Chapter Fifty-Three: Get Your Heart Racing

Tabooger is playing pool with my simself. I wonder what kind of conversations these two have, both of them evil and all.

Starla: Mostly we discuss my marriage to Darren Criss.

Jealous D:

Starla: And our new baby as well.

Okay you can shut your gloating up now. Also, yes, that is exactly the stance I use when I play pool. HOW DID SHE KNOW?

Oh, look. 7 has a friend over. Could it be one of the many prom dates of his?

7: You’re my favorite, baby.

She happens to be a vampire and her name is Tawana. Tawana suck your blood! Har har.

7: …No one’s watching us, right?

Tawana: No, of course there’s no one behind you taking screenshots of the rare affections you’re displaying for me.

7: Good.


Tawana: Oh, they’re lovely! And red. Blood red. Mmm, you — I mean they—smell delicio—er, nice.

7: Goin’ to prom with me? You’re the only one I want to waste my time with.

Tawana: You’re choosing me over everyone else?

7: You’ve got 5 seconds. Take it or leave it, there are plenty of others who wouldn’t hesitate.

Tawana: You’re so dreamy when you’re arrogant. Of course I’ll go with you.

Laundry Hamper: *tries to blend in with the wall*

Laundry Hamper: *fails*

She slept over in a very innocent and uncomfortable way.

Lucky for her, the TINY KITTEN AWW protected her from the vicious creatures of Sunset Valley.

I still haven’t named the kittens. First three comments with one name suggestion each will get to do it for me, READYGOPLEASEI’MLAZY.

Vicious creatures like this one, for example. What are you doing in there, silly Stray Dog? That isn’t your home. You don’t have a home. That’s why you’re a stray. No one wants you.

Stray Dog: I will eat you like chicken. Back up off me.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Oh no, this can’t be happening!

What? That there’s actually a screenshot of you this time?

Peaches Honeyblossom: No, school is cancelled today. It’s horrible! What about the homework? I NEED THE HOMEWORK.

Tabooger: First Creeper to graduate EVER, bitches!

I didn’t realize they cancelled school for graduation day.

Tabooger: Yeah, yeah, this isn’t about you. This is about ME and my diploma. Now wait here while I go do cool stuff.

Apparently the Grim Reaper’s graduating too? It says Grim Reaper, but he’s clearly not…

Grim Reaper: Ah, another memory for the scrapbook. Mumsy would be proud.

Hermione: You’re not here for me, are you? Because I’m nearly ready for a promotion.

Hermione’s a busy woman, but I am losing faith in her ability to become Leader of the Free World. Mainly because I’m the one controlling her. Real Hermione would be fine. I just fail at making friends for her.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Why is he here?

Spec Wildhorse: And why is he wearing that douchebag Xander Clavell hat?

Peaches Honeyblossom: He’s making our thought bubbles blank. This is so awkward!

Grim Reaper: Hey, Death is allowed a high school diploma too. Don’t be a bully.

Tabooger: This thing is bigger than my FACE, I love it!

Grim Reaper: Psh, I’m too sexy for a face.

Most Likely to Burn Down Their Own House…


Grim Reaper: And I’ll be there for you when you do.

Please make sure you’re dressed appropriately then because no one’s going to take you seriously in that attire.

After graduation, everyone headed to Uncle Dweezil’s house for a small family reunion.

Sage’s Phone: *ruins the shot*

Sage’s Formalwear: *was clearly never edited*

Sage Moonblood: WHY would they put me in heels? Whoever did this should be fired.

Jeeze, Sage, they’re only like an inch high.

Sage Moonblood: This inch will still hurt when it goes up your–


Dweezil: Well hello there. This is pleasant and unexpected.

Tu Morrow: And unwelcome.

Tu lives with them because she’s a bitch and alone.

Finn: *is too good to be a part of any of this*

She did adopt a boy at one point. His name is Vince I think. He kind of reminds me of Gerald. Isn’t it nice to be adopted, Vince? To have a home?

Vince: I’m living in a one bedroom house with six other people. I was better off at the orphanage.

Whatever. Ungrateful XD

Sage Moonblood: Sorry for the paparazzi snapping pictures through your window. It’s just what comes with awesomeness like mine.

Paparazzi: Take it off, Sage!

Sage Moonblood: Oh, my dear girl, you are not ready for this jelly.

Vivian: HI, I’m your cousin Vivian and I’m adorable! It’s too bad we’re cousins because you sure could use my amazing genetics.

Spec Wildhorse: That’s cool. Sometimes people tell me I look like Orlando Bloom.

…They don’t.

And then everyone went home and went to bed. Cheshy slept on the counter even though I told him to get down about 53 times.

The next day is Saturday, which is the day of the prom, also known as THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF A TEENAGER’S LIFE (but not really). Spec and Peaches don’t have dates yet, so they’re calling the people they’re closest to and it’s a race to see who can snag one first.


My prom date was lame and I wish I’d gone without one, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to force my sims to take them. This is the first legacy prom, so they HAVE to. Or else. RAWR.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Take as long as you need to get here, Jerome. I’ve got to figure out how to get my arm out of the wall k bye!

A genius, everyone.

Spec’s target gets there first. She’s in a relationship with Malcolm Landgraab, but she gives him red flowers right away, which seems like a good sign.

Spec Wildhorse: *SQUEALS*

If that’s not a face you can fall in love with, well… um… good, because WOW. You cannot unsee that.

Spec Wildhorse: I’d like to hold you now.

Lisa: Nasty! Get the hell away from me!

But you just…The flowers…

Lisa: Has anyone told you you look a lot like Orlando Bloom, sexy boy?

Trollface: Mixed signals. Problem?

Meanwhile, Peaches’ boy makes it over.


Peaches Honeyblossom: What is this? Someone could actually be attracted to me?

Imagine that. He looks a little jaundiced though. It probably messes with his brain.

Jerome: Haaaaaay gurl.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Um, hello.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Would you like to escort me to prom?

Jerome: OF COURSE.

Spec Wildhorse: Flirt please?

Lisa: LOL no.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Okay, bye! See you in a few hours!

Jerome: Bye bye.

Spec Wildhorse: Aw, come on, Lisa, I just lost the race!

Lisa: You are SO hot now.

Jeeze, Lisa. Stop with the teasing!


Tabooger: Relax, precious sister. I may not have gone to prom, but I know what it’s like to be hot and less weird than you. I will help you get ready.

Peaches Honeyblossom: OH THANK YOU.

7: Good luck with that. She’s a mess.

Spec Wildhorse: Please don’t throw these in the garbage with the others.

Lisa: Oh, fine. I’ll accept them this time.

Spec Wildhorse: You mean, you don’t find me disgusting anymore?

Lisa: What are you even talking about? I’ve liked you this whole time, silly.


Spec Wildhorse: Then you’ll go to prom with me without slapping my face when I try to touch you?

Lisa: Of course I will.

Tabooger: I knew he could do it.

Oh shut up, Tabooger. No one thought he would do it. I don’t trust this niceness of yours. There’s obviously an evil motive for it.

Tabooger: Don’t know what you’re talking about. Bye!

I’m watching you.

Spec Wildhorse: Well, while I’ve got you here and you’re not being impossible…

Trollface: Giggity.

Lisa: Gonna go get ready for prom, honey. See you in a while.

Spec Wildhorse: That was the most exhausting three hours of my life.

Lisa: I heard that!

Manmaid: Look at that beautiful young woman. If she were just a little older, the things I would do…

Trollface: Giggity again.

Sage Moonblood: Look at my gorgeous kid!

Peaches Honeyblossom: Oh, mom. It’s just the dress.

Sage Moonblood: It seems like a good moment to tell you how happy you make me.

Sage Moonblood: I’m proud of all of you for being able to grow up with a busy politician and a drunk for mothers. But mostly, I’m just glad you’re not ugly.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Um. Thanks?

Sage Moonblood: Now go to prom and kick some ass!

Best pre-prom motivational speech ever.

The prom dates have arrived! Yay!

Jerome: Is it awkward that we’re siblings taking other siblings to prom?

Tawana: Probably.

This big white limo has arrived too! WHO IS EXCITED?

…Just me?

Peaches Honeyblossom: This is the PROM, guys. This is THE greatest day of our lives.

7: I sure as fuck hope not. I got better plans for my life.

Lisa: Now why didn’t I get HIM for a prom date?

Spec Wildhorse: Foreveralone :(

Now let’s take you through the highlights.

Aww, good work, Peaches.

Right after prom, Peaches realizes it’s her birthday.

Peaches Honeyblossom: No more homework? And I’ve only just began feeling pretty and have a boyfriend, too. Figures.

Wow, Peaches is actually… really hot. Who saw THAT coming?


Omg that’s embarrassing D: MY BAD GUISE.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Ugly duckling, hmph.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure she grew up with the trait Photographer’s Eye.


Next time: I have no idea! The twins might grow up and we can get to the heir poll!

14 thoughts on “Chapter Fifty-Three: Get Your Heart Racing

  1. New chapter :DDD
    My name suggestion is Ramone :3

    … Lisa’s sure got an… INTERESTING… sense of fashion…
    Umm.. umm.. That’s all D: Sayonara! :P


    1. Well in case you have no idea what I meant, I meant Sparkles in a British accent. :D


      Is the installation mess fixed? I hope so!

      Ugh, I HATE when family members of a legacy have the best genetics EVER! It’s so frustrating!

      And omg, Peaches Honeyblossom is now a knockout!

      Your simself married Darren Criss?!?! I’m jealous too! She must have a hidden genius trait. Unless she already has that trait. In which case…*shoves foot into mouth*

      I laughed really hard at Lisa putting Spec through the ringer! xD

      Awesome chapter!


  2. …Is this for real? has there really been a Creeper update? YAY!!

    I’d name one of the kitties: Skulk. Like skulking and creeping about..?
    That is too bad about Vivian, she’s really pretty. And Spec, the people who tell you that you look like Orlando Bloom are not your friends. Especially if they see that face.. *shiver*
    Lisa’s such a tease!
    OH HOT DAMN!!! Peaches grew up to be gorgeous! I was originally going to go with Tabooger for heir(ess), but now I’m not sure..
    I’m glad you got an update up, and I hope your reinstall goes well. Good Luck!


    Haha, or Crookshanks.
    Oh, my dear girl, you are not ready for this jelly.
    And wow. I didn’t see that coming with Peaches either. O.o


  4. Aw, first three comments already in *sulks in corner*

    I love… LOVE… all the children. They are all so BEAUTIFUL! And genetically diverse! What is your secret to beautiful children?! TELL ME *begs*


  5. Oh my god, Spec’s face with the flowers is probably the most epic thing ever. That said, he does look a little like Orlando, which I will not object to because I may have been obsessed with Orlando for like 4 years. NOT ANYMORE THOUGH PLS. (maybe)

    ANYWAY AWESOME UPDATES ARE AWESOME <3 Love the prom highlights. Can't wait for those myself!


  6. I’ve missed you and your creepy (hehe) sims! :)
    I’m glad you were able to post and I hope your computer issues are fixed. But looking at your pictures makes me realize how horrible my graphics are :o I’m jealous!


  7. You must name one ‘King of Cheese.’ yeah, random, but I would totally worship him if you did.

    ….As you can probably tell, I’ve had a recent obsession with cheese lol


  8. Yay! An UPDATE!
    GLad your back! =D
    Peaches wow, just wow. I did not expect that, maybe Spec will also grow into his looks. lol. or maybe not. =P


  9. I am sooo jealous of your simself. Darren Freaking Criss. Speaking of Darren Criss, where did you get him? Or did you make him? I need a Darren Criss sim in my game desperately but I totally suck at making sims of people.
    Spec is very… interesting looking. That’s a nice why of saying it, right?
    I put Sage in my Kleos save of Bridgeport along with Hermione so hopefully things will get interesting there. XD


  10. I have to say – you have considerably more patience than I do. If I was trying to build a relationship and the sim was so hot and cold, I’d give up and find someone else. You must like Spec a lot to be that dedicated. :)


  11. Yaaaay, new chapter! Your humor is, as always, sooo spot on, I laughed out loud more than once while reading. Great stuff, the prom was great, the troll picture was awesome and eeee Peaches grew up so pretty!


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