Up to the Faytes – Founder Creation Part 2

Destiny has spoken. Your founder will start her life in Lunar Lakes.

Alexandria’s personality has yet to be formed, however. Your next task may seem daunting, but it must be done in order to begin. You must choose five traits for your founder. The top choices will move on to round two, where they will be voted on for the next round, and so on, until five traits have been determined.

Her life is in your hands. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Up to the Faytes – Founder Creation Part 2

    1. Yeah, totally. I thought about splitting them up somehow because a wall of traits is pretty ridiculous, but I decided it would be easier to get the unwanted traits out of the way right off so we can move on D:


  1. You’re going to kill me. I am going to die.

    I’m just going to open up a sim in CAS, randomize 5 traits and put them here.


    Okay, here’s what we got.

    Green Thumb
    Hopeless Romantic

    Aw, vegetarian again. Reminds me of Chad. <3

    That took me a long enough.


  2. Wow… that was difficult. Although it shouldn’t be considering how many sims I’ve made and how often I’ve needed to choose traits. Still, the following rounds will be easier. This is still an amazing idea and I can’t wait to see what you have planned once she’s all created.


    1. I don’t mind at all! Sorry it took so long to reply D:

      Haha, well we can’t help when inspiration strikes can we?


  3. Well I tried to pick good traits…

    Social Butterfly (sounds fun, I don’t really know), neat, bookworm, inappropriate, and equestrian.

    I noticed vehicle enthusiast isn’t even on the list. Good call.


  4. I literally have no idea what I picked. I just went at random – figured it’d be fun to see how a random combination works out. I know I picked Diva, Adventurous, Slob… and I think Insane and Green Thumb.


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