Up to the Faytes – Founder Creation Part 3

Traits that received 10 or more votes move on to the next round. These are your selections.

If anyone is interested, traits that received no votes at all were:

Athletic, Couch Potato, Handy, Hates the Outdoors, Loner, Mooch, and No Sense of Humor.

We’re nearly there! Your decisions will only get easier from here.

Once again, please choose five traits for Alexandria.

Chapter Fifty-Six: Broken

Instead of leaving the house like a normal person after being dumped, Jerome just ran around pouting about it and seeking bitter revenge.

Jerome: She broke up with me so I broke her computer.

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Up to the Faytes – Founder Creation Part 2

Destiny has spoken. Your founder will start her life in Lunar Lakes.

Alexandria’s personality has yet to be formed, however. Your next task may seem daunting, but it must be done in order to begin. You must choose five traits for your founder. The top choices will move on to round two, where they will be voted on for the next round, and so on, until five traits have been determined.

Her life is in your hands. Enjoy!

Another Newsy Update LOL

MOAR NEW THANGS! My menu up there has changed! Now you can find ANY and ALL things relating to The Creeper Legacy on ONE nifty page, creatively titled CREEPERS (it took me HOURS to come up with that). WHY AM I YELLING IN RANDOM CAPS, YOU ASK? Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, I’ll TELL YOU ANYWAY.

It’s because I’ve been at this for like A WHOLE ENTIRE DAY. I don’t know why I’m torturing myself, BUT I have spent all this time doing this in order to bring back the very pretty (and time consuming omg) PROFILE PAGES! HOW EXCITED DOES THAT MAKE YOU?

…*crickets chirping*

But… but… do you ever find yourself wondering, “HMM, NOW WHAT WERE BLUEBELL MADONNA’S TRAITS AGAIN?”

Okay, most likely not because no one likes Bluebell LOL. But maybe these things will come in handy for you someday. If not, well, they can just sit there doing nothing for all I care. THAT IS ALL, GOODNIGHT <3

Updating Things!

This is a quick update to let you guys know that I’ve been working EXTREMELY hard (not really) on updating things around here! You might notice that I have finally added a Resources page which can be found up there on the right *points* …I don’t know why I felt the need to point since I’ve linked it, but check it out if you’re interested!

I’ve also updated my Must Reads page to get rid of broken links and such. Congratulations to those who have finished their stories in the time I’ve been absent (and wow, I’m so behind on reading)! I’ve deleted previous comments on that page as well in order to make way for others, so if you find that I’ve taken you off the list or that your story isn’t on there for some reason, leave a comment over there and I will fix that.

Moving on to the Downloads page, I have finally added Hermione and Darren Criss (including links to their original versions because you might prefer them over my edited versions) as well as an updated simself! Grab them if you want them! Once the heir poll is over, I’ll add this generation.

There’s a little more work I’d like to do, but I decided to let you in on the changes now because it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something important instead of wasting time on the computer all day XD

Happy simming!

Creeper Heir Poll!

Peaches Honeyblossom

Genius, Loves the Outdoors, Neurotic, Perceptive, Photographer’s Eye
(Hidden Traits: Can Apprehend Burglar, Can Salute, Burglar)
LTW: Renaissance Sim
Likes: Latin, Cobbler, Lime
Currently dating Jerome the vampire, other options open

Seven Sirius

Adventurous, Easily Impressed, Loner, Mean Spirited, Perfectionist
(No Hidden Traits)
LTW: Professional Author
Likes: Pop, French Toast, Green
Currently dating Tawana the vampire, other options open

Please feel free to vote using this handy dandy poll!
(voting will be open for one week)