Prologue ~ Lady Alexandria

Hello aaaaall! Welcome to my fabulous life! I assure you it’s much better than yours will ever be, so pop some popcorn, find a comfortable place to sit, and prepare to be A THOUSAND TIMES ENVIOUS!

I am Alexandria Fayte. You may call me Lady Alexandria, for that is what I will be known as when my dreams come true. I’m going to be an infamous Magician, you see. Someone like me doesn’t need training from a place like Hogwarts to do magic. That pathetic excuse for a magical school will regret never sending my acceptance letter, you’ll see!

I have one rule in life, and that is to never be caught dead without makeup on. Okay, maybe I have two rules. The other rule is to never follow the rules unless you feel like it! My most important rule though (alright that makes three but who’s counting anyway?) is that while it’s okay to make some choices in life on your own, you shouldn’t worry about it too much. Leave everything up to fate.

Yes, I said it. Fate. Not to be confused with Fayte, my surname. That’s just a coincidence.

Fate, destiny, fortune, happenstance, call it what you will, but it’s not ridiculous to believe in it. I have fate to thank for my entire existence and I’m perfect, so what’s that tell you, hmm? I trust that my life has a special plan and I don’t intend to question it. It hasn’t disappointed me yet.

Excuse me while I burst into song randomly.

Sometimes I just feel like belting out a run like Christina Aguilera.

But anyway, back to my destiny. A force (not that Force) has brought me here, to Lunar Lakes! Well, it didn’t physically bring me here, I mean I had to buy my first class tickets (because space travel any other way is a joke) on the first spaceship out of Starlight Shores when I felt the shift in my future and everything. Yes, I feel shifts in my future. They tickle.

I don’t know what’s in store for me here. All I know is that I belong on this very spot at this very moment. I have a feeling that ALL OF THIS will soon become my kingdom.

…But first I need to figure out how to live comfortably on the meager $1300 I have left from my life savings. Fate probably won’t help me with that.

Ta for now, darling.

27 thoughts on “Prologue ~ Lady Alexandria

      1. You’re welcome! ;)
        Just don’t forget to update the Creepers! >:) I want to see what happens to BBM and who his little sibling will be!


  1. Aww she’s adorable!!! I bet she’d hit me for saying that though … I mean she’s gorgeous and glamourous ;)

    This is very funny and Alexandria has a unique inner voice despite her bitter resentment over the whole Hogwarts letter scenario. I feel her pain and often wonder where Errol lost mine? Oh well, I’ve always got Pottermore …


  2. Oh yay! I’m so excited for a new legacy. I also kind of like that your founder isn’t really like-able. I know that sounded negative, but it’s not! Sometimes I feel like legacy founders are too perfect and it’s boring to read about them. This is going to be fun!


  3. This is a cute idea!

    Of course, I can’t do something like this for a really long time because I think I have all of three followers so that would make for poor voting…

    but maybe someday!


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