Chapter Fifty-Four: Fried Creepers

Here are the kids’ prom pictures! I love how the poses are all different and adorable, but I wish they were facing forward. What’s up with that off-to-the-side nonsense?

Also, thanks to you guys, the kittens now have names! I forgot to mention that all the kittens were girls (because I had no idea, to be honest), but the ones that were suggested were fitting anyway. This one is Ramone, as suggested by the awesome Connor. I love Ramone’s big fluffy head.

Ramone: Hello my beaut-ee-ful bebes.

I dunno, she sounds like Antonio Banderas in my head. It didn’t… translate well in writing, shut up :P

This is Spahhhkles, as suggested by the lovely Rochelle. It’s really Sparkles, but you have to say it in a British accent or it doesn’t count.

Spahhhkles: Jolly good, old chap. Tally-ho! Pip pip, cheerio and all that rot.

In other words, let’s see how many stock British phrases we can stick in one line. In my head, Spahhhkles sounds like John Cleese. Of course.

And this evil looking thing, my friends, is Skulk, as suggested by the great Mythfreak.

Skulk: Shh, you canna see me.

And Skulk sounds like Jackie Chan.

So if ever there were a Creeper movie, that would be the kitten cast. And like… David Spade would play Chad or something.

Anyway, this chapter is called Fried Creepers because I HAD to get this fryer thing and the Creepers are now addicted.

Tabooger: I have no cooking skill points and am about to put this candy bar into a vat of hot oil.

Sounds like a good time to me, amirite? My ex-sister-in-law actually has no cooking skill points and made a fryer boil over once somehow. I don’t even know.

Tabooger: …That doesn’t make me feel better.

Tabooger: Mmm, you smell that fatty goodness wafting through the air?

Nothing like a fresh dose of saturated fat early in the morning.

Oh, did I mention it’s 5 am? Yeah XD

I myself have never had a fried candy bar. Have any of you? What do they taste like?

Tabooger: I don’t even care. I am eating this entire plate by myself.

Once everyone was nice and full of their breakfast of champions, it was time for Peaches to graduate from high school.

Tabooger: My stomach feels like a bowling ball.

Peaches Honeyblossom: I’m glad I’m wearing this gown. I couldn’t button my pants.

7: Bitches ate all the food. I’m glad you’re suffering now.

By the time graduation was over, the greasy food had had time to digest so everyone was happy again.

Well, except for 7. But he’s never really happy.

Mariah: I am here.

Omg hiiiii Mariah! I need to catch up on the Skiptons.

Peaches Honeyblossom: This thing is bigger than my fa–

Yeah, yeah. Your sister already said that line.

Back at home, there was a small graduation party in which Spec Wildhorse watched his sisters really creepily.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Yay, yay, yay, it’s graduation day!

Tabooger: Stop staring at me like that, Spec. Gross.

Sage and Hermione: *still have it*

7: *broods in the background*

And then this happened.

Sage Moonblood: Who the fuck invited that? Is that the stripper?

Hermione: Um what?

Skulk: LOL Ladybugs.

Actually, that’s Lisa, Spec’s prom date and girlfriend. She grew up.

Spec Wildhorse: Apparently.

Lisa: My eyes are up here, Spec.

Hey, at least he’s not checking out his sisters now.

Elder Hermione Granger is eating a fried turkey leg. Your point is invalid.

I don’t even want to know what’s going on in the kitchen. Look at that mess!

Oh really, burglar? You wanna do this? Haven’t your burglar friends told you that the Creeper house is practically untouchable?

Burglar: I did not get the memo, no. But I feel like this is a good idea.

Ha… Just wait.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Don’t worry. I got this.

I haven’t looked at anyone’s hidden traits this time around, but I guess this means Peaches has the Can Apprehend Burglar one.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Oh yes, I do.

Wow, passed down all the way from… was it Apple who started it? I don’t remember.

Thought Bubble: No drama llamas.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Oh, don’t worry, Thought Bubble. No drama here. Just ass kicking.

Burglar: You wish, tiny girl.

Peaches Honeyblossom: I’ll show YOU tiny, bitch!

Burglar: You slap like my grandmother!

Peaches Honeyblossom: What’s that? I can’t hear you with all that choking you’re doing.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Rawr, winner.

Cats: My heeemrooooooow.

Peaches Honeyblossom: AH, A BURGLAR! D:

Um. Yeah. You just beat her up, remember?

Peaches Honeyblossom: Did I? D: I can’t believe that just happened DDDDD:

Sage Moonblood: I’m telling you, honey, fried bacon is going to make everything better.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Just smelling it is making me feel better already!

Cheshy: zzzzz I’m always on the counters zzzzz

Peaches Honeyblossom: Hmm… I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Oh well. This fried bacon is friggin’ delicious.

It also glows. FRIED BACON THAT GLOWS. Amazing.

Um. I think I spoke too soon about Spec.

Spec Wildhorse: Oh shit, sis, I heard the water running in the tub and you singing but I didn’t think you were in it all naked and stuff. I am so ashamed.

Spec Wildhorse: Please forgive me for looking.

You pervert! Stop sneaking a peek!

Tabooger: *gets dressed and claps*

Spec Wildhorse: Are you encouraging this behavior?

Tabooger: Oh…

Tabooger: I mean oh NASTY, Spec! That is disgusting! You are an abomination for creeping around watching me in the shower while I had no idea…

Spec Wildhorse: It’s too late, Boog. Everyone’s already grossed out at us.

Tabooger: Must have fried cheese sticks so I can forget the bathroom incident.

See what I mean?! I’m not telling them to cook this crap. Addicts.

I think I forgot to mention that Peaches’ LTW is Renaissance Sim. Since she seems to have a weird obsession with horses, I’ve decided one of her three skills to max out will be riding. I sent her to the Equestrian Center to take a class.

Afterwards, she went to the cowboy themed bar that I’ve placed across the street and she immediately got hit on by this guy.

Kenneth: Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see!

Peaches Honeyblossom: Uh, no. I’m from Sunset Valley. Are you lost, sir?

Kenneth: I was… just… I was hitting on you. You know, a pick up line? Because I think you’re hot?

Peaches Honeyblossom: Oh, whoa! You just blew my mind with your compliment. But really though, I have a boyfriend. He’s kind of still in high school, but he’s pretty mature for his age, so it’s okay. I mean, we can’t legally do anything, but no one has to know.

Kenneth: I’m just gonna… go…

I added the mechanical bull to the place because, come on, what’s a cowboy themed bar without a mechanical bull, right? We’re naming the bull Bowser because it’s fun.

New Super Mario Bros Bowser: Prepare to be disappointed. He will not live up to your Bowser standards.

Original Super Mario Bros Bowser: I dunno, he might be alright.

Bowser: Roooooooooooowf.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Yee haw, ride ‘em cowboy!

Exactly what skill is she learning with that? *looks up*

Athletic. I guess that should’ve been obvious?

Peaches Honeyblossom: I am working my abs so hard!

Peaches Honeyblossom: THIS IS THE MOST FUN EVER.

Bowser: Ooooooooooorf!

Peaches Honeyblossom: Wait, okay, when does this stop? I feel that fried fish I had for lunch coming back up…

And then things got awkward.

Bowser: Uuuuuunf?

Peaches Honeyblossom: Banned4lyfe LOL.

Peached Honeyblossom: Well hello there. You have beautiful eyeballs.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Don’t mind me. Just passing by.

Peaches Honeyblossom: REALLY banned4lyfe.

She just plopped onto the mat after this and it made me actually LOL.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Was it good for  you, baby?

Bowser: Oooooooooooooonnnnnnnooooooorf.

Peaches Honeyblossom: I thought so too. Gotta go now, though. It’s not you, it’s me.

Meanwhile back at home…

Spec Wildhorse: The fryer’s dirty.

It appears so.

Spec Wildhorse: I’m making fried onion anyway.

Er, what are you doing here?

Kenneth: I have no idea. Should I leave?

The next day, this guy came over. He’s a co-worker of Tabooger’s who she hit it off with.

Elton: Are you ready for love?

He only speaks in Elton John song titles.

Elton: I guess that’s why they call it the blues.

As soon as he enters the house, he starts dancing.

Sage Moonblood: My kinda guy. I approve!

Elton: I’m still standing, tiny dancer.

Tabooger is absolutely in love with the guy and they actually have a TON in common. They get along so well, in fact, that within 4 interactions, they went from relative strangers to friends.

Tabooger: You are a GOD.

Elton: It’s me that you need, little Jeannie.

Tabooger: It’s Tabooger, but that’s okay. Call me what you want.

Haha, I just realized he looks like a raptor, or a bird of some kind.

Tabooger: Love is blind, you cruel, cruel, woman. I happen to love this man now so deal with it.

Elton: Can you feel the love tonight?

Tabooger: I want to marry you SO HARD.

Peaches Honeyblossom: I’ve got some fried candy bars that will fix that for you.

And then something completely unexpected happened. Tabooger invited Elton to form a band with her and then he just vanished.

Tabooger: …Vanished?!

Yes, he vanished. I didn’t get a screenshot of the vanishing, but he just disappeared, and so did any wishes Tabooger had that were associated with him. I tried searching for him with MasterController and he didn’t exist anymore. So you know what that means?

Tabooger: Fried chicken to ease the pain of my loss?


Elton (from the afterlife): Goodbye yellow brick road.

I didn’t mention this before, but I’ve actually decided that Tabooger isn’t going to be in the running to become America’s Next Top Model for heiress because her face is a clone of Hermione’s. Same with Spec, since he’s weird a clone of Sage. I love them both (well, really just Boog) but I don’t want clones :( So after her meal of fried chicken, I moved Tabooger out. And she took Ramone with her. We’ll see her again soon.

Since she rolled the wish for it, Peaches has signed up to be a Private Investigator. Her first assignment was to check out the Landgraabs, because crazy Dorie Hart was convinced that they were hacking into the library or something.

Nancy: I definitely was not followed here.

Nancy: What was that squeaking sound? Definitely not my mailbox being opened. Time for me to put on my sweatpants and watch some Oprah.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Okay, Landgraabs, let’s see what dirt we can find on you. I see some bills here, an ad for a deep fryer (worth it), a letter from the Justin Bieber Fan Club (obviously Malcolm’s). Nothing here. Moving on.


Peaches Honeyblossom: Is it really getting that big? Ugh, I need to quit with the fryer.

He was just fishing, Peaches, get on with it before Nancy… well, I guess you’re fine.

Paparazzi: MMM, DAT ASS.

Plumbob: That is rude, sir.

Peaches Honeyblossom: So, Dorie, basically I discovered that you’re batshit crazy, and instead of accusing people of petty crimes, you should probably be getting your affairs in order because you’re older than dinosaur dung.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Anything else I can do for you?

Dorie: Nope. That about sums it up.

Omg and guess what time it is when Peaches finishes work. YAY BIRTHDAYS, FINALLY.

Spec Wildhorse: I’ve grown up and my family doesn’t even care.

I’m sure they do a little.

Hermione: Actually, no. We don’t.

Weird Haired Kid: I’m going to write a book about how much Spec Wildhorse sucks.

Sage Moonblood: Good idea.

Spec Wildhorse grew up with the trait of Inappropriate. Which is completely appropriate.

And then there’s 7.

7: What do you want?


7: Wipe your face, you filthy troll.

Spec Wildhorse: I want to be drooled about :(

You are so beautiful.

7: Alright, can you get out of my face now?

7 grew up with Adventurous as a trait. I thought about re-rolling because that trait is basically useless, but we’ll work with it.

Spec Wildhorse: Oh, what? You think giving me a close up now is going to fix the mental damage you’ve done with your words?

Something along those lines, yeah.

Spec Wildhorse: Well, fine. I forgive you.

Good. Freak.

So, my lovelies, that is the end of the chapter, and this generation! Coming up is an heir poll and some other dandy things. I’ll also be catching up on comments. AND I’m going to be going through my additional pages and deleting some comments and such in an attempt to re-organize this place, so don’t be offended if a comment of yours gets deleted. I LOVE YOU ALL <3 Happy simming!

27 thoughts on “Chapter Fifty-Four: Fried Creepers

  1. Hi :) It’s 11.30 at night and I should really be sleeping but I saw that you’d updated and had to read it!! I’m glad I did as this was full of lols! I love Peaches but 7 is gorgeous … who to pick?! I’m British and I’ve never said Cheerio or tally ho in my life! I do say bugger a lot though …. On the plus side, I’ve got a heads up on the Spahhhkles thing ;) Good job XD


    1. Haha, I’m British-Australian (dual citizenship FTW!) and I’ve never said them either. :D I say bloody hell a bit… and sometimes you can put a ‘sodding’ in there too… :D. But at least I am pronouncing Sparkles right! And I say ‘jolly good’ a bit, although that’s mostly mockery.


      1. LOL! I say bloody hell a lot too … sometimes, when I’m really annoyed I mix it up … “Boody hell, you bloody little bugger” whilst waving my fist at the offending item . You know the sort of thing … Of course I’m Welsh, so you can add “hiya” and “now in a minute” to that list as well :) … I don’t say jolly good enough, mockery or not, so I must correct this on the double. XD


    2. Haha, I envy you guys. I have always wanted to be British. ALWAYS. I’m really weird about it too, like when I first had my daughter I swore I was only going to speak in a British accent so that she picked it up.

      Yeah, I’m weird XD And I hope I didn’t offend you guys with my stereotypical British stuff, lol.



  2. MY LOVELY SPAHHHKLES! Hooray for British stereotyping! :D The kittens DO fit their names! Omg, Skulk with a Jackie Chan voice makes me laugh at everything he says.

    Oh my gosh…7…*drooooooooool* But I think I like Peaches. It’s a shame about Tabooger. If she were only more genetically diverse! OH YEAH and um..Spec! Spec was cool!…

    Where is that fryer from? That looks like fun. But then again, everything you have in your game seems fun. I’m thinking it’s just because of you and the Creepers. xD

    Awesome chapter!


    1. LOL the kittens. It was so freaky how fitting the names were. You guys did a good job.

      Yeah, I hate that Tabooger and Spec were clones. It’s kind of ridiculous, the amount of clones that are spawned in game. Another fail for EA.

      The fryer is from the TS3 Store! I saw it and said YES, haha. It came with the Fabulous Fiesta set, along with an ice cream machine that I’ve yet to introduce to the Creepers. I can’t even imagine how addicted they’ll be to THAT XD

      Thank you so much! And thank you for reading!



    Haha. I think either 7 or Peaches would be a good candidate honestly, but I’ll ultimately choose one in the heir poll.

    Another great chapter as usual! The Creepers always make me laugh…as they continue to do their…creepy, things XD


    1. I am SO READY for it to get here, haha. It seems like it’s been FOREVER.

      I can’t wait to see who wins. I adore both of them!

      Aw, thank you! Lol, they are so awkward sometimes, it’s awful XD




    First time I wrote that it came out as “hair poll”. Which is basically the same thing? XD BEST HAIR WINS!

    ilu and this legacy <3


    1. Omg Spec is so gross, haha. He started to grow on me though. It’s a shame he’s a clone.

      LOL, yeah the animations are so funny. I can’t wait for Peaches to ride Bowser on a higher level.

      Thank you!


    1. Haha, seriously. I mean, they should’ve maybe even let the sim gain riding skill points, because duh, right?! If you can ride the crazy bull, surely you can ride a horse.


    1. Be careful, it is SO addicting, haha. Seriously, the stove was not touched at all once I set that thing out. I wonder if sims gain extra weight if that’s all they eat XD


  5. My friend Keith once tried to deep-fry half a turkey. He ended up with severe burns over 95% of his body, and even more severe ones over 90%. Good times, good times.

    Hahaha LOL no.
    But srsly, don’t try that.
    Good chapter!
    *Toddles off to finish reading*


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