Update FAIL

I have honestly been trying to post an update from Windows Live Writer for two days now, but for some reason I can’t. I have Googled my heart out and have spent hours trying to determine the problem to no avail. I’ve tried a blogging tool other than WLW and it’s coming back with errors as well, so more than likely it has something to do with WordPress. I just don’t know WHAT.

I’ve been too stubborn to just write my update ON WordPress, but if I haven’t discovered a solution by noon tomorrow, I’ll just have to give in and do it. I just love Windows Live Writer so much :(


6 thoughts on “Update FAIL

  1. -screams and yells-..naw just kidding. Its fine. If my one follower can be ok without any posts while I try so hard to not pull out my toenails while fixing my game crashes, I can wait for an update :D


  2. I feel yah. I used to write with WordPress but after I switched…. I never wanted to go back to it ever again. I love Live writer, it’s amazing! (:

    … Hope it doesn’t happen to me o.o *knock on wood*

    I MEAN hope yours starts working again. Ahem. ;)


  3. I think they’ve been changing more things around on wordpress as of lately. Some tabs have been renamed and such. Probably screwing around with the site when they shouldn’t be I think.


  4. Aw, I think I had the same thing happen to me a while back, it just refused to upload to wordpress for some STRANGE reason. I don’t know what fixed it though o_o


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