Chapter Fifty-Two, Part One: Prelude to an Update

Hello again DDD: I make that horrified face because OH MAN, I know it’s been a stupidly long time since the last update. I didn’t mean to, I promise! First there was November, which meant I pretended I was NaNoWriMoing when in reality I was wasting time on Facebook and F Yeah Writer Leopard. Then my in-laws came for Thanksgiving and just… they just NEVER LEFT D: I honestly just got rid of them LAST WEEK. And I can’t sim when they’re around because they judge me. And then after that I was busy playing Fable 3, but that’s not important. What IS important is that I am back, and I am SO going to finish the crap out of this legacy this year XD

But seriously, being with the in-laws 24/7 for so long… it was like I was living in my own personal legacy HELL. I almost feel bad for putting my sims through it.


Edit: It has now been three weeks since I wrote that and I still haven’t posted this *headdesk* To be fair, this second delay was because I’ve been sick (and playing Dragon Age: Origins). Whoops.

So do you have something you want to say, Sage?

Sage Moonblood: Happy new beer.

Yes, happy new year, by the way. At the end of January.

I’m going to be honest. In the time I was gone, I managed to lose a bunch of screenshots and didn’t have a decent save to fall back on and play again, so things will be quite different around here. Consider this a pre-update, really. A prelude to an update, as the title suggests. A lot of catching up AGAIN. I’m so sorry XD

First of all, please welcome the Three Gnomes of Serious Temptation. Basically they’re there to lure innocent animals to the Creeper house SO THEY CAN EAT THEM. Because, you know, stale birthday cake can only go so far. They need PROTEIN.

Secondly, you may remember this guy as the stray from last update who kept running away. Or disappearing into thin air. Well, we got him. I won’t say HOW we got him, but we got him.

Cheshy: There are things that I have been through that will make your insides burst into flames upon hearing them.

His name is now Cheshy because he reminded me (and a reader too, mind linkage ftw) of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. He now speaks properly for some reason. I guess the events that led him to us were completely life changing <<

Cheshy came to us as a Genius, Hyper, Independent, Non-Destructive cat. Score. We have since trained him to be Neat and Playful.

And he likes to walk around with his eyes closed.

Cheshy: Maybe slamming my head into the wall will get me out of here. Sweet freedom, here I come!

We also adopted a cat named Dumpling, who also happens to have no tail. I actually hadn’t noticed at all until now. My cats are soulmates.

Dumpling: I’m taking a little dumpling on your rug, bee tee dubs.

She’s a darling, isn’t she? She was Non-Destructive when we got her and we’ve trained her to be Neat and Playful as well.

See? Playful.

Dumpling: Resistance is futile. Give in or be destroyed.

It’s totally love.

I seriously didn’t want to get any pets this soon, but I got a second cat because of this CAT FORT. I saw it and thought I NEED ALL THE CATS! I want cats poking out of every entrance. I think that would be SO CUTE XD

I need a life. But we established that a long time ago, so…

Cheshy: Hello, my loyal subjects. As your leader, I demand you bring all the food to me or suffer the consequences. Which are bad.

Cheshy: Um, excuse me, Dumpling! Did I grant you permission to use that bridge?

Dumpling: Shut up, Cheshy. We all know you’re pussy cat whipped.

Bahaha, that’s terrible.

Cheshy: It’s true. I love my Dumpling.

Okay okay, ENOUGH WITH THE CATS, STARLA. I’m not even a cat person. Jeeze. Let’s get down to legacy catch up business. In a minute! FIRST:

And this is where it gets intensely cool!

So, one day the kids were gossiping, and this is the news they brought forth from the streets of Sunset Valley:

I don’t have pop-ups turned on and had no idea, so I after I saw that I checked my simself’s relationship status with MasterController.

Completely unprovoked! Is this real life?! NO. I mean, I know it’s just a game, but I may or may not have done this for about ten minutes:

I love when my simself makes good choices on her own XD

Kangaroo Deer: Isn’t this supposed to be a legacy or something? Get on with it!

Right. Sorry. And also… wtf?

Okay, so now we begin the re-introductions, as we often do when I become a failure at updating. I hope you all remember Tabooger, clone of Hermione except for coloring. She’s a clumsy virtuoso coward who hates the outdoors.

Peaches Honeyblossom, a decent if not odd mixture of Sage and Hermione. She’s a genius who LOVES the outdoors and is both neurotic and perceptive.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Smartest sim in the whole game.

Well, I dunno, Peaches. YOU’RE not the one dating Darren Criss, are you? NER NER :P

You last saw the twins as children. They grew up now and probably don’t remember anything from their childhood.

This is Seven Sirius, also known as 7. He’s also got an interesting mix of features, but you can’t tell because he hides behind his sunglasses and ninja demeanor.

7: Siriusly, no pictures, please.

He’s an easily impressed, perfectionist loner who is mean spirited. He’s going to make a woman very… irritated one day.

Spec Wildhorse is a clone of Sage except for coloring. He’s a friendly virtuoso mooch with a good sense of humor. And I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet or if you’ve noticed, but every kid this generation has a different hair color.

Weird, right?

Hermione has become an elder and is still working on her LTW of becoming Leader of the Free World. She’s pretty close. Right now she’s the Governor. I don’t see why they don’t just make her Leader of the Free World NOW. I mean, she hunted horcruxes to help Harry defeat Voldemort and thus saved the entire world. If that can’t get you places, nothing can.

Hermione: So, you see, if you’ll all just sign this S.P.E.W petition, I will let your families live. And it’s now spew, either. If I hear that one more time, I will shoot a puppy.

Oh. Maybe it’s her senile woman speeches?

Sage is still a babysitter, but she hasn’t been promoted. Not once. Pretty much after those toddlers left, no one ever came back. I know there are toddlers out there. I SEE them around town. WHY DON’T THEY LIKE US?

Sage Moonblood: I don’t mind. Getting paid to drink and do nothing is much better than getting paid to drink and take care of brats.

We’ve even tried luring kids to the house by paying the ice cream truck driver to sit in front of the house. Still not working.

Buuuuut that’s all I had to update on, so I’m going to end this here. I know this was SUPER short, but I’m hoping to update again sometime in the next TWO days. If I don’t, it’s because I’m a terrible person. I hope it doesn’t come to that. Until then, please enjoy this picture of my front yard:

Happy simming <3

22 thoughts on “Chapter Fifty-Two, Part One: Prelude to an Update

  1. I still love the Creepers, even if you rarely update and I occassionally forget which Creeper is which. lol

    I’m happy to see that Sage is still living it up. :)

    Also, your front yard is beautiful! I hate actually being IN snow (and I’m in Ohio, so it happens a lot) but it IS pretty.


  2. LOL Hermione’s speech. Love it. I’ll sign the S.P.E.W petition, but not out of fear! But you’re right she should get to the top of her career instantly just based on who she is.

    And I am entirely jealous of your simself.


  3. CRREEEEPPEEERRS!! Damn in-laws. My parents haven’t had much trouble with that. My mom’s mom practically raised my dad and my Dad’s parents are Amish. I’m getting way off topic.

    Hooray, you got the kitty kitty! And another kitty! Kitties make me aww! (Cat lady moment)

    I like Tabooger and 7! (Mostly Tabooger because she’s one of the very rare Creepers without the Christopher Steel nose. It’s refreshing! AND SEVEN SIRIUS GOT PILOT’S HAIR)

    Eeuuurrrrgh now I’m thinking of Pilot. D:

    Lol! Your simself and Darren Criss! And all of those bits from AVPM had me fangirling all over the place. I LOVE JOE WALKER AND JOEY RICHTER AND BRIAN HOLDEN AND DARREN CRISS AND JDHAGHDJGJWHS.


    Kids never come to my daycare either! I don’t understand why!

    Hilarious chapter!


  4. Ohai thur! :DD

    So happy to see you’re updating again :)

    As for your front yard – mine looks exactly the same. Just as cold, snowy, and wintery.

    /the joys of living in the northern hemisphere


  5. Bah! How did you get Cheshy?!? Those cat traps aren’t working for me; I send my sims to talk to a cat, cheat with MC to make them besties and they’re still all ‘see ya later suckers’ So i settled for adopting other cats and naming them after Assassin’s Creed characters lol. SO GLAD to see an update, find someone else who’s playing Fable 3 instd of simming, and to know that elsewhere there is as much snow as I walk through everyday…
    Till Part Two!! =D


  6. Oooh, pretty yard!

    Dumpling is one of the LOVELIST cats ever o_O

    OMG. Avpm/avps = win :D

    I might just have to download Darren Criss for myself . . . y’know. For experimental reasons.

    Anyway, amazing post :D I was so happy when I saw it!!


  7. I’ve been stalking this legacy for ages – read all 51 chapters – even before I got a wordpress blog! I’m so glad you’re back, and am really looking forward to your next update. :D


  8. Ok I’m a late reader, but at least I made it before you updated again. XD Nice to get a refresher on everyone…I think Peaches is my favorite. Maybe if Sage didn’t drink during business hours more people would trust her with their toddlers…lol.


  9. I love that you update so… regularly. It makes me feel better when I spend days studying instead of playing sims and updating my own legacy. I actually have been (silently) reading your legacy for awhile, just never commented. Since I started writing my own, I realized how much I LOVE getting comments, so I thought I’d comment. :)

    Glad you’re back, not gonna lie, I’ve been coming to your blog about once a week to see if you’d updated yet, and got really excited (in the middle of a chemistry class btw) and fist pumped when I saw that you’d updated. What? Gas constants? Am I supposed to know that? Unit cells? Pshhhh. So anyways! I just wanted to say that you’re an awesome writer, and if you have time, I’d really appreciate you checking out my legacy (not VERY far in, third gen, you know).

    Oh, and your backyard is gorgeous. Oh, my back yard you say? Yeah I’m in a dorm. With kids tanning outside because it’s been so hot. I haven’t worn long pants or a jacket in about two weeks. And I’m in North Carolina, so we are normally cold, and you know, getting SOME snow…. no snow yet, or ever this winter. Yeahh..

    Nice to see your update, btw! :)

    <3 Christina


  10. Great to see the update! (Or Prelude to an Update . . .) Any Creeper action is good action (and why does that sound so wrong and dirty after I typed it? XD ). Hope to see more soon! Good luck! If I voted for a fav, it’d be Peaches. ;)


  11. You tease. You know that I have been sending subliminal messages your way ever since GC Fields’ favorite color was orange and it reminded me of Pilot Inspektor.

    I hope you are able to update lots and soon. Sorry about your in-laws. That’s my personal level of hell and I hope I never visit is.


  12. You know what I really need to thank you. Before reading this I knew nothing about AVPM or Starkid. I have now been a massive Starkid fan for over a year because I decided to check it out after reading this and it is now a massive part of my life. Thank you so much.


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