life! It’s so making up for the failures in mine. LOL jokes.

Austin: I don’t know if you heard, but we just won the Best of the Best Award. Why am I so inclined to give it to you instead?

Madeline: Oh my gosh, you are so good. And cute! Give me all the cake. All of it.

Austin: Look at the stars, look how they shine for you. And everything you do.

Customer: Are you quoting Coldplay at me to sell this painting?

Austin: Yeah, I am. They’re all yellow.


And suddenly, Brandi is becoming an elder.

Samuel: Mom, please, no, not in my face. Nooooo.

Brandi actually aged really well, wow. I’m impressed. Her face still looks so youthful.

I’ve never played any of these sims past adulthood, so this is all a first.

Well, that’s depressing. It’s terrible to think that the period of her life where she got married and had kids and started making money was so bad for her. I kind of feel bad that she’s so unhappy.

She’s so unhappy she burns her cheesecake while crying softly to herself. Wtf. WHY IS EVERYTHING SO SAD?

On a happier note (jeeze), after seeing the success of his older half-brother, Damon has started to help out with the family business as well.

Damon: I’m not doing this just to pick you up, but if I was, would you go for it?

Ivy Copur: Oh, totally. Whatever you’re doing, it’s working.

Or you’re just easy.

Damon is a smooth operator. Wow. That was fast. THEY GROW UP SO FAST. *sheds tear*

And back to Mrs. Doom and Gloom. This is her face as she achieves a wish she’s had forever, to finally gain the last cooking skill point.

Brandi: That’s great. So great.


Sorry this household was so TERRIBLE. Next time, we’ll spend a week with Nina Caliente. That should be interesting. Happy simming!

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