More real life events, still not fake

I recently helped a close friend in her quest to rid the waters of dangerous creatures. She sadly perished as I sang the song of my people.


5 thoughts on “More real life events, still not fake

  1. Betcha on land… they understand. Bet they don’t, reprimand their daughters. Bright young women, sick of swimmin’, ready to staaaaaaand… *refrains from bursting out into complete song reenactment*


    1. THANK YOU. My friend totally did not appreciate my singing and would not join in. She kept asking for help instead, I don’t know why. You’re the best!


  2. Hiii! I’ve downloaded a few Creepers and popped them in to town with my legacy family and being that I post their story on WP I just want to make sure you’re ok with them appearing and all that stuff :) I will link to this blog too!


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