Chapter Seventy-Five: Desperation

Sorry it took a bit to update! Nothing was happening in the game, being a new town and all. But 181 screenshots later I’m finally able to come up with something. Let’s get this generation finished.

Simbot Statue: Aren’t you going to give me a funny thing to say?

Pfft, no, I just needed an intro picture.

Simbot Statue: But I have an axe for a leg…

You can pretty much just assume the first week or so in Storybrook County looked like this.

I’m not sure if you remember (I didn’t, it’s fine) but Harlow Winter Kate’s LTW is to be a Monster Maker. So that’s what we’re going for when there’s nothing else to do.

She refuses to wear appropriate attire.

Harlow Winter Kate: I like my body breezy when I invent. Helps me think.

Autumn came to us with 10 writing points and the Professional Author LTW, so she and 7 spend their free time writing Romance novels, which is completely healthy.

7: And then the maid sleeps with the wealthy head of the estate.

Autumn: And then the head of the estate’s wife murders her in cold blood.




Harlow Winter Kate: MOVE I’M ON FIRE I’M ON FIRE

Maid: They don’t tip me enough.

So she puts out the fire but goes back to inventing in the super flammable swimsuit again.

Shower: I gotchu next time

Harlow, it’s not polite to stare.

Harlow Winter Kate: They just do this all the time, I’m concerned.

(You might notice the entire house has the same pattern on its walls and rugs. I changed it later, don’t worry)

Harlow Winter Kate: Are you going to woohoo?

Autumn: Yes, we are adults. It’s what we do.

7: Not nearly enough.

Well, 7, as a man who’s about to get laid you could look a little happier.

Harlow Winter Kate: I want to woohoo like an adult…

Jermajesty: What’s up, Harlow? I’m trying to have a fairy house party completely by myself.

Harlow Winter Kate: It’s too difficult to find a spouse. We should just…

Jermajesty: Um.

Harlow Winter Kate: Come on, let’s make out!

Jermajesty: Have you lost your mind?

This was so uncomfortable to watch.

Jermajesty: This is not appropriate behavior between cousins, Harlow.

Harlow Winter Kate: What do you mean? We’re, like, barely related.

Jermajesty: No. Stop.

Jermajesty: Ain’t happening.

Harlow Winter Kate: Ugh but–

Jermajesty: Nope.

We should all shower after that.

Are we all clean now? Did you bleach your skin properly? Okay, let’s continue.

So, looking around town, I noticed there are many, many knocked up women. Literally everywhere I turned.

Hoodie: Aw, isn’t pregnancy the best?

Legs: Wait until you’ve spent two days lugging that belly around. You’ll hate your life.

But Jermajesty isn’t concerned about making spawn just yet. He prefers putting his body in toy machines.

I would do the same if I were a fairy.

He did this about fourteen times. My game was so exciting.

I’d told myself I wouldn’t give Autumn a makeover because she had swag, but I couldn’t help it ;_;


Autumn: What.


Autumn: Alright, STOP. Your Insane trait is out of control, even for an Insane trait.



Harlow Winter Kate: PLAH PLAH WOOP that’s what muscles sound like

Autumn: Jermajesty, a little help?

Jermajesty: Nah, I’m just here because my mom died.

Autumn: I love you, 7, but your daughter is a terrible human.

7: I have a daughter?

(He is not even friends with Harlow)

Back to the park to troll for spouses! There are two big parks in Storybrook County. This one is in the more urban area and I love it because actual people show up to it.

Harlow Winter Kate: It’s not even close to Christmas.

Teen: This isn’t even the worst CC spawned on a townie.

Jermajesty found a female!


Not what I meant.

Sheree: Where am I? Who am I?

Great. You broke her.

Harlow found a boy, too.

They did this.

Jermajesty: My name is Jermajesty. Call me, maybe.

Sheree: LOL you serious?

Harlow’s boy is pretty.

I didn’t get his name though so he’s not important. BYE BRO.

This is always what they do, in case you’re ever curious.

It’s 10am and Harlow is in a fur coat drinking nectar.

Harlow Winter Kate: This is my life now.


We invite Sheree over and she goes straight for the vintage.

We love her okay.

7: Welcome back to the show. Today we’re talking to Sheree. Sheree, tell me, when will you be joining the family?

Sheree: Well, I have a boyfriend, but I am a hopeless romantic, so anything is possible.

This is a picture of 7’s dreams coming true.

Meanwhile, Autumn writes the exact above scene in her latest novel titled I’m Not That Innocent.

What not to do on a first date.

Jermajesty: It’s fine, we can make out when you’re done.

It may seem like we’re desperate. It’s because we are.

Harlow got a tattoo. It’s hard to see here, but just know that it’s nerdy and awkward.


Harlow Winter Kate: Hi, nice to meet you. I’m a legacy sim…

Ears: I’m married.


This next series of pictures is titled Everyone Is Pregnant Except My Legacy Sims.

Pink Pants: Oh mah gawd it SOUNDS adorable.

Preggo: I know right? And it just HAPPENED one day, I didn’t even have to try!

Shut up.

Veil Hair: I got married like five minutes ago and suddenly this happened. LOL must be somethin’ in the water!


Preggo: I didn’t think I’d rubbed it in enough, so OHH I’M GOING INTO LABOR. MY FAMILY’S NEXT GENERATION IS BEING BORN RIGHT NOW.

We’re never moving on, are we? This legacy is stuck forever.

Harlow Winter Kate: I’m trying as hard as I can to invent a baby, okay? You can’t rush these things.

At least we can count on Jermajesty and Sheree. Despite being in a relationship, she called him for a date.

Jermajesty: I knew it. It was only a matter of time.

Jermajesty: Let’s hug amorously.

Sheree: Oh, no, I can’t. I mean I know I invited you out and we’re at my place while my boyfriend’s at work and it seems like I want to get romantic with you, but I’m not that kind of girl.

Jermajesty: Haha, well…

Sheree: I still wanna date, though.


Fall is already here, Autumn is now an elder, 7’s life bar is nearly full and we have no grandbabies.


Autumn: I have a plan.

Autumn: Oh no, I was burning leaves and the flames got out of control! How did that happen?!

I sort of got twitchy from this. We just don’t do well with fires.

Autumn: It’s okay, it’s all part of the plan!

Firefighter: Don’t worry, I’m here! Oh hey, gurl.

Harlow Winter Kate: He’s really hot, and not because he’s standing in fire. Please let him not die!

Firefighter: Don’t worry, it’s all under control now.

Firefighter: There. Done.

Jermajesty and 7: HELL YEAH, now Harlow’s gonna get LAID.

Jermajesty: and she can quit hitting on me


Harlow Winter Kate: I hate you both.

No but really. Get on that.

Harlow Winter Kate: Thank you for saving our lives. It’s nice to know there are sims who know what to do about fire.

Firefighter: It’s my pleasure. And I should tell you, your swimwear is highly flammable.

Harlow Winter Kate: Oh, I know. It catches on fire at least once a day.

Firefighter: I meant you look hot in it.

Autumn: My work here is done.

Harlow Winter Kate: You think I’m hot? Want to move in?

Patrick: I’m not sure I can do that just yet, but we can go on a date?

She looks a little like Taylor Swift here maybe.

Harlow Winter Kate: This is my lab, basically. It’s where the magic happens. Why are you smiling this is serious.

Patrick: I’ve never been in a girl’s lab before.

Harlow Winter Kate: I know it’s three in the morning, but would you like to sleep here? At my house.

Patrick: Absolutely.

As soon as I saw his pajamas I knew he was The One.

You can tell a lot about a man by what he sleeps in. He’s a keeper if there are puppies.

This has been life advice from Starla.

Although they didn’t woohoo or anything, Harlow had the “how drunk was I” feeling when she woke up the next morning.

Harlow Winter Kate: You’re a… robot.

Patrick: Affirmative.

I’m going to end it here! Will Harlow be able to deal with a man who thinks he’s a robot? Will Sheree ever give in to Jermajesty’s affections? Will we get grandchildren before 7 dies? I HOPE SO OMG. Until next time! <3

21 thoughts on “Chapter Seventy-Five: Desperation

      1. The internet’s trying to stop our bromance in the making because it’s just too cool for it to handle.


  1. YAY! UPDATE! Oh heavens, these little Simmies please me. I like Sheree, she needs to get her act together and get with Jermajesty immediately. And Harlow Winter Kate can totally deal with a robot fireman, because I said so. 7 cannot die without at least a grandfetus.


    1. I loled at grandfetus Heather.

      Anyway this was a super cute chapter. I like the kids potential spouses.
      Harlow flirting with Jarmajesty….wow. :l
      I did feel really really bad for him when Autumn set that fire. Though I suppose he would have been too young to remember anyway.
      And all those pregnant ladies. lol
      Now that you are updating again I’m going to go back and read your legacy over. Because I defiantly forget some things.


      1. I did too, haha.

        Thank you! I like them too, I hope they work out.
        Yeah that was the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen in my game :/
        Autumn set fire to the pile of leaves and it wasn’t until they were a huge burning inferno that I realized omg wait this could actually not be a good thing.
        There were so many! I don’t think I even got screenshots of them all. At least I know SP is working I guess. I slowed it down a little since then.
        I forgot some things too for sure, but I think if I looked back I would probably facepalm a lot XD
        Thank you for commenting! <3


  2. This made me giggle so much! I love this family … but especially Harlow. Although the Harlow/Jermajesty flirt? What the hell was that about?!

    Hot firemen are awesome. Puppies are awesome. Robots are awesome. Nuff said …


    1. Thank you! I KNOW, I just sat there like why is this happening and do I really want to take pictures of it?

      I thoroughly agree, haha.

      ALSO I replied about the town in the last post! Sorry it took a bit, I was making sure I could give an accurate description <3


    1. Aw, thank you, I do too!

      I really love the neighborhood! It’s a good mix of rural and city life and has plenty of things to do (I hope I can show that a little, but oftentimes I forget to get screenshots while they’re out). It’s not insanely huge either, which is nice, and routing is wonderfully done. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a town that includes stuff from all EPs.


    1. I agree, I think he’s great! Their relationship built up really quickly too so fingers crossed! I hope Sheree comes around. She’s yanking Jermajesty around.


  3. Patrick is PERFECT for Harlow! Robots are the one thing she is striving to understand and here comes one to sleep in her bed! (I mean, sure, he’s PRETENDING to be a robot, but who cares?!). And besides, anything to keep her from macking on her cousin. Poor Jermajesty.

    I like Sheree! She’s adorable. Hopefully story progression will leave her alone long enough! D: All those pregnant ladies! I’ve never seen that many in one play session before.


  4. So I was gone for a really long time, and when I came back, I reread your legacy. I laughed, I cried, I reveled in all the madness…and then I saw that real-life Peaches Honeyblossom died tragically at a young age, just like Sim Peaches Honeyblossom. Coincidence? I think not. ::creepy music enter here::


  5. I hope you get the next chapter out soon. ;~; I’ve been reading your legacy for going on three years now and you’ve absolutely spoiled me for other legacies out there. None of them seem as in-depth as you are with your characters.
    Anyway, lovely chapter as always and I hope you have a great day!


  6. Okay, so, I don’t remember when I started reading your legacy… somewhere around the time you were updating Sage Moonblood’s generation – but it is just THE BEST. It’s hilarious, and doesn’t get all weird, and just generally awesome. So update soon, yay!


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