Sigh, angst.

I figured I’d update again on my situation. I’m here, and completely willing and ready to play TS3 (with Supernatural and Seasons ugh), only my beautiful computer is not currently with me. When I moved, I left it for people to ship down at another time because I wasn’t able to take it with me, and that hasn’t happened yet. It will soon, though. Seriously, or I will throw a tantrum.

I bought a laptop to fulfill my daily internet desires, but I didn’t have any intention of using it for TS3 when I got it. I did check out the specs on Can You Run It? and came up with this very miserable and expected conclusion:

So close, yet so far. My mom’s computer can run it just fine, but I’m not even going to go there. I’ll wait.

So it’ll still be a while before another update is around. I’m sorry. Until then, I’m going to read all of your stories and be slowly tortured by images from Supernatural and Seasons. So sad.