Up to the Faytes – Founder Creation Part 4

Congratulations! Your founder’s traits have been determined. I hope you don’t regret your decisions.

You are now only one step away from your journey’s beginning.

Everyone has a desire in life, one thing that they’d like to accomplish.

Please choose Alexandria’s Lifetime Wish.

Voting will only be open for one day.

9 thoughts on “Up to the Faytes – Founder Creation Part 4

  1. Haha, first vote! :DD

    Vocal Legend? Sounds interesting. I want to see some Showtime features since I don’t plan on getting it :P


  2. Haha, omg, she and my simself have a trait compatibility! I imagine her as a high class woman who chats it up with rich uppity folk and then steals their things when they’re not looking. :D

    Oh noes, more responsibility! I’m not picking the superstar actor career, because it’s a rabbit hole job. I think I’m going to vote for Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law. Then again, it would be really awesome if EA made it an option for kleptomaniac magicians to visit houses and perform ‘disappearing’ tricks on their stuff. xD And then poof! Into the family inventory it goes. If that was possible, I’d pick master magician, hands down….I think I’m gonna pick it anyways. I’m indecisive. Omg, this is going to take me so long the poll is going to close down before I decide.


  3. I thought I commented, but it is not showing up! =[ Anyway. I voted for Vocal Legend, but I think I’d be happy with any of the Showtime LTWs since I dont have it and IDK if I’ll be getting it.


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