Chapter Sixty-Six: The End?

Anna: Seven Sirius, something… serious has happened. I need you in front of me right meow.

7: Mmm, you smell delicious, like barbecue. Let’s do it.

Anna: There was a fire. People died.

7: Barbecue comment was inappropriate and poorly timed, got it. What happened?

Anna: Jermajesty’s birthday cake caught fire. Firefighter fail. Peaches is dead. I’m so sorry.

7: So it’s a good thing I skipped out on the party?

Anna: …I have to go now. Figure something out for your nephew.

7: So uh… fires, eh? What a bitch they are.

Tabooger: Mmhmm. This salad is SO GOOD, though. We don’t get to eat at work, this is all I could think about while I was there. Nothing bad could ever happen while this salad exists.

7: Good. That’s… good.

7:  So the fire at the party didn’t get put out in time and Peaches died and so did Spec’s new wife but she’s not important what’s important is that now we have to figure out who’s going to adopt Peaches’ kid and carry on the legacy and shit and I think it should be you because you’re the oldest.

Tabooger: …

7: …

Tabooger: …

7: …

Tabooger: What?

7: Yeah.

Tabooger: Peaches is dead.

7: Dead.

Tabooger: Good thing I skipped out on that party.

7: That’s what I fucking said.

Tabooger: Hmm… so now we have to adopt this boy whose cake destroyed his mother?

7: Yes. You need to, for the legacy.

Tabooger: OR, you know, YOU could do it.

7: No.

Tabooger: Yes.

7: No way.

Tabooger: Yep.

7: Fuck off.

Tabooger: If I remember correctly, YOU were the second favorite in the heir poll. I’m pretty sure there’s, like, a rule that says you’re it. I wasn’t even in the running, being a clone of mom and all.

7: Which mom? We had two, remember?

Tabooger: Go claim your nephew, idiot.

7: I didn’t even like Peaches.

Tabooger: Go.

7: FUCK.

27 thoughts on “Chapter Sixty-Six: The End?

    Anna is so cool. She also seems to be the only one in the family who cares that Peaches died. :( I still laughed when their first thoughts were, “Glad I skipped that party.”
    Fear not, Peaches, you will be missed.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter! How are you going to get Jermajesty back?


  2. Poor Peaches. You know, a part of me thinks that she orchestrated the fire so she could go back to her first husband and horses. I think you were right when you claimed she had sim depression! I think we should all take a moment of silence for her …

    … OK. Moment’s over. YAY! 7!!!!!! If I remember rightly, I voted for him in the first place so I’m chuffed that he’s the new heir. Now he has to leave the shiny mansion that SP picked out for him and live in a burnt out shell with a fairy baby that killed his mother. Good luck 7. At least he’s already got a girlfriend ….


  3. YES! So, I voted for 7. I’m not gonna lie, I’m excited.

    …I mean, I’m totally civilized and I’m so sorry this happened to Peaches!

    That’s true, I AM sad that Peaches died, especially after such a crappy time… but I’m still excited!


  4. To be fair, I don’t think 7 likes anyone, does he?

    It’s sad that Peaches died (CAUSE SHE WAS AWESOME) but FUCK YEAH 7 WOOOOO!!! He’s my favorite of this generation, I’m not even going to pretend to hide it.



    Peaches! D: She’s gone already? She has such terrible luck! But I’m excited to see how things will go for Jermajesty under 7’s care.


  6. It’s so sad that Peaches is gone and Jermajesty has no mother. Peaches had a depressing time and she had no time to revive happiness but I really like 7, he amuses me but he doesn’t seem amused right now.

    This will be interesting, I cannot wait for the next chapter. Hopefully 7 won’t die prematurely.


  7. Okay, in rumble in the valley part 2, did tenisha autonomously go to the creeper house to confess to marlene? because that is hilarious!!



    That was some crazyness. O_O If sims couldn’t get depressed before, they can now. Because seriously, what ELSE could explain Peaches just conveniently standing there in the fire until she died? OMG, right in the feels!

    I can say definitively though that I’m super excited that 7 has to take over. This should be . . . quite the interesting journey.


  9. Just finished reading the legacy, and I started having an ANXIETY ATTACK when I saw that “Social Worker is Coming, Hide Yo Kids” notification. I mean, I’ve seen one before when I killed off like an entire family full of six children, but thats a different story…

    Anyways, back onto the Creepers – Peaches, why didn’t you seek help for your made-believe-realistic depression? Why didn’t you move in with one of your siblings until you got back up on your feet – and not be in a zombie-like freakin’ trance when your surrounded by a deadly birthday cake fire and turn into ash like some good o’l fashion vampires. So close to Snowflake/Christmas day, too. Boo!

    Jermastey (tehe… “Your Majesty”) Creeper, your little cute fairy-self is welcomed to stay with me until you’re finish school… It could be longer, if you like. *Insert “Most Sexiest Psycho Pedophile Face” Here*

    Starla, update when you can.

    Oh, who am I kidding? You NEED to update when you get the chance (if it does come, pounce on it!), the suspense is killing me. But, thank you for putting effort after Vito and Buddy Bear Maurice are no longer around to keep Peaches happy, RIP.


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