Chapter Sixty-Seven: Thank Anon! Roar!

7: I’m looking for that Jermajesty thing. Anyone seen it?

Anna: Er, what’s it look like?

7: I dunno, it’s like blue and sparkles a lot or something.

Anna: Well that sounds stupid.

7: Yeah, we’ll trip over him eventually or something. Anyway, let’s get married right here by the unfinished, windowless house, ankle deep in snow.

Anna: You sure know a thing or two about being romantic.

7: This is a perfectly legit marriage now, I’m sure.

And guess what? This whole time Peaches was struggling, 7 and Anna were literally sleeping on piles of money. I built a modest house but kept the basic shape of the poverty shack from before.

Anna: We’re married now, that means we can lay in bed together and wiggle our feet like adults.

7: Hell yeeeeeeee.

Anna: Let me just slip into something a little more comfortable…

Three hours later.

Anna: Am I pretty now?

7: All those diamonds. Almost makes me feel bad about not helping my sister with her basic homelessness.

Anna: Wait, so are we not doing this now because I didn’t shave my armpits for nothing, you know.

7: …What am I supposed to do to your armpit?

7: I think I found the child. Where do I put him?

And so Jermajesty finally gets a crib. Aww. And his room is wallpapered like the house his mama built because I’m so fucking sentimental.

7: This isn’t awful. I am enjoying this.

7: This is enjoyable, yes.

7: These chairs are really dumb looking in this house, they’re like eighty feet tall.

Anna: Yeah I don’t know what Starla was thinking. Has anyone in the history of life ever owned or wanted to own chairs like these?

It’s been about 3 months since I’ve looked at the Creeper house and… yeah, I do have to say those chairs are ridiculous.

I had to look up Anna’s traits on sims.wikia because LOL as if I’d remember. She’s an insane, snobby perfectionist and a neat freak who has some charisma buried in there somewhere. She likes BURGERS and LATIN MUSIC and motherfucking SEA FOAM, in case anyone cares. But she’s gonna keep wearing pink because I say so. I’m feeling rebellious.


I’m going to stop here becauuuuuuse uh why? I forgot. OH, because these pictures were edited before I got photoshop and I don’t want them to mix with my newly edited ones. GOOD REASONS RIGHT? Or is that racist? I love you all, thank you for being you. Thank you for hanging around with me our whole lives!

14 thoughts on “Chapter Sixty-Seven: Thank Anon! Roar!

  1. OMFG I love this. Have cried laughing and had my jaw fall off multiple times while reading this. I just binged on the Creepers for the past week or so and just GUH – one of the best legacies ever and without question the funniest TS3 legacy on the entire Internet. You win. Please keep going! This is amazing, I’m so glad you saved Jermajesty before the social worker showed up! I’m a casual simmer but you make me want every expansion pack in existence.


    1. You are TOO KIND, thank you so much omg! I want to finish this soon so I will definitely try to update regularly from now until the end. Ugh I fail so badly XD


  2. Yay Creepers! You have no idea how happy this post made me! :D

    Their house is actually the cutest thing ever. And seeing Anna with her face uncovered is like whoa. I didn’t know she had eyes under there.

    More soon? XD


  3. I read this whole legacy from the beginning, and I love it. I love it so much. Moon Unit is probably my favorite heir so far next to Chad the founder. I just love & and Anna and can’t wait to see their children. More updates please? :3


  4. I know this sounds bad, but I’m kind of glad that Peaches died. I always loved 7 and now he’s HERE! IN THE HOUSE AND LOOKING FIIIIIIINE!!! Anna is also all kinds of awesome and I like her new hairstyle. Keep it coming you :)


  5. I am ashamed. Honestly, this post showed up in my reader and I didn’t even realize it was you. lol I suck.

    But I’m so glad that the Creepers are back! And that Jermajesty is with 7!! YAYS ALL AROUND!


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