Chapter Sixty-Eight: Life Keeps Happening

Anna: See, this is what marriage is all about. Making shit together.

Anna: Are you building or making it your girlfriend, 7, come on.

7: We create cool things together.

Anna: I wish there was a way we could do this, only with a child thing as a result. Like Jermajesty, you know?

7: Er, yeah, if only such a thing were possible.

Anna: Oh well. I’m a cat now, meow.

You know what’s funny?

7’s pajamas. Look at that butt flap! Perfect for when nature calls at 2 am and you need immediate access to your butt.

Anyway, he gets up with Jermajesty like a real dad and junk.

I think that’s too much powder omg.

7: Your mom sure did miss out, Jerm. Why did she stand in that fire for so long?

7: It’s okay, though. Uncle 7 will always be here for you.

Like… what happened to the BAMF we all knew and loved? Not that I’m complaining. This is precious.

Anna likes Jermajesty too, only in the “this odd little thing interests me” sort of way.

Anna: Look how happy eating makes him. That is so strange.

She’s happy to throw him a birthday party, though.

Anna: YES, yes, I know you came to the first one, but this is our second try and it still counts, so just GET HERE, okay?

Anna: This flame resistant soap should protect anyone who’s holding you.

Spec Wildhorse: Well, I’m here. This place ain’t gonna go up in flames, is it?

Spec is the only party guest. No one else wants to die.

7: I’M FIRE!!!!!

Spec Wildhorse: AH! NO! NO! NO!


Spec Wildhorse: MY HEART. ASTRID I’M COMI—you are not fire.

7: Hiiiii, twin brother.

Spec Wildhorse: I fucking hate you, man.

7: Shoulda seen your stupid face.

Anna: You’re scaring the child, 7. And Jermajesty is a little uneasy too.

So it’s a full moon and suddenly Spec turns into a zombie. Can we literally never have a normal birthday party?

Anna: Woooooo, don’t die, husband!

7: Why does the kid smell funny?


7: These sparkles are attacking my fucking head.

Aaaand ta-da! LOOK AT DAT KID.

He looks just like Peaches I think.

Jermajesty: Did mom drink a lot of Red Bull when she was pregnant like why do I have wings?

Oh my god those chairs and the glowing I can’t.

Spec Wildhorse: caaaaaaaaaaaaake



Once the party was over, Jermajesty was in bed, and Spec stumbled off to harass someone else around town, Anna and 7 were alone to be romantic.

Anna: You’re a fucking idiot, 7, Buzz is much better than Woody!


Anna: No, you’re WRONG.

7: I’m never wrong. Woody is the heart of the story.

Anna: I refuse to discuss this further on account of you’re stupid.

7: Mmm, our Toy Story fights always get me going.

The entirety of their relationship summed up in a few screens.

Anna: Damnit, now we have to clean these hearts up again. We need a maid.

7: *lovingly whispers* Woody is better.

The ghosts come out to play in the new house for the first time.

Pilot Inspektor: It’s about time we got some electronics up in here. I’ve been needing to google why penguins can’t fly for years.

Hermione: All of the seating in this house sucks. What is this I’m sitting on? Batcouch?

Jermajesty: I wish I had my mommy :(

Awwwww :(

Jermajesty: Just kidding, I just really want out of here.

You know you can fly, right?

From the crib to the walker. Let me tell you, whoever decided to finally make this a thing is my hero. Now I can neglect all my toddlers! Let them teach themselves to walk.

It’s also a little weird.

Jermajesty: Whatchu doin’?

7: Oh god it’s back.

Jermajesty: I’ve got my eye on you, uncle.

Anna: Ooh, that spaghetti didn’t sit right with me.

Jermajesty: I hope it was poison.

I mean I don’t even remember his traits but evil should be one.

Anna: If only Starla had her computer back so we could have reflections on again. Then I could see what I REALLY look like.

Anna: Oh snap, good thing I wore my running shoes.

Floating Nausea Entity: Yessss, YEEEEESSSSSS, vomit your life out.

7: Now that you’ve taught yourself most of your walking skill, I’ll just step in here at the end and take all the credit for teaching you!

Jermajesty: Well played, uncle. Well played.

7: You’re doing great, kiddo, keep going!

Jermajesty: Screw you, I’m going to get a sandwich.

7: Yay, Jerm! Look what a big boy you are!

Jermajesty: I hate that I love you. I’ll allow this happy moment.

7: Okay teach yourself to talk now. Have fun!

Jermajesty: I take it back. I take it ALL BACK.

Next time: IDK! (the screenshots I have for the next two updates are in a folder labeled IDK so I really DK) We’ll seeeeeeeeeeee! Later, dudes!

9 thoughts on “Chapter Sixty-Eight: Life Keeps Happening

  1. Omg that was a funny ass chapter. Omg am I first commenter?? O.o this will never happen twice in the history of my life.
    I love little Jermajesty. He’s adorable in a “I’m gunna eat you if you don’t gimme cookie” way, which is my fave way ;) Do I predict a cousin for little Jerma?
    Wait… does this mean that Jermajesty will have to compete for the heirship or doesn’t it count?


  2. Yayyy! I found your legacy a few weeks ago and read it all in a few days, and I was devastated when I reached the end – I genuinely LE GASPED when I saw updates!
    I’ve been trying to fill the whole the Creepers left since though…I’m verging on weird now *ahem* >.<


  3. Hah! I’m the type of person to quote funny things… So, consider yourself quoted.

    “I think that’s too much powder omg.”

    LULZ. That really is a freaking huge amount! I swear he was trying to suffocate him in the powder. Poor creepy, child…

    Another great chapter:D


  4. And AGAIN??! Jeez, my heart is going to explode from sheer joy if you keep this up.

    Sentimental fatherly 7 is freaking adorable and his PJ’s might be the best thing ever.

    OMG JERMAJESTY. Each time I think your sims can’t get any cooler, they do. I love love love his personality even after like five screenshots of him talking.

    Ooooh Anna’s puking. What is this, baby 7’s?? :D

    Man, I’ve missed this so much. <3


  5. Yay! Chapters aplenty! And such a funny one :)

    Nothing like says fab (or is it lame) party than your zombiefied brother playing on the pc in the background. I wonder if he’s playing the Walking Dead? Poor Spec, he always gets the worst luck. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE 7? I might have mentioned it more than once … he makes such a great uncle and I can’t wait to see his and Anna’s spawn.

    Also, 7 is correct. Woody is much better than Buzz although Rex beats them both by a mile …


  6. OMG Spec as a zombie! And Jermajesty is adorable! I love this family so far.

    I’m honestly more of a ‘quietly chuckle at the screen’ kinda gal, but your updates always make me LOL. XD


  7. Lol, love Zombie-Spec. Having only just installed Supernatural (I’m way behind, I know), I haven’t experienced zombies beyond the random spawning ones, but one inside the house looks like fun!

    Also, Jermajesty is so cute. I love that toddler-hawk. And his wings are cuuute. Toddler fairies FTW.


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