Creeper Heir Poll!

Peaches Honeyblossom

Genius, Loves the Outdoors, Neurotic, Perceptive, Photographer’s Eye
(Hidden Traits: Can Apprehend Burglar, Can Salute, Burglar)
LTW: Renaissance Sim
Likes: Latin, Cobbler, Lime
Currently dating Jerome the vampire, other options open

Seven Sirius

Adventurous, Easily Impressed, Loner, Mean Spirited, Perfectionist
(No Hidden Traits)
LTW: Professional Author
Likes: Pop, French Toast, Green
Currently dating Tawana the vampire, other options open

Please feel free to vote using this handy dandy poll!
(voting will be open for one week)

27 thoughts on “Creeper Heir Poll!

    1. Hahaha, that sounds like a good idea :P

      I had peach trees in my backyard when I was growing up, so I got my fill of them. Honey and blossoms are definitely great though XD

      Thank you for the vote!


  1. I voted for Seven, just because I was feeling the need for some dark-haired males (HEY HE REMINDS ME OF MY HUSBAND, HIS GRANDFATHER OKAY?) but I’m totally cool with Peaches.


  2. I should have spent some time before hand thinking about this, because this is a hard one… Oh, can’t we just have all of them?

    Ok, I pondered enough, I chose 7! … Well, I wanna pick Spec… but I’ll be reasonable, 7 it is!


    1. Aw, I wish we could have all of them, but for the sake of my sanity we can’t :) Spec actually started growing on me… like just as I was quitting the game last time I played, lol. Thank you for voting!


  3. I voted for Tabooger because I heart her, even if she is a clone. Also, I’m aggravated because I never get informed when you update, which is actually kinda fun because then I show up and BAM! Lots of updates. :-D


      1. Yeah, but the good kind with all the friends you haven’t seen in years, not the weird kind with the drunk clown that keeps hitting on your underage niece or something. >_<


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