Well, well, well…

Is it a coincidence that I happen to reappear the day after another brand new beautiful TS3 EP is announced?

It might be. I’m not sure.

This fall is going to be spectacular and I won’t be seeing daylight thanks to TS3. That’s all I have to say about that.

Again, I have failed to update for a while. I’m sorry :( I have a good excuse this time, which is that I’ve been preparing to move again. LOL. Yeah, I’m moving on Wednesday. I’m excited. I should have better internet and more time to do things like this, so this is a good thing. I will get an update out ASAP.

I hate when they announce awesome EPs though because all I can think of is how amazing they will be and how NOT amazing my game is without them, so I’m disinclined to play XD Like if I were to start my game now I would probably pout because there are no WITCHES or FAIRIES and no PUMPKIN CARVING or IGLOO BUILDING or something like that. I’m a spoiled brat, I know. It’s pathetic. I’ll get over it, haha.

ILU all <3 Happy simming!