Chapter Sixty-Nine: *giggles immaturely*

Jermajesty: These blocks help me remember how many days have passed. I’ve seen some things in here, man. Nobody knows my sorrow.

But really, what are your wings for?

It’s Christmas time for the Creepers, y’all! Awwww yeeeeeah, look how festive their house is. I’m a winning decorator.

Anna and 7 are so ~domestic~ now. They both work on the writing skill (7’s LTW is to get all that money in royalties and Anna is in the Journalism career) and hang around the house like bums, making and eating spaghetti and mac and cheese.

Anna: You know spaghetti makes me sick, 7, why did you make it AGAIN?

7: The more important question is why is it snowing in the house? We have roof?

7: Maybe we need a NEW new house, with normal sized chairs and a roof that doesn’t leak.

Anna: I’m going to vomit on your lap.

The family was invited to a party that night. For some reason they didn’t hire a babysitter.

7: Can you get his wings out of my face?

Anna: I can’t control where his wings go.

7: They make me want to sneeze.

Anna: He can’t help what he is, 7, do you want to give him a complex?

7: Can you just scoot a lit–

Anna: NO.

They enter the party to see Spec making out with a random gentleman? Unexpected



Spec Wildhorse: No.

Gentleman: How dare you.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom where Anna and 7 decided to hide, Anna discovers a piece of lint on her sweater.

Anna: I knew I should’ve taken this to the cleaners instead of letting you hand wash it. Look how stretched and lumpy it is!

That escalated quickly.

7: How did it get so round and huge within like half a screenshot?

The next day (or few days, I pretty much have no sense of time anymore), they all go out to the Winter Festival, because that’s what we do on holidays now.

They take a greeting card photo because that’s also what we do on holidays now.

Who made that pricing sign? Jermajesty?

Winter is probably their favorite holiday. (Holiday? Er, season) It’s almost the only time they want to go outside.

Anna: Er, 7, I can’t get up. Help?

I decided to make them throw a gift giving party because I hadn’t had one before.

Spec Wildhorse: Ugh, I’m here again?

Anna: You’re only invited because you’re blood, it’s not like we enjoy your company either.

7: FACE.

Jermajesty: What are you looking at? I will punch you in the throat if you don’t get out of my fa–

Kid is never happy. Moving along.

Before the party officially starts, Anna and 7 discover the igloos. Plural because the ghosts had nothing better to do.

Anna: Seriously, where do the hearts even come from?

Aw, cute family time.

7: Where are you guys? The snowflakes burnt up my retinas.

And as the snow falls delicately in the living room, the party finally begins.

Spec Wildhorse: Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favo–

Tabooger: Hurry up, asshole.

Spec Wildhorse: A lamp! Yaaaayyy!

Robin Thicke Lookalike: u like my ass gurl? I feel u lookin. hashtag blurredlines.

Anna: Everyone’s tired of your shit. Sit the fuck down.

Anna: A box of confetti to throw in people’s eyes. I love it!

It was obviously from 7.

Tabooger: Forever alone.

After the party, Anna goes into labor in front of the toilet.

Anna: I thought I had to poop!

And then she becomes the most badass mother in all of the land.

Anna: Ain’t no thang.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate her.

Presenting Harlow Winter Kate. Because she was born in Winter, get it?

Harlow Winter Kate is named after the daughter of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. Not entirely a TERRIBLE name, but unusual nonetheless. I forget her traits and I’m too lazy to open the game right now but I will let you know soon.

Harlow is still a descendant of Chad, so I think I might allow her to be in the running for heirship. I could do a pre-heir-poll poll to see if anyone would be against it. What do you think?

This is probably my favorite picture ever. WHO NEEDS POSES WHEN YOU HAVE NATURALLY COOL SIMS LIKE ME?

LOL jk I want to play with poses someday.

I took the Winter theme and ran with it. PENGUINS.

Jermajesty: My shark will bite the new girl.

It looks like YOU will, actually.

Look at that vague smile on 7, ugh so sweet. He is so fucking happy with his life.

7: Don’t you dare tell a soul.

Look, it’s Astrid, Spec’s burnt-to-a-crisp wife. You take that shower, gurl. Put out the flames of hell and torture.

Astrid: FML.


Full moons are mildly annoying.

Finally RAIN, meaning an end to Winter. I love the way igloos melt, it’s super cool, bro.

Jermajesty is happy because baths mean it’s his birthday.

Jermajesty: BIRTHDAY!

Jermajesty: It’s my birthday today, which means you’re probably never going to be heard from again because Starla will try to hide you somewhere. Just know that I’ll miss you.

I hate them so much.

Jermajesty: I wish the lighting wasn’t messed up.

Jermajesty: Much better, am I right?

It’s like Peaches incarnate. I don’t know his new trait because I’m a good simmer.

Jermajesty: My first task as child is to make my uncle scream like a girl.


Jermajesty: Mission accomplished. It’s going to be a good life.

7: Can we get rid of him yet?

Anna: We haven’t even gotten rid of those chairs. Until that happens, NO.

Peaches Honeyblossom: My son is the best :)

Next time: We discover a deep dark secret that I’ve been hiding from you forever. Not really. But we see things happen!

12 thoughts on “Chapter Sixty-Nine: *giggles immaturely*

  1. Awwww It;s so great to see peaches again!

    It’s my feeling that as Peaches was the official heir and see managed to produce an heir before dieing that her child is automatically heir. But that’s just me.

    Man I used the word “heir” a lot in that sentence.


  2. Oooh! Sounds interesting …. wait, you mean there’s no deep dark secret? Just more fun stuff?!

    Jerm is so adorable, and naughty, and definitely the image of his mother. I can’t wait until he discovers the fairy tricks! I’m thinking that Harlow should be in the running for heirship. 7 was Peaches brother and next in line to the throne so to speak. Besides, his and Anna’s genes should be an interesting mix :)


  3. Haha yeah, I’d have sold those chairs by now. My sims would probably get all spatially confused and not know how to sit down.

    I think both Jermajesty and Harlow (and any other Sevanna babies) should be in the running. With Jermajesty as a half-human creature, maybe it’s worth keeping him around regardless, just to see what he’ll do for the household. Unless you know fairies are boring!


  4. Yay! I’ve been reading The Creeper Legacy for a really long time, I actually very recently decided to reread the entire story and got to the end just as you posted the next chapter! Made my week!

    Personally, I think Jermajesty should be the heir. Peaches was chosen to be their heir over 7, so I think her child should be first in line. (Plus she DIED giving him his birthday party. It’s almost an insult to her memory if her son wasn’t made heir) Or he can be the Creeper’s Cocaine Chimeree…even if he loses the heir poll, he can just hang around the Creeper household until the end of the legacy. Fairies do live much longer than regular sims…


  5. I think it depends on whether you consider 7 the current heir. If he took over as official heir when Peaches died, then of course his kid’s in the running.

    Either way, whatever.. Creepers = happy. I’m good with any of them. lol


  6. I think Jermajesty grew up AWESOME. I love his look, it’s fancy. I really like Faiakishi’s idea about making him the “Cocaine” of the Creeper Legacy. But! It’s your fantastic legacy, and you get to do whatever you want! (isn’t that nice of me!) It’s been fun seeing so much activity on the Creeper Legacy! Thanks!


  7. I’m happy with any sim being an heir, as long as they are a creeper through and through. I mean, who wants normal, non-badass sims in a legacy. Pfft, not me! Great update, once again. I lolled. A lot


  8. I was CRYING at the Robin Thicke Lookalike part, omg. But yay! Im so glad everythings working out. Im excited for Harlow, I just know she’ll be a badass


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