Plug Your Legacy Here!

Guys, help. I am hopelessly lost and behind and I need you all to save me. I know I have the Must Reads page, which is great for keeping up with stories for the most part, and I follow many of you already so I can see your updates, but I’m feeling all over the place and cannot for the life of me sort things out in my head for some reason. I’ve been gone so long I’ll probably need to reread everything.

SO I am opening this post up for advertising your legacies/any other challenges, whether they’re brand new or have been around for ages and whether I follow you or not. I know I’ve received a few requests to read legacies in the comments of some of my chapters, but posting them again in the comments here would be wonderfullllllll so I can get my life together. Please? I want to read your stuff. Thank youuuuu <3

And eventually I’ll update the Must Reads page as well.

48 thoughts on “Plug Your Legacy Here!

  1. I know how easy it is to fall behind! I’ve only been away a couple of weeks (on hols) and I’m trying to catch up! Anyway, I have two blogs if you’d like to read them. The first is already on your must read list and is an observational Alphabet Legacy. You can find it here:

    The second is new (ish) and is a more serious/structured narrative DITFT challenge and can be found here:

    I’d love to know what you think :)


    1. Yesssss, I definitely remember the Bookabets! And I adore DITFT challenges, so I can’t wait to get into that :D Thank you so much.


  2. It’s incredible what some time away from the community does. I’m totally lost, except for the ones I follow.

    My blog:

    The wallace legacy died (GRR) but I’m putting up polls to determine what my next legacy/challenge will look like and it will be totally reader-determined the entire way through! Please vote, everyone!


  3. Here I am! Going through and clicking all these links!
    I have my favorites- er I mean, pff, favorites, i don’t pick favorites…
    (click Archive to start from the beginning, but the party don’t start till like… gen5 when I finally got into writing a real story) (They’ve even got an update coming up tomorrow!! Yay!)

    Then the hilariously over-endowed Caldos
    ._. apparently as generations go by lady-sim’s “lady lumps” just keep on growing.. I had to give everyone in like Gen3 a breast reduction surgery. (They won’t have an update till I can re-“buy” Hidden Springs…)

    I used to have the Inayas but they were boring so I am going to finish what I have now, then start a DITFT. O_O I love challenges..

    Time to start reading these new legacies while I organize and merge CC. <3 <3


  4. Omg should I? SHOULD I?
    I shall.

    This one is already on your list but whatevs: (

    And I also have a little ISBI that I’ve been painfully neglecting, but I’m on summer break now, so that should start happening more: (

    I just visited the ISBI page for the first time in weeks and loled at my banner. I was such a tiny little GIMPer then.

    Anyway, I’m off to make a smoothie, and then I’m reading your latest updates, because I just saw them in my inbox and I made a strange sound similar to that of a choking ferret.


    1. Dang it, the links are broken. You can just click my username and navigate it from there, everything’s linked on the Introductions page for each blog. There should really be a way to edit comments on the commenter’s end…..


  5. Told you about it on the last chapter, but it’s:

    If anyone other that Symphony wants to read it, I don’t mind. =3 I need more readers, especially with the story votes. XD


  6. Hey, I have 3/4 legacy type stories going on if you are interested in reading them.
    I have a DITFT, 2 Rainbowcies and I’m currently working on a life as we see it legacy. The links should be under my icon if you click it.


  7. I have been silently reading yours for a long time… I guess I shall do a tiny self plug…get my followers up from 3 to for maybe! ;)

    Its brand new but it is my own legacy challenge called the cultracy. I also use mt own traits rule called the inhericy.
    If nothing else, feedback on how these sound would be great.
    the Sawyer family on there got dead due to a bug it took me forever to notice, but the other one is the one I am “plugging”.


  8. So I was going to ask if you could read my blog… but then I noticed that you were already a follower! Sweet!!! But if anyone else wants something to read, perhaps you could check out my blog.

    I may be a bit of a slow updater due to having difficulty writing down my thoughts, I only have about 6 chapters out (5 and a special), but I have found something that helps a bit. Plus since I am done with school, I’m hoping that it’ll push me to post more often.


  9. I’ve got three legacies, but I’m currently focusing on finishing one of them before I work on the others. My main legacy is Pixel Perfect, which can be found at


  10. I just started a legacy at It’s a purple legacy, so all heirs have to be purple like the founder. I’m three chapters in and I’d love for people to check it out. It’s the first real legacy I’ve ever done.


  11. OMG I just randomly checked and found TONS OF CREEPER UPDATES TO READ! I am super excited, in case the All-Caps did not clue you in. XD I’m off to do that right nao, but in the mean time . . . I see you are asking for legacies/challenges to readz. Shameless plugs are shameless! I have 4 different games posted and running currently–I am glutton for punishment–but I’ll just link my Disney themed Alphabetacy here. If you like my bat-crap-crazypants-writing style, you can find links to my other legacies in the appropriate section of the blog. Found . . . *drum roll* . . . here! – I would be super psyched if you read it (and even more if you actually liked it). Of course I’m sure you’ve got a ton on your plate, so whenever you get the chance. :D . . . *attempts to not look like a stalker and failz hard* Ok, off to go read Creeper chapters!!!


  12. Hi, first off, I’m a big fan of your legacy! Pilot Inspector has definitely been my favorite Creeper so far. I really hope it’s not the end….So, I don’t know if you’re still looking for legacies to read, but if you are, I just started one today, and I was hoping you’d take a look at it. It’s called the Kanto legacy, and it’s a rainbow legacy based on the towns in Kanto. It would be awesome to have your criticism, so if you have the time, I’d really appreciate it if you’d look at it. Thanks in advance! And I completely understand if you don’t want to. Here’s the link, if you want to read it.


  13. Hi Starla! Firstly: yay! You’re back! I’ve missed the Creepers a lot and I’ve actually started to re-read the whole thing :)

    Secondly: although I haven’t posted the first chapter yet, I’ve started a new legacy called The Zodie Legacy, which has a musical theatre theme. It’s going well so far, and if you were to drop by and leave a comment or suggestion when it’s up, I would greatly appriciate it! It’s still going to be at

    Anyway, thanks in advance, and I can’t wait to see what the Creepers get up to next x


  14. Hi :)
    I’ve been reading your Creeper Legacy for the past few days, and almost managed to catch up completely! Now I stumbled across this page and thought…well, what can I say… why not advertise my legacies to you o:-)
    If you are still interested in new stories, I have an ISBI here: and a DITFT here:
    If you are not interested, that’s just fine, of course ;)
    Now I’m off to read some more, Peaches is probably one of the characters I love the most! (Apart from Sage.)


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