Chapter Seventy: The Highlights

Because a lot of this sort of  boring stuff happened in the house since the last update and I’ve already waited a quadrillion years to post this, I’m just going to use this chapter to run some highlights and speed up the story a little. I hope you don’t mind, but it’s better than me trying to make up a caption for every screenshot of the Creepers actually being productive.

7: Yeah, we’re getting a lot accomplished. *closes tumblr*

First, Sage and Hermione graced us with their ghostly presence, showing that even in the afterlife love still exists.

Basically they used Anna and 7’s bed to do it.

Harlow Winter Kate grew into a lovely blonde throwback toddler and I can actually tell you her traits now! She is an insane virtuoso.

I also agree with most of you that since Peaches was the chosen heir and was able to spawn a kid before she died, Jermajesty should be the one to continue the legacy. So for the first time in the legacy, friends, we know our heir without a vote!

Harlow Winter Kate: I don’t curr, I like feet.

Jermajesty began to make some friends at school.

Jermajesty: Girl you better get some CC if you want a chance with this.

Boy: What about me? Or am I perfect for you already?

Jermajesty: We’ll talk.

See what I mean? They did a lot of productive stuff. That walker is such a dream come true for multi-tasking, but it doesn’t make for fun commentating when nothing is happening really.

Harlow Winter Kate: What are you talking about? I am LEARNING TO WALK. Since when is that not a big deal?


7 aged into adulthood, but we already know how that goes.

7: I’m having a midlife crisis. Brb drowning myself.

Well that’s sort of new.

7 and Anna love each other very much and that will always be adorable.

But because her LTW is to be super popular, there is not much time for romance between phone calls.


Snowman Gnome: Chill, bro.

7 starts to feel better when he realizes his wife is becoming an elder.

7: HAHA. Oh right, YOUR life is already over. HAHAHA that’s much better.

Anna: Whatever, I’m still cute.

Then Love Day happens and everyone seems thrilled. See the joy in their faces?

Enjoy this picture of 7 hunting eggs with a pretty pink basket.

This is the main reason I’ve been forcing them to take greeting card photos. Look at the difference four seasons can make. SO BITTERSWEET.

Jermajesty takes his rightful place upon the throne of the dinner table, which is now an average sized chair.

Anna plays along but the maid is not having his shit.

Maid: I literally just cleaned your footprints off that damn chair. Spoiled brat.

During this time, Harlow creeps around like a real Creeper.

Harlow Winter Kate: Your legs look rather gnawable.

We have a party to celebrate Jermajesty’s birthday and because we’re so nice we invite Cassidy and Shing. Oh, and Spec.

Cassidy: Hello, Spec Wildhorse.

Spec Wildhorse: Are you kidding me? I’m not talking to you, I’m already the black sheep. Get away from me.

Shing: *shings*

Spec Wildhorse: *growls*

It was honestly a mistake inviting them because the Woohooer kicked in and decided Shing’s illegitimate son’s birthday party was the PERFECT time to get it on with the fiancé he cheated on to create him.

And IN HIS SON’S FAIRY HOUSE, of all places.

Thankfully he was cockblocked by the birthday cake’s powerful call.

Shing: I was so close!

And then he leaves before his son even grows up. I hate him so much.  LET’S SEND HIM ANON HATE.

I sort of hope this is the last we’ll ever see of his stupid face that we can’t even fully see.

Jermajesty: It’s fine, he’s the one missing out. I’m super cool.

He is now a neurotic slob with a photographer’s eye who is allegedly amazing to make out with.

Jermajesty: I’d like to test that out ASAP. Find me some girls. Or boys. Whoever.

And this is technically the first time he’s seen his mom since she died. She offered him some advice.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Be a good kid and don’t forget to put clothes on before you go to school.

Good boy.

This picture makes me sad.

Harlow’s birthday happened.

She’s now an insane, eccentric virtuoso.

Harlow Winter Kate: My brain is hurting from not knowing how to deal with my body.

And still, Anna and 7’s relationship is like this.

Anna: You’re such an idiot.

Anna: But I love you, this smells like our life.

Shakira: Where are MY flowers?


7: So the kid gave the mouse a cookie…


7: …and that sent the mouse spiraling into a life of addiction and codependency and insatiable greed. Hmm, are you sure this is a children’s book?

Peaches helping Jermajesty with his homework is probably the most heartwarming screenshot I’ve ever taken in this legacy, so naturally I took more.

Peaches Honeyblossom: At some point, you’re going to have to wear real clothes when I’m around.

He’s the hardest working sim I’ve ever had, rolling wishes to get a job and sign up for an afterschool activity. But he’s always tired.

Despite his constant exhaustion, he manages to bring a girl home. At first it seems awkward.

But then it’s okay.

But then he asks her to prom and realizes she has a boyfriend.

Cue prom night.

7 and Jermajesty bond over horseshoes and beer beforehand.

And are those tears in 7’s eyes as the white limo takes his orphaned nephew to prom?

7: I will pee on all the things you eat.

Jermajesty had a great time, won prom king, started going steady with a random blonde girl, and I guess somehow gained $45. It was the best night ever.

And then the family moved to a new town SEE YOU NEXT TIME.

17 thoughts on “Chapter Seventy: The Highlights

    1. Haha, that sounds like the truth. He probably did. I hope you’ll like the town I chose, I think I’m going to let the legacy finish there. I love it too, it makes it better!


    1. I’m hoping to be updating quicker now! Sorry for the long wait! I love them too, I’m so glad they happened.

      Haha, YEAH ANON HATE :@ Thank you!


    1. I knooooow, I was smiling when it happened and I was like I NEVER KNEW SOME SILLY PIXELS WOULD MAKE ME FEEL EMOTIONS.


      ILU IMU where are the Nubbins :@


      1. I’ve had a 90% finished entry sitting in my drafts for like 6 months. I’m so fail. MAYBE I SHALL FINISH WHEN BB GIRL SLEEPS? (probably not but MAYBE)


  1. OMG So many feels! Peaches and Jermajesty are adorable. I love/hate when little pixelated people give me emotions.

    I can’t wait to see where they’re moving, especially if it’s to the place I suspect! lol I love this family so much. I’m glad Jermajesty is all set up to pick up where his mom left off. :)


  2. Hurray an update! Harlow is pretty cute, but I think Jermajesty will be a good heir. Poor Peaches… Good thing Jermajesty was just a baby then because he would have some severe mental scarring otherwise.


  3. Aww, Peaces and Jermajesty, so cute. Harlow is adorable! I hate Shing, too. Because it’s so easy. About to find out if you left him behind in the move in the next update…


  4. Jermajesty is proving to be one fantastic heir. Maybe he’s so exhausted because he’s a neurotic slob. Freaking out about the plates he keeps laying around and the germs he’ll undoubtedly get from the dirty plates he keeps licking. Talk about confusing!

    Shing is such a douche! He should die a HORRIBLE and PAINFUL death!!!!


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