Chapter Seventy-Four: The Quickie

Welcome to Storybrook County, our latest and (hopefully) final destination of the Creeper legacy. Here is their new house! Pre-built and beautiful. I know, I know, it’s like the hundred millionth time I’ve moved this poor family. What can I say? Commitment issues.

I’m about to reach my 5th year of doing this, guys. Five years for one legacy. I should be ashamed of myself.

We last left off with 7’s wedding to… ahem *looks up her name* AUTUMN. Autumn is a former maid-possible-gold-digger who picked up 7 in Midnight Hollow. Their love was a whirlwind, their marriage possibly a sham.

Just kidding, I have no evil sideplot for Autumn. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY, GURL.

Jermajesty, heir to the Creeper throne, and his cousin Harlow Winter Kate have proven to be useless, as their uncle/father has shown them he has more game than the both of them put together.

Jermajesty: I don’t care what anyone says, this Artpop album is legit.

Harlow Winter Kate: *is actually dying of heat stroke*


Bartholomew… *looks* No, his name is Hamilton. Who was Bartholomew? Was Bartholomew even a thing in this legacy? I’VE LOST MY MIND HAHAHAHA.

Anyway, Hamilton now has a huge yard to play in AND is no longer held back from the No Fur Issue.


Confession: In the save file on my other computer, we’d had to get rid of Hamilton because he was causing the household to cease all free will. It’s apparently an issue that runs with big dogs and terrible systems.

Hamilton: I was powerful af

It’s true.

This cat… *looks up name too* MILEY thinks she’s drinking water. HAHA CAT YOU’RE DRINKING GRASS.

Miley: I can’t stop, I won’t stop.


LOOK our starting-a-new-save-file stuff is here.

Llama: I’m so over it.


*shoves stuff in pocket for later*

We kick off our new living arrangements with the traditional Go to the Big Park to Creep on People . 7 wastes no time finding a bald man to spin with. Autumn judges from afar, but she’s wearing knee socks with strappy heels so who’s the real nutcase here?

Bathroom Stalls: You didn’t even put walls up do you even like your life anymore


Jermajesty, if you’d put that same effort into finding a spouse, this legacy could be much further along.

Jermajesty: Why do you think I’m sitting outside the girls’ bathroom?

…OH. Touché, good sir.

I actually just laughed out loud because like… HIS NAME IS JERMAJESTY HAHA. It’s 4:30 am.

Back at home, Harlow Winter Kate continues her new obsession with working out. LOOK AT HER CRAZY EYES.

But more importantly, note the irony of the scene behind her.

I think I’m making this picture my background.




And so the drama begins… What’s in store for the Creepers now that my computer can run them properly? WE’LL FIND OUT SOON. Until next time, seriously, thank you for reading. I love you all, you’re the greatest. Happy simming!

24 thoughts on “Chapter Seventy-Four: The Quickie

  1. *Kusko I’m So Happy Gif Here*
    This isn’t tumblr, so just… like imagine it.
    Really, I’m really really happy. And I’ve been doing my Harks for about three years, and they’re still only on Gen6. (Because I got distracted with another legacy that’s about to be on Gen9… ;-; i’m a cheating trollop.)


  2. The Creepers are back! Yay! I didn’t realise how much I missed them until you posted :)

    New town FTW! I saw SC on a Let’s Play and I really like the look of it. What’s it like to play in? Size wise, number of blank lots, playability etc. It intrigues me.


    1. Aw, thank you so much <3

      It's pretty nice to play in! I don't have any complaints so far. The size is prooobably large, I would say. Maybe medium. I'm not sure. There's a wide city area and then a more rural one with a bridge connecting the two, and I think there are a couple islands as well. There are a decent amount of blank lots (I just started getting the notification that there are no empty lots and it's Spring), even some cute little apartment types. There are maaaany places to hang out. I like it because it incorporates most (if not all) EPs so you sort of get to experience everything if you want to!


  3. Wow, it doesn’t feel like five years at all. That’s half a decade, and that scares me a little. But it’s good to have the Creepers back. The thing about Hamilton killing the free will in your game has me thinking maybe that’s a problem in my game that I have because I got something similar going on with a big dog nearby…


  4. OMG, the laughs. So happy to see the Creepers again! So much fun and joy and happiness. I cannot WAIT to see what they get up to next time! And holy cowplant. Five years!


  5. SO happy to see that you’re back! I’ve been working on my main legacy for nearly 3 years… it’ll probably be 5 years before I finish the two I have going. At least. :( But the Creepers are AMAZING, if that helps any. ;)

    lol JERMAJESTY. That realization made ME laugh… and it’s definitely NOT 4am, so I have no excuse!


  6. YOU’RE BACKKKKK!!!!!!!! I am so excited. I’ve been thinking that I need to start up a new legacy or story or something since it’s been forever since my wallace family has bit the dust and you are INSPIRING ME with your funny.


  7. Hey Starla! Guuurl I have been reading your legacy religiously for a while now and it has inspired me to right one of my own. The other one I posted on here crashed my game whenever I opened it so hope u try the ink to my new one. Keep on writing your legacy! I don’t care If it takes a century. Ok, maybe I would care. Lets set the bar for a decade, alright?
    Lots of Love and Laughs Out Loud,


    1. Aw, thank you so much <3 I will definitely aim for just under a decade. I'm going to check your legacy out right now!


  8. Autumn, huh? Autumn and Winter!

    … nice rack, Autumn.

    *twiddles thumbs* So, yeah, I’m commenting again. Now, at least.

    Ugh Winter needs to be heir not Jermajesty


    1. Hahaha Autumn’s rack is insane. But yay it’s good to see you again!

      I thiiiink I’m going to do double heirs, mostly because Jermajesty’s lifespan is so long anyway


  9. Great to see you again! I’ve been faithfully reading from the start, it’s been such a ride! Keep going we believe in you!


  10. I’m really happy you’re back updating, you crack me up so much.
    I’ll see you and that fancy hat of yours on tumblr, Starla. ;)


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