Pleasantview: Goth House

Angela: Urgh, I feel sick. Could I be pregnant?

Resting Bitch Face Statue: Idk, maybe you should just stop eating two day old pop tarts.

Angela: Oh, I AM pregnant.

Wow, that was fast. I actually didn’t mean for her to get knocked up yet, but I didn’t put her on birth control so it’s my fault.


I forgot Family sims do this omg.

Angela continues being the mother Madeline never had. I love it so much, it’s adorable. Madeline doesn’t even seem to miss Dina’s presence. Is that bad? That’s kind of sad, yeah.

This is what a typical night looks like for the adults in the house. So much skilling. Don and Cassandra are close to the tops of their careers so it takes 13 days to skill. I finally got Alexander a job because I was tired of him playing the guitar all day long. I forgot what it is he does, though, because I’m such a caring simmer.

Madeline: Do you ever feel like we’re just dolls in the dollhouse of life? And, like, maybe there’s someone making us do the things we do?

Morticia: Oh, absolutely. I mean, why else would I feel compelled to clean the toilet after my daddy uses it?

Madeline: I wish I knew my daddy… That’s why this house has TWO.

Kids are so smart.

And speaking of daddies. Madeline finally meets her stepdad.

Malcolm Landgraab IV: That’s a strong grip you’ve got there, kiddo.

Madeline: It’s because I repress my feelings and they all come out through my hands.

Don: Oh, Cassandra, you are so delicious. I’d like to have you right on this buffet table. On that gelatin.

Alexander: …Welp, forget eating tonight.

It’s Morticia’s birthday!

Malcolm Landgraab IV’s eyebrows: Lucky for her. We devour children to keep ourselves young. Where’s that other kid?

I took this picture because it’s so heartwarming to see all the support this kid has. Support is nice in life. Am I becoming soft? I guess so. Ugh. NEXT PICTURE.

Simultaneous Don swoon.

Cassandra: Don’t even think about it. Not gonna happen.

Darren Dreamer: Why is she pregnant at the top but not the bottom?

CC fail, ok.

Oh, right, Morticia aged up.

Ugh, she is so pretty.

Don: Wanna sneak upstairs and do some stuff?

Cassandra: Always.

Darren: He’s so damn lucky.

Yeah, Darren still has a boner for Cassandra, but HE LOVES BRANDI MORE, RIGHT?

The rest of the party went like this because these people need skills, damnit.

Dina: You used to be fun, Don.

Don: And you used to not be a sellout, Dina.

Cassandra: Ouch. Want some ice for that burn?

Angela tries to keep a brave, happy face on as she goes into labor, but it turns out way creepier and nearly scares the hair off of Madeline.

This is uh… What the hell did I name this kid?

It’s a girl. She’s got a name that is… uh, something.

Angela: I love you so much, Alexander. I’m so happy.

Alexander: I love you too, my darling. I love our new daughter, too. With the name.

Resting Bitch Face Statue: Can you take this elsewhere? It’s bad enough I have to watch you all stuff your faces every day, I don’t want to have to watch you stuff anything else.

And now it’s Madeline’s birthday!

Mary Sue: I should’ve just stayed over from yesterday.

Dina: Woo, that’s my daughter!

Angela: Yeah, when it’s convenient for you.

Malcolm Landgraab’s eyebrows: Missed opportunities again! Drat! We must find a child! Where is that newborn with the name?

Lilith makes a rare appearance to this party to support her twin sister’s not-kid.

Lilith and Angela get along now. College made them not hate each other.


Okay bye.

Lilith promptly reminds me what I have to look forward to when I play her house.

Madeline is gorgeous as well. Ugh, she has such a cute face, a perfect mixture of her parents.

Are we about to hear some caring and encouraging words from Madeline’s mother?

Dina: That top is hideous. We should go shopping immediately.

Malcolm Landgraab IV: I am so happy for you. Can you tell? I’m also happy we didn’t have to raise you.

Madeline: Great, guys. Thanks for the… parenting.

And that’s all from the Goth house! Next time, we’ll check in with Malcolm and Dina. This is probably a preview. Of that.

Happy simming!

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