Oh… Oh hi!

So… wow, what a year it’s been. It seems like I’m doomed to write this legacy for the rest of my life LOL.

The good news is I’m alive and doing well and have been missing the crap out of Simming. The bad news is that, despite having moved eons ago (okay, it was only 9 months but that’s basically forever), my beautiful computer has still not been shipped. I know, I know, THE HORROR.

The kind-of-good-but-not-really news is that I discovered I can still play the game on my laptop, only it’s definitely not like it was. I can’t have much (or really any) CC and the graphics aren’t amazing by far. Also I don’t have any of my Creeper or Fayte files because my external hard drive, the one thing I DO have, was ruined. So there’s that.

But all that aside, I have a plan to overcome these obstacles. I was considering perhaps downloading Peaches Honeyblossom (and a few other Creepers, thank goodness I uploaded them), finding her a new spouse, and continuing the legacy that way. What do you think? If anyone out there can hear me, that is. Should I just keep on truckin’?


16 thoughts on “Oh… Oh hi!

  1. I’m sorry for your loss :/ that sucks. But on the plus side yes that sounds like a great idea. We’ve really been missing you :D


  2. Start fresh with Peaches! And maybe also take this as an opportunity to resurrect some of her ancestors and plop them around town :D If you can keep them from breeding with each other, that is…
    Ahhh I’m glad you’re back. Your legacy is like my legacy’s older cooler crush that it desperately tries to measure up to and leaves anonymous love notes for.


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