Not fake

Updating soon, guys, I’ve just had a lot of super important real life things going on. I’ve taken a photograph for proof.

<3 ilu all!

7 thoughts on “Not fake

    1. I believe it! This is actually my first toon because I’m about 79 years late to the WoW game and I was all “awww shez so pretti blah blah stupid” when I made her. And she’s a rogue and hard to level and I just don’t like her most of the time. I recently made a troll priest that I enjoy much more.


      1. My main was a troll priest ._. I stopped playing 3 years ago, but I’m still going “waaaaah burning crusade come back to me T_T” Well you might as well play it now, it feels like it’s not gonna be around for many more years ;o


  1. Nostalgia flashback! I played WoW around 6 years ago, I think. I’m not sure how recent Burning Crusade was at the time, but I had it, and my first toon was a belf hunter. My first pet was a dragonhawk (right?), too.
    Wonder how many other simmers have a history in WoW?


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