Updating Thangs!

I’ve FINALLY gotten off my ass (or rather, on it) and gone through the Plug Your Legacy post and updated my Must Reads list to include all of your fabulous stories! You gave me excellent practice with alphabetizing, guys, I hope I did it right. I had to sing parts of the alphabet in my head a couple times (I am an adult). I’m still working on reading them of course, but I got a good look at each one as I linked them and you are all so brilliant, thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to read them ALL, I’ve been reading a few here and there when I can. If I made a mistake (I’m sure I did SOMEWHERE), let me know and I’ll fix it in two years. Everyone should go read everything now though!

Also somewhat updated is the theme, LOL, and I don’t know how I feel about it yet so feel free to yell at me if you hate it. It broke my Table of Contents a bit and links to previous/next chapters are now ALL THE WAY BELOW THE COMMENTS but it lets me have bigger pictures and it seems cleaner and prettier so I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Uhh, what else did I do? Um, OH I updated my pathetic family tree but mostly everyone on it is irrelevant now and it’s ridiculous to navigate and it makes me sad. Maybe next legacy I’ll do it right? Maybe? Probably not.

Things I did not update: Profiles. Because that’s a lot of work and I’m only mildly productive please forgive me. I also didn’t upload any new sims yet, but I will soon in case anyone is interested.

…And I just realized there are sites that would have alphabetized for me *headdesk*

Real update soon! Happy simming <3

Edit: Also I just saw the (very) old comments on the Must Reads page and feel awful for not adding or replying to those, ugh. Sorry guys! Doing that ASAP.

Edit 2: Those are added and comments have been cleared to make room for more if needed. Woo!

Edit 3: WordPress keeps unfollowing things without my permission? Rude.

6 thoughts on “Updating Thangs!

    1. You did! You did it! I was happy to put you there and I really need to finish it. I forgot what gen I was on so I’ll probably start over XD

      I can’t wait to be considered completed also omg, maybe by Christmas?


    1. No problem, I’m excited to read them! I’m so terrible at remembering to hit the follow button but you’re there forever now :D Thank you for sharing!


  1. Squeee, there I am!!! I should really open up that save… ._. but uni’s booooring.
    The only thing about this theme is.. oh wait has that always been there? I thought I was lost, the navigation’s at the bottom. >_> I’m not lost, just blind.


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