Well, well, well…

Is it a coincidence that I happen to reappear the day after another brand new beautiful TS3 EP is announced?

It might be. I’m not sure.

This fall is going to be spectacular and I won’t be seeing daylight thanks to TS3. That’s all I have to say about that.

Again, I have failed to update for a while. I’m sorry :( I have a good excuse this time, which is that I’ve been preparing to move again. LOL. Yeah, I’m moving on Wednesday. I’m excited. I should have better internet and more time to do things like this, so this is a good thing. I will get an update out ASAP.

I hate when they announce awesome EPs though because all I can think of is how amazing they will be and how NOT amazing my game is without them, so I’m disinclined to play XD Like if I were to start my game now I would probably pout because there are no WITCHES or FAIRIES and no PUMPKIN CARVING or IGLOO BUILDING or something like that. I’m a spoiled brat, I know. It’s pathetic. I’ll get over it, haha.

ILU all <3 Happy simming!

20 thoughts on “Well, well, well…

  1. “I hate when they announce awesome EPs though because all I can think of is how amazing they will be and how NOT amazing my game is without them, so I’m disinclined to play”
    I feel the same way. I look at my game now and go “awwwww, you make me sad game.”
    Only a month more until we get Supernatural. o/


  2. From one spoiled brat to another, I feel your pain! How can they expect us to wait another month for SN and another TWO MONTHS for Seasons?! I mean, the nerve! Plus, because of the UK insisting on releasing games on a Friday, I’ll have to wait five days … FIVE DAYS extra :( :( :(

    I keep thinking that a certain member of my legacy family would make a fantastic fairy!!! The two EPs are going to be EPIC!!!!


  3. OMG! I was on vacation so I wasn’t aware there was a new EP! Plus, my game is only plain TS3, with only Sunset Valley because I’m not on TS3.com yet.

    UPDATE!!!!! plz.

    P.S.: Creeper baby name idea: Blue Ivy Carter (Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter)


  4. Ok, so ive just caught up on all of your posts – and I think I love Lady Alexandria.
    As I’ve been reading, Its come to my realisation that the graphics in your game are like the best I’ve ever seen for the sims.
    So I was wondering, what computer do you use? It’s just my birthday’s coming up and I’ve been saving up for a new system, and I’d love to know what you use! Thanks :)


  5. Update PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Btw, I was rererererererererereading wour legacy and I noticed 2 things about the Chadster:
    1- He cried because he was a loser: I have a loser sim, and when she has nothing to do, she jjust starts randomly crying.
    2 (and this is the important one)- CHAD WASN’T SUPPOSED TO DIE. Loser and Unlucky sims can’t die of unatural causes. If they die, the Grim Reaper will tell them he enjoyed seeing them suffer too much to let them die and bring them back to life. Hence, Chad could only die of old age, so his death was a glitch.


    -P.S.: Please reply if you read this comment! I don’t want to write it all again after the next chapter!


  6. My game isnt working, so icant reply a game i have already started. i am still reallllllllllllllllllllllly stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. If anyone reads the spuper naturallegacy above me, could they please tell her that i live in canada and am a huge fan of her legacy.(the creepers too :) )


  8. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please?


  9. Agh! Even though I’m not worthy to play his awesome vegetarian loserness (although to be fair, he’s functioning on free will) I have taken Chad Creeper and placed him in the Sim Brother house at http://simsbrother.weebly.com ! Just alerting you so that you can check on your brilliant founder doing strange things in a simmy take-off of reality TV, if you so choose. :D


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