So Much to Say

Hey, friends! Where’ve you been? I’ve been waiting here, like, this whole time. Seriously, I haven’t disappeared at all. Never.

Okay, no, but really. You know when you think life is going in a certain direction and then it’s like, “Just kidding! Here, dodge this sledgehammer and typhoon while balancing these flaming balls on your head — and watch out for all these sharks and wasps, lol!” and you’re like “wtf life, I thought we were bros”? Well, this happened to me. Again. Shortly after I made my last post that was all, “Oh, hey, I’m gonna be around again!” life reminded me that, much like the sims we torture, I only think I have total control over my destiny.

Anyway, here I am with yet another post explaining where I’ve been. I’m sorry. I don’t have a computer to play on anymore. I don’t even have a real computer, in a gaming sense. In fact, this is what I’m using:

This 11-inch pink beauty (which I’ve named Umbridge) is all that I have at the moment. It’s great for what it is, but it’s not built for much more than the basics. I have not given up on the Creepers in any way, but they’re an impossibility for me until I get a new new computer (and I will be doing that asap).

What I HAVE discovered (and to my sheer delight because omg life is hard and I need it) is that I can play is TS2 on it, so I’ve been playing that to satisfy my simming needs. And now I’m going to tell you a very long story. There are pictures. Are you ready?

So, I don’t recall how old I was when I played The Sims (Makin’ Magic, holla), but I don’t think I knew anyone else who played or did much else with it. I would just sit in my room entertaining myself with these little pixelated weirdos and that was that. By the time I got The Sims 2, the online Sims community was well underway. I remember when I discovered CC, my mind was blown. Like, you mean to tell me I don’t have to settle for what the vanilla game offers, with its bad hair and wtf outfits from the back of a hobo’s closet? You mean I can download all this stuff and my sims can look GOOD and it can also prevent me from spending money in real life because it’s like FREE SHOPPING? Count me in!

Mostly, I remember I would play the same house, in which I would stick an Angelina Jolie sim with a Jude Law sim and force them to fall in love and make all the babies ever because they were the most attractive people I could think of (TS2 did not agree with that, their kids looked like vermin). But THEN, omg, I found sims STORIES online and I could READ them and oh my god LEGACIES and it was over. I joined Boolprop FightTheAddiction False and read everything I could. I discovered EphemeralToast and cindyanne1 and so many others who inspired me to do my own stories. I miss it. I miss it all. ‘Twas a simpler time.

Anyway, so I started playing Pleasantview on Umbridge, because that’s what brings back the most memories. I know tons of people have countless opinions on the premades, whether it be a whole headcanon deal or if they don’t care and never touched them, but I wanted to play them. I wanted to play the whole town Sims 3 style, keeping everyone on the same timeline. I played a few weeks through and I didn’t think to document it until now.

Now, if you don’t really care about my TS2 adventures and you’d just prefer to check back when there’s a Creeper and/or other TS3 related post, or if you want to leave forever, feel free. I’ll be sad, but I’ll understand. Otherwise, let me tell you the awful and wonderful things I have done to Pleasantview (and forgive the bad quality pics, I am out of practice, it seems).

Cassandra Goth and Don Lothario got married. Yeah. I did it. I usually don’t go in with a plan for these two, I kind of just feel it out when I play them at first. If you know me by now, you’ll know I like to follow chemistry pretty closely. If two sims click, I run with it. The truth is, once Don is married, he really settles in to it. His current want is to Public Woohoo which, hey, he can do with his WIFE. Like… free sex. No more paying hookers for Donny boy.

Cassandra and Don both rolled the wish for and spawned a kid who I named Morticia, because she was born a day or so after Mortimer Goth died (I’m sure I’m not the first one to do that, but there’s not a lot you can do to a name starting with Mort, okay). Mortimer died really early; it was unexpected by all, including me. One minute he was complaining that someone was on the computer and he wanted on, the next, he was dead. Literally. That is how it happened.

And speaking of Mortimer, this is his daughter, Madeline. Madeline is about a day younger than Morticia. She’s not only sad about her burnt muffin, she’s also sad because she never met her dad. And her mother, well…

Dina Caliente married Mortimer before he kicked it. As with Cassandra and Don, I never go in thinking the pair HAS to get married, but this seemed like a good plan this time. Dina was actually very broken up about Mortimer’s death. She rolled the wish to bring him back to life, but I think that might have been because she was a really terrible mother and wanted to pawn the kid off on him.

Not long after her daughter grew into a child, she rolled the wish to marry yet another rich sim, and honestly I briefly considered  Mortimer’s son, Alexander, who had just graduated from university, but I decided that would be too creepy. This isn’t the Creeper legacy, after all.

Instead, she remarried (this is her third marriage now, isn’t it?) Malcolm Landgraab IV, who she met at the gym one day when she was out and needed a shower. He’s younger than what she usually goes for, but hey, rich sim with chemistry. Woo. And who wouldn’t want to marry a man who can stand with such confidence when naked?

This totally not staged and really badly framed picture displays their love perfectly.

My thoughts are that the Goths and the Landgraabs don’t really get along that well, or they’re sort of like frenemies. I’m not sure if that’s a canon thing I’ve heard before or if I’ve just imagined it, but anyway, Dina marrying into the Landgraab family while still carrying the Goth name would have sparked some tension. The Goths refused to allow Dina to take Madeline with her when she moved in with Malcolm, which worked out for Dina because, despite rolling the wish for Madeline, she really, truly sucked as a mother.

Maybe she’ll have another kid with Malcolm and can get a second chance (so far Malcolm has rolled the wish to have a baby, but Dina knows better this time). Although, I distinctly recall getting my simself accidentally knocked up by Malcolm, and the kid’s eyebrows… *shudders*

Good luck with that, Dina.

Alexander Goth returned from college and has yet to get a job. His LTW is to befriend a million dogs or something, which is fine, so I’m sort of just waiting for him to WANT to get a job. Basically, he roams around the house doing random things. He actually did sleep with Dina once, before I realized ACR (the Autonomous Casual Romance mod) had made that happen. But he’s married now and we never talk about that slip up.

He’s married to his number one fan, Angela Pleasant.

Okay, so, Angela marrying Dustin Broke is always a thing I let happen because it was cute that she gets along with his mom, etc, but I sent Angela to college with Alexander, Dustin, and a few other Pleasantview teens, and her chemistry with Alexander beat Dustin’s. She still gets wants to flirt with Dustin from time to time, but for the most part, she is all about Alexander. They haven’t had a kid yet, but obviously someday they will. Madeline has actually grown really attached to Angela, so maybe she can be her new mom, idk.

Dustin Broke bought his own house after college. He’s still madly in love with Angela and it sucks because Alexander is basically his best friend. But Dustin is engaged. He looks thrilled about it, doesn’t he?

Dustin is engaged to Ginger Newson.

Ginger Newson is a sim from the sim bin who’s got like a bajillion younger siblings she has to take care of because they’re orphans. I have always been obsessed with the Newsons because it was the one family run by teens AND I really love Ginger’s face. Is it face one? I don’t think it is, her eyes are huge. Idk, I like it.

The rest of her siblings are still in the bin because they suck.

Ginger dated Alexander through most of college, but she and Dustin had more chemistry and ACR made them start making out IN FRONT OF THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS, causing the failure of their relationships. I have yet to decide whether or not she and Dustin will actually get married. Not everyone gets to have their Harry Potter Epilogue-esque love story. Ginger lives by herself in one of those condo thingys.

Dustin’s brother, Beau, went to college after Dustin, but dropped out when he met this girl and decided he didn’t need to further his education. They are both Pleasure sims with no jobs. She has a doofy face. I like it. They live in the old Broke house.

She is also pregnant, which was an accident. I use ACR in addition to Risky Woohoo, so most pregnancies in my game are not even a little bit my fault.

Good luck, unborn child.

Dustin and Beau’s mom, Brandi, ended up marrying Darren Dreamer back when Dustin and Beau were still a teen and a child. I’ve actually never hooked these two up before, but they had really good chemistry and with them both being poor, it kind of made sense. They’ve recently turned the downstairs of the Dreamer house into a family business, where Brandi cooks and Darren paints. They’re still a little broke, but they’re getting there.

Brandi’s start-of-the-game pregnancy ended up with cheesecake twins, Austin and Samuel. This is one of them, though I’m not sure which. I think it’s Austin. I haven’t done anything with him, haven’t even given him a makeover.

This is the other. He’s actually a big help with the family business. I will probably be sending them both to college soon, but I haven’t decided if they’re going or not yet.

Brandi and Darren also had a child together, Damon. By the time he came around, everyone was so overwhelmed (including me) he basically just stayed in his crib all day. That’s why he looks as if he’s seen some shit. Whoops.

The house was like:

Dustin – teen
Dirk – teen
Beau – child
Austin – toddler
Samuel – toddler
Damon – baby

Nope. Nope, nope, nope. I streamed a bit of their house on Twitch, but this computer is also pretty incapable of livestreaming as well (which is funny because its model name is literally Stream). Recently, Brandi has rolled the wish for another baby, probably because it’s been so long she’s forgotten how much it sucks. Also, she’s almost old now so TOO BAD, Brandi.

Darren’s son, Dirk, has his own house and is married to Lilith Pleasant, who has so kindly dreamt of herself so I don’t have to take a picture of her. They both have really good jobs and were going to go traveling for a bit before starting a family, but during their first island vacation, Lilith’s birth control failed on top of getting food poisoning, so they had to return home like ten hours after checking in to their hotel or Lilith would have died, basically.

At the Dreamer house, the ghost of Darlene, Dirk’s dead mom, still roams around at night. It’s kind of creepy, actually, because she repeats the same action over and over, which is that she looks distressed and waves her arms in the air while thinking of Dirk, then stomps and looks pissed, hitting her fist into her palm while she thinks of Damon, and then gets a red Family sim symbol. I will get pictures of it to show you. It’s like she’s wondering where tf her son went and who the hell Damon is.

Also, Dirk doesn’t know it, but Lilith didn’t have her first woohoo with him. She slept with Don. So scandalous.

Daniel and Mary Sue Pleasant are no longer together. Mary Sue got to keep the Pleasant house, which I think Angela and Alexander will be moving into soon if I feel like making room in the Goth house. For a while, Mary Sue found herself a college kid boy toy, and she still calls him up from time to time, but she’s happier alone. She likes to dance, so after she was fired from her old job, she started a career as a dancer.

Daniel lives in one of the condos. It’s a nice little bachelor pad. Since his divorce (and before his divorce too, let’s be real), he’s slept with most of the redheads in town (I can’t tell you how much he loves redheads). One woman in particular is total marriage material and I’ve been tempted on multiple occasions to force Daniel to marry her and have babies (he pretty much always has a fear of marrying her because he knows how amazing she is), but she’s one of those sims that brings really expensive gifts to the house and I don’t want to lose that either.

Daniel has a dog named Tiffany who was a stray.

Annnnd finally, we have Nina Caliente. She’s pretty much in her own little world. After Dina moved out to marry all the rich men, she joined the Military. She eventually bought a new place and started going Downtown a lot to fulfill her Romance needs. That’s where she met the Count and they went on a couple of dates, then he started calling every day. I had considered having him bite her but wasn’t sure about it, then after a date one night he took it upon himself to do it– I forgot they do it on their own, too. Not long after that, she met the bad witch and befriended her, then was like what the hell, I’ll be a vampire witch too. She and the Count are now living together.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. If you want to read more about Pleasantview or have your own TS2 memories to share, or if there’s anything else you want to say, leave a comment! Thank you for being here. I screwed up my blog somehow and now nothing looks like it did, but I’m going to work on it and figure it out. Anyway, ILU ALL, keep simming!

5 thoughts on “So Much to Say

  1. Oh my have I missed you!! I’m glad to see you’re still here and updating 😄 I also have a similar problem with the computer I have can’t play the sims 3 so I went back to sims 2 and I have been enjoying it immensely. I’ve never had the motivation to keep up with an entire neighbourhood so it’s inspiring to see how it can all progress. I still love everything you do cause it’s entertaining as hell.


    1. Aw, thank you so much :D So many memories in TS2, I love it. I never thought I’d have the patience to run an entire hood, but it has been surprisingly fun and enjoyable. I have a chart to keep track of days, it’s sort of nerdy. I like the idea of second generation Pleasantview, I might keep going FOREVER, lol. You’re the best, though, thank you :)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh man, you’ve made me want to install sims 2 onto my computer and play it. But I’m working on four sims stories at the moment, 2 in sims 3 and 2 in sims 4 and I feel like playing sims 2 as well will be a bit much.

    On the other hand, I also have a month until I got back to study.

    I like seeing how you have Pleasantview progress! I had never thought about Brandi and Darren together, I would always have Cassandra get with him after she married Don and found him with someone else because I liked having the drama.


  3. Oh my god. I loved this story time. It reminded me that I have a year and a half old update in my drafts at koelsims oops. Also man TS2 was so great. I used to always play with Brandi Broke. I’d love to see you post more stuff here and honestly I don’t care what; I just love you ._.


  4. It’s so great to see a post from you! Seeing all these Sims 2 shenanigans really makes me want to play it again. I hope you get a new computer soon, I’ve missed the Creepers. Do another update like this in the meantime, it’s fun to read! :D <3


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