Chapter Seventy-Three: The Wedding (Spoiler Alert: Wrong Wedding)

Peaches Honeyblossom: Booooooooo, people like you more than my son and you suck, booooooo!

Harlow Winter Kate: I’m sorry that you’re so jealous of me, but I can’t help it that I’m so popular.

Last time, I don’t remember what happened. That was Monday, man, I don’t know. This time, maybe a lot of things will happen because I’m forcing myself to deal with the lag that Windows Live Writer gives when I upload more than 40 pictures.

The first thing that happens is this documented fail of mine. I kept getting the stupid PAT WANTS TO COME OUT AND PLAAAAY notifications and come on game I obviously didn’t want Pat around because I didn’t even rename him from Pat. He was just there to occupy Harlow’s childhood so no one had to deal with her. So I was like I’LL JUST TAKE HIM OUT AND DELETE HIM FOREVER USING THE TIPS FROM MY PRETTY READERS. But you know what that little shit did?

Pat: I’m here to love you five ever, Harlow.

Harlow Winter Kate: What have you done?

I know what you might be thinking. You might be thinking, oh, gurl, just ignore him or tell him to leave you alone and he’ll go away, it’ll all be okay!

Well, any other smart person might have done that, but not me. No, I just went for it. SURE, LET’S LET THE GROSS THING GROW UP, NO PROBLEM. Maybe I just like having things to complain about.

As you can see, everyone was just as thrilled as I was at the event.


Harlow Winter Kate: I still don’t understand why you would let this happen.

But then she got a good look at him, and…

Harlow Winter Kate: Ooh, boy, I love the way your turquoise eyes bug out at me like that.

Meanwhile, Jermajesty has grown up with the Hot-Headed trait but that’s not going to stop him from enjoying his graduation.

Jermajesty: It’s the most wonderful time of the year, y’all.

What WILL stop him from enjoying his graduation is remembering his aunt is dead.


He didn’t even get to toss a diploma or dress in graduation robes. He just sobbed his way through the whole thing.

Jermajesty: I don’t even care, it’s not the same without her.

So happy graduation, Jermajesty. *waves flag*

He won Most Popular. He knows one person.

And look, here she is. Cecelia grew up the day after Jermajesty.

Cecelia: So is this the part where you spam me with romantic interactions and propose to get the next generation underway?

Jermajesty: *snorts* Marry my high school sweetheart the day after becoming a young adult? That’s too mainstream.

Jermajesty: But we can go woohoo in my fairy house like I’ve been wanting to since I grew up.

Harlow rolled the wish to play with potions and I think we all know where this is going.

Well, this isn’t what I meant but yeah this happened too.

Pat: Ooh, your hotness just became literal.

Harlow Winter Kate: My fingers look like delicious sausages.

How exactly do humans shrink down to get into the fairy house?

Cecelia: Blue skidoo, we can too!

Cecelia: Oh, Christian Grey, I’ve been a bad, BAD girl!


Afterwards, Jermajesty takes Cecelia on a date because he’s completely backwards.

Jermajesty: This snow tastes like kisses from the moon.

Cecelia: Do you and the moon want to take this date instead?

The movie was good and they kissed goodbye and whatever yeah yeah.


Here we see the super cool person to which I was referring to at the end of last chapter. IT’S MY SIMSELF TROLOLOL.

As random half naked townie creates a devastating snow angel in the background, Jermajesty tries to impress my simself with a charming introduction.

I guess it works idk.


Half Naked Townie: I cannot feel my back or appendages, are they still here?

Jermajesty: Are you an angel fallen from heaven?

Starla: Why yes, how did you know?

Jermajesty: And is that your angelic brother falling to join you?


Jermajesty: *slits throat*


(this was the first thing I thought of when the red sparkles spurted out of nowhere, which means I have clearly been watching too much Supernatural)

Starla: *freakish disturbing noises* Hey baby wanna date me?

I’m making this a profile pic… somewhere. It is accurate.

Starla: Oh man I haven’t felt this high since the time I went to andiewinslife’s house in ‘04.


Starla: You…


Starla: Hahaha! You sure did get me! You’re so cool. Thank you for that!

Starla: Oh.


Back at home, it’s time for 7 to get old!

Harlow Winter Kate: I will forever remember you as you are now, daddy, so don’t worry about how gross you look when you’re wrinkled and grey.

Supportive <3

7: Actually, I ain’t half bad, check me out.

Harlow Winter Kate: Your hair is a shiny beacon, I think it’s hypnotizing me into doing its bidding.

7’s Hair: Kill the spare.

7: Praise be unto me, let the fangirling commence.

The next day is Snowflake Day which means it’s time for another awkward family photo.

7: Ready to go, kids?!

Harlow Winter Kate: Dad please no.

Jermajesty: Wow, I did not ever want to know what that looked like.

But just as I’ve got 7 changed into real clothes and heading towards the greeting card photo tent, he gets a phone call from Autumn.

7: Who?

Autumn. She used to be your maid.

7: I don’t remember.

No one does.

7: Well sure, why the hell not? Not like I’m doing anything important!

7: Later, losers! Don’t h8 me cuz u ain’t me.

Jermajesty: Well there he goes. Should we still take the picture?

Harlow Winter Kate: I’d rather go home and be followed around by my imaginary boyfriend.

Jermajesty: That sounds healthy.

7: You should’ve reminded me you’re the one with the rack, I definitely remember you now.

Autumn: All those times you tried to throw small objects into my cleavage, how could you forget?

7: I’m really trying not to stare but it’s in my genetics. I come from a long line of inappropriate people.

Autumn: We can’t help who we are. I come from a long line of well endowed women. We just have to embrace it.

7: Oh I’d like to embrace it, that’s for sure.

7: Here are some white flowers to represent the purity of my thoughts about you.

And somehow they’re not on fire.

Back at home, Jermajesty has rolled the wish to send a love letter to Cecelia.

Jermajesty: Dearest Cecelia, my light, my muse, my flame. It has been two days since I have seen you and, according to the gossip I shared with my cousin, it is because you are completely broke and have had to find work as a criminal. Know that this does not change my feelings for you. There is always room in my heart fairy house for you, and I have in fact rolled another wish for us there, so whenever you get the chance, please come over and help me fulfill it.

Jermajesty: And please hurry because Starla would like to lock in more wishes soon. Sincerely, your handsome lover and king, Jermajesty.


7 and Autumn’s date continues and they decide to see a movie.

7: I hope you don’t mind my driving, becoming old means you’re instantly the least cool person on the road.

7: Let’s see the one with the boobs. I mean the boob one. I mean this action thrillboob. I mean this boobie.

Autumn: Are you going to be okay?

Snowman: Bitches won’t sell me a ticket, THAT IS RACISM, MY FRIEND, AND I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT.

At home, this is happening repeatedly.

Pat: I’m too ashamed to even look at you.

Harlow Winter Kate: Maybe I’ll just stay singed, it’s easier than showering 17 times in one day.

And Hamilton grows up, look how big he is!

Hamilton: Back to being ignored now, I take it?

No, look you get another screenshot.

Hamilton: How gracious of you.

Autumn: That movie was great, 7. It’s getting late and I should probabl–

7: No. Food now.

Snowman: So I told that ticket seller, I said, you know what? Motherfucking winter is coming, bro, and I didn’t even care that Starla used that in another chapter, this time it counts. That guy will regret not letting me see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, I heard that movie was hilarious and for that he will pay!

Jane: I only asked for food recommendations…

Snowman: Oh, well I don’t know that either because this place won’t let me eat here. I’M TELLING YOU, I WILL GET REVENGE ON ALL WHO HAVE WRONGED ME. I’m so mad I could melt.

Autumn: I can’t believe the sun is rising! We’ve been on this date for nearly 12 hours. I should really head ho–

7: Hugs now.

7: I didn’t realize how much I missed having a companion. It’s been great having someone pretty to look at who isn’t related to me in some way.

Autumn: You sure know how to make a girl feel special.

I’m just a sucker for wishes.

7: Now, this was my late wife’s ring, but I don’t think she’ll mind me giving it to you. Actually she’ll probably mind a lot. She’ll probably haunt you forever while you’re wearing it.

Autumn: What?

7: Nevermind.

7: Will you marry me, Autumn?

Autumn: After one 12 hour date? I MUST BE GOOD.

Autumn: Yes, 7, you naked man, I’ll marry you.

Autumn: I’m so thrilled I could vomit.

7: Please don’t, I’m in exact spewing distance.

7: Being old means being impatient, and I wasn’t even patient when I was young. I don’t have all the time in the world to wait, so let’s just get married now.

7: The Snowman could officiate for us!

Snowman: NOW someone wants to include me in their life. ‘Oh, the novelty of getting married in the winter by a Snowman! What a great story to tell people!’ I hate you all.

Snowman: That’ll be 500 bucks.

Autumn and 7: Yay happiness.

7: Are you ready to consummate our marriage?

Autumn: Oh yeah… I’m gonna rock your… wor…

7: Later then?

Next time: Is Autumn really in love with 7 or is she just a gold digger? Why is 7 doing what Jermajesty and/or Harlow should be doing? Will we ever have the next generation?

Happy simming!

17 thoughts on “Chapter Seventy-Three: The Wedding (Spoiler Alert: Wrong Wedding)

  1. But… But… Harlow…. It must be a double heirship :D

    But it isn’t. Oh well. I shall just cry my eyes out in ——> that corner… over there.

    Poor Anna has to see her husband with somebody else. That must suck. Btdubs, Jermajesty is adorable when he smiles


  2. Aww, I love 7 sooo much. I’m happy to see him find love again… even if by ‘love’ I really mean ‘boobs’.

    Yay Jermajesty! He’s developed a bit of a personality! Haha I like him. He seems like he’s going to be fun to watch.

    But Harlow is unbelievably gorgeous… it’s impossible not to love her. lol I’m so conflicted!


  3. I definitely think you should do double heirs for Jermajesty and Harlow! They’re both awesome! It’s your decision in the end, but if you like Harlow enough, you should totally give them both heirship.

    In other news, poor Anna! 7 just brushed her under the rug!

    One of my sims did the whole ‘falling in love with their imaginary friend’ thing, it’s quite creepy…Even creepier, after I made the friend real and kicked them both out, Story Progression married them and now they have kids. It’s weird. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to Harlow. But you know, maybe it’s for the best…this is the Creeper legacy after all!


  4. OH my god I’m dying.

    I love you so hard.

    BLUE SKIDOO, WE CAN TOO *waves arms around*

    Also, I was briefly reminded of this:

    I do not feel as though 7 mourned enough D< Although, I'm indifferent toward Anna so whatevs. HOORAY FOR BOOBIES.

    PS that grown up doll thing is pretty much the creepiest thing I've ever seen in the Sims. And that's saying something.


  5. So… I may want to download Jermajesty and Harlow… And Anna died way too soon… (Ik that was last chapter, but I read both that one and this one in one sitting)

    I don’t mean to be one of THOSE readers… But I couldn’t help but notice that the last chapter was 72, and this one was chapter 53… thought I’d point that out… *Dodges tomatoes thrown at him*

    Can’t wait for more!!!


    1. I’ll upload them as soon as Harlow is a YA :D I agree, she definitely died way too soon.

      And HA, I was just checking to see if anyone was paying attention! *ahem* Nice work, I wish I had a prize to give you :D (no but really I don’t know why I did that so thank you, I’ll fix it now haha)

      Thanks so much!


  6. Ah, how can everyone just love Harlow, Jermajesty is a boss! And I absolutely love how far 7’s mental state is going. Going on a date in your underwear in the snow and then getting married 12 hours later? Why no, Anna’s death hasn’t effected him in the slightest, sure! :D


  7. As much as I love Jermajesty and Harlow, my vote for heirship has to go to the bitter snowman – I thought he was absolutely hilarious! I was belly-laughing all the way through his bits!

    Brilliant as ever. Looking forward to seeing how Boobarella – oh, sorry, Autumn – fits in, and how Jermajesty and Cecelia’s relationship plays out :) Can’t wait til next chapter! x


  8. Funny chapter, loved it! I am very interested to see how boobs fits in, I have a feeling she is up to no good. I enjoyed seeing more of Jermajesty’s personality this time around I think he will be a lot of fun as heir!


  9. So many funnies in this chapter!!! I don’t which one I loved the most. As for boobie lady, if you’re going to gold dig, you may as well do it right. 7 is one hot old dude!

    OMG. Jermajesty and my crazy fairy heir Arya could be soul mates. They both have delusions of grandeur and think they’re royalty. Arya is already happily married, but I want to download him so I can see if they’d make good friends … or if they’d battle each other to the death for the high crown of fairie.

    I LOVE that snowman. Can you move him in please?


  10. Loved it! So much!

    I think 7’s having a mental breakdown after Anna’s death. I mean, naked dates and instant marriage? Btw, her makeup is INSANELY BRIGHT.

    I’m glad Jermajesty is going to be heir; he is wonderful! And so is his hat.

    I can’t even fathom how much I despise the imaginary friends these days. They’re so creepy and useless! I mean, I loved the idea when they first came out, but they could’ve gone with a better design. Maybe have them be purple glowy sims or something. Like genies, but slightly transparent. And make the evil ones able to terrorize other sims so that everyone thinks the sim with the imaginary friend is insane. Maybe I’ve just been playing too much Beyond Two Souls.

    Fantastic chapter! I’m liking the look of the new layout, by the way!


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