Chapter Fifty-One: Creeping Back

Stray Cat: Man I’onno ’bout y’all Creepers, man. I’onno ’bout y’all, man. Y’all some crazy people.

Welcome back to the Creeper Legacy. Please enjoy your stay :)

I told myself as I installed Pets: "Starla, you are NOT going to go crazy trying to adopt every single pet that walks by the door."

Well. This is the first pet that walked by the door and I. WANT. IT.

Just look at it! The cool striping, no tail, different colored eyes, weirdo expression, funny accent (in my head). It’s perfect for the family.

Stray Cat: On’y thang is, I ain’t easily bought, see. Y’all gon’ hafta try real hard a get me, man.

Yeah well I bet a nice…

BRUSHING will do the trick.

Stray Cat: Oh yeeeeah, tha’s nice, man, I’ll give ya dat. I ain’t been brush like this since the game spawrnt me.

So are you moving in now?!

Stray Cat: Hmm… Nope. I’on’t thank so.

And then he completely vanished right there on the spot. Didn’t even have the decency to RUN away. Sigh. Oh well.

Later on that night…

Burglar: You had your day SHAT on yet today, Starla?

Yeah, actually there was this stray cat that–

Burglar: Shut up and tell me where the fine china’s at.

Um… I don’t really know, it just kind of appears…?

Sage Moonblood: Burglar? What burglar?

In other words, Sage got up and beat the woman up and I didn’t get the screenshots.

Sage Moonblood: Fast like ninja!

I did get this though, not even two seconds after all that. What in the world, Sage?

Officer: I wish I had a big net to catch criminals in. *sighs* I don’t though so your burglar got away.

Imagine he’s talking like Napoleon Dynamite. That’s what I did :D

Officer: I will get her next time, though! I promise! Even if I have to weave the net myself!

Sage Moonblood: Back to bed. I am going back. To bed.

Sage is still unemployed (like most of the US, thanks economy) and stays home with the toddler twins (Spec Wildhorse and Seven Sirius, in case you forgot – I  don’t have shots of them because I’m shameful). Being a partying technophobe, it’s hard for her to find much to do besides drink and dance.

So the obvious solution was to get her an ant farm.

Sage Moonblood: Shouldn’t they be digging tunnels or something?

Sage Moonblood: Whatever. *dances some more*

She’s worse than a toddler.

At night, when Hermione’s at home with the kids, Sage works at her bar (now called The Escape Hatch).


Remember how Judy was in the second chapter and now she’s in the 51st? Of course you do :P Ah, nostalgia.

The bar is pretty busy most of the time, mostly because the only other competition in town is that hick bar that came with Pets.

Nick Alto: WINNING!

Jack Bunch: *losing*

Is it just me or does Sage look really bored in all these shots?

Sage Moonblood: Because you’re being boring and I’m highly intoxicated, buzzkill.

Ron Weasley: Remember me? I’m still watching you, you know. Watching…

Sage Moonblood: I’m watching you too. Watching you give me eight bucks for these onion rings.

LOL that’s funny because he’s poor. Get it? Aaaha. Haa. Ahh. Moving on.

Hopefully he’s not watching this though. That would be… well, normal, I guess. For this legacy at least.

Glowing woohooium and a hover bed. Y’all some freaky chicks.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but my rule is that after having all the kids they’re going to have, my sims only woohoo if they roll the want for it. Horndog Hermione rolls the want ALL THE TIME. I also have risky woohoo on and she’s got about 11 days until elderhood. You do the math D:

Check out the moodlet you get with it though. Wooooorth it.

Breakfast time in the Creeper house is almost like breakfast time in any other house, only not. Here, Hermione’s making breakfast for the family. Pancakes. Mmm.

Sage makes her breakfast at the same time so they can all eat (or drink) as a family.

Peaches Honeyblossom, our neurotic perceptive genius, prefers to bake her meal separately.

Peaches Honeyblossom: I trust no one with my food.

She eats at her own table and cleans up her own dishes, aww :D

Peaches Honeyblossom: If it weren’t for child labor laws and things costing money, I’d be living on my own right now.

In your very own plastic bubble, I’m sure.

I was really nervous about this for a second. I really didn’t want any more babies D: But it wasn’t typical "From Unknown Causes But Really You’re Knocked Up" nausea. It was the "we aren’t even gonna tell you ’cause we’re EA and we don’t have to" kind.

TS3W 2011-10-22 15-03-16-89

But as it turns out, if you stick plasma fruit in the fridge when you don’t know what else to do with it, even if you also have plenty of apples and grapes and even limes, your sims will put it in their food. Because, you know, mmm, plasma fruit pancakes sound delicious! Smart, Hermione.

So now Peaches Honeyblossom’s room is pretty darn popular.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Pwnt.

Hermione: Oh, honestly, it was ONE time!

Segue Deer: A change of topic is coming! A change of topic is coming! Honk, honk!

A few nights later, our burglar comes back for more. Sage is way too excited to see her again. You’re disappointing me, woman!

Sage Moonblood: Oh lighten up, it’s just a game.

Burglar: Oh yes, the rush I’ve been waiting for! Come to me, lady in red!


Sage wins. Of course. And then they turn into the perturbed-faced twins.

Burglar: Grrr >:(

Sage Moonblood: Arrgh >:(

Burglar: Hmm >:(

Sage Moonblood: Hurr >:(

Burglar: Ungh. Hello.

Sage Moonblood: Rrrr >:(

Officer: What’s wrong with her?

Burglar: She’s not gonna break character. Let’s just get this over with.

And then Sage turns into a cavewoman.

Sage Moonblood: *disgruntled grunt* You take woman?!

Officer: Yes! I still don’t have a net, but I will improvise with the air! Swoosh! There. You’re netted.

Burglar: Oh no. Please. Not the net. Ah, you got me o_o

Sage Moonblood: Woman stay! Woman stay! *stomps foot*

Officer: No, the woman can’t stay. She broke the law! Twice!

Sage: *is now full-on gorilla*

Burglar: Can I just call my babysitter and let her know she can have my kids?

Officer: Oh, dear, what a piece of work, amirite?!

Officer: See? I told you I’d get her and now I did! I did it for YOU, Sage! Yaaaay!

Sage Moonblood: Kay, get out of my house now.

Ants: Loooooook! Tunnel!

Darren Criss: Hey, I thought I was invited to a party.

Darren: Why are there children doing homework in here? Pack it up, guys!

Andie: Well hellooooo there, Darren Criss.

Darren: Hey. What’s up?

Andie: If I were a dude, it’d be my–

Okay, no.

Reignbeau: Hey there, handsome. Ever do it with a cat lady?

Darren: Um. Can’t say I have.

Reignbeau: Well you’re lookin’ right at one. How about it?

Darren: I’m trying not to look, actually, thanks.

LOL Reignbeau’s never gonna get married.

Tamara: Feel free to check out my beautiful ass as I run by, Mr. Criss.

Tu Morrow: Bitch, I will cut you. He’s mine.

Starla: I’m going to have to mass murder these females, aren’t I?


Darren: Maybe I should… go.

I changed my simself’s outfit again XD I really like those boots.

Starla: I look like a doofus.

Andie: He can’t take his eyes off of me, you notice that?

Starla: Yeah, I’m pretty sure Tamara Donner’s ass is in his thought bubble right now though.

Andie: Whatever. He wants me. Anyway, what’s this party for?

Starla: I dunno, birthdays or something? Who cares anyway, right?

Hermione: Hey, Sagey, where are you with Spec?! I want them to grow up together!

Seven Sirius: *is actually pictured here*

Sage Moonblood: Whoops, it’s my birthday too!

Hermione: Crap.

Everyone: Yaaaay, Sage! Woo!

Way to upstage your children. Nevermind that’s it’s kind of my fault XD

Sage Moonblood: Ooow! Getting old hurts!

Sage Moonblood: But damn, I make it look good.

Seven Sirius: Worst. Birthday. Ever.

Seven Sirius is now an easily impressed loner perfectionist. I can’t say I’m a big fan of those traits.

Seven Sirius: By the way, I go by just 7 now. Use it.

Spec Wildhorse: When I open my eyes, I will be a child!

You’re a child now, loser.

Spec Wildhorse: Oh. Whoa, I’m taller!

Yeah, it happens. Spec Wildhorse is now a friendly virtuoso with a good sense of humor. Any changes to your name, Spec?

Spec Wildhorse: Oh is that an option? Okay, call me… Hickle.


So what is an old alcoholic to do when there’s no one to take care of every day?

Sage Moonblood: I have my bar and my stereo. I’m good.

No, I think I have a better idea.

Sage Moonblood: I was afraid of that.

Opening day of the Creeper Family Daycare! I joked about it before, but now that it’s actually an option thanks to Generations, I couldn’t resist.

That’s what any parent would like to see when they drop their kids off at daycare in the morning.

Hey, it’s Leeeeerooooooy Jeeeeeeeenkiiins.

Leroy: Creeper. Leroy Creeper.

Yeah, yeah. Used to be Leroy Goss, but since your mom gave you up because she was a skank, you took Audio’s last name (it helped with the inheritance too, I imagine).

Leroy: Um, I kind of have to get to work, can you stop blocking the doorway?

Leroy: There, little Wyatt. We’ll set you down by this filthy toilet. Have a great day at daycare!

Wyatt: Please don’t leave me here :(

Claire: Is that alcohol on her breath? Oh, wait, no. That’s my breath. Phew.

Stacey: Mummaaaaa, come baaaack!

Sage Moonblood: Oh, you can’t be stressed out, kid. You’re a toddler. It’s not like you have bills to pay or baby daddies.

Stacey: WAH.

Sage Moonblood: Look! Watch these dance moves! They make everyone feel better!

"Stacey would like to be having more fun right now."

Sage Moonblood: Yeah. That makes two of us. Thanks for this, Starla. Really. Thanks.

I gave Stacey a makeover because I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Stacey: That didn’t help my mood, just so you know.

Sage Moonblood: Oh my god, my head is pounding!

Probably because you’ve forgotten about your 3:00 party drink.

Sage Moonblood: And I don’t even know where that other kid went.

Speaking of kids.

Peaches Honeyblossom: You forgot my birthday too!


Tabooger: And then she got weird. Like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen weird.

Peaches is now a neurotic perceptive genius who loves the outdoors.

And she is suddenly obsessed with horses. More on that next time.

That’s it for now! I know there weren’t many kid scenes in this chapter. Whoops. But to make it up to you, here’s a 26 second video of them dancing. Just because.

Thank you for reading, thank you for hanging around for me during my horrendously long absence, and thank you, thank you for all of your beautiful comments :D Much <3 and, as always, happy simming!

62 thoughts on “Chapter Fifty-One: Creeping Back

    1. It’s so good to be back! I didn’t realize she was so old either, to be honest! When I got the notification that her birthday was coming, I said there’s no way! I think it’s because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her sim life, I didn’t even realize she was aging.

      Thank you!


  1. *Gasp!* There’s a new Creeper chapter?!? Must comment!
    -So it’s not just my stupid game when the cats run away/disappear when you try to adopt them! Damn cats!
    -Why in the world would regular sims grab a Plasma fruit from the fridge and think “I’ve never seen a fruit like this, I’m sure it’ll taste great in my pancakes!” And I thought Hermione was smart..
    -I love the Segue Deer!
    -Cave-woman Sage is hilarious! “Woman stay! Woman stay!” made me laugh SOO hard!
    -Aw, 7 and Spec’s birthdays! Wait, it’s Sage’s birthday too? NOOOO!!! Soon she’ll be super old, and then she’ll… NOOO!!!! (But she does look pretty awesome for an old alcoholic)
    -O.M,G. Sage running a daycare. That’s… really, really scary. Well, I hope she doesn’t lose a kid while in a drunken stupor.
    -Tabooger is right, Peaches does look a bit weird. Not bad, but weird.
    ..I think that’s all I have to say. This was an awesome chapter and I can’t wait for more Creeper-tastic-ness!


    1. :DDDDDD
      – Yeah, what’s up with that, man? It’s so RUDE XD
      – I have no idea! Jeeze, Hermione. I don’t really know why I had plasma fruit in the first place either, to be fair, lol.
      – I’m so glad you do because they’re totally going to be my topic changers from now on!
      – It was almost as if you could see her going backwards in time as the screenshots went on, haha.
      – I think so too :) I can’t believe she’s an elder already though D: Where’d the time go?
      – It IS scary. Originally I did it for a laugh, but I also didn’t realize how much work I’D have to be doing as well. I can’t just sit and watch her suffer. Or, I guess I could…
      – Yeah, she definitely looks different. At least she’s not a clone, I guess.
      – Thank you so much! I hope to bring more in a few days!





    Srsly though. I got this email at work and it made my night. And also made me want to play and update. Which I may do today. STAY TUNED.

    also ilu and the Creepers and Andie in this chapter. Those are all legit things I can see Andie saying irl. Were she presented with Darren Criss, anyway. Lulz.



    1. AW YAY.

      Mean WordPress!


      I am most definitely staying tuned!! I’ve been waiting since Salazar Slytherin was my head of house D:

      ilu2! Haha, she totally would. ILher.



    1. Haha, at first I was like “NO SAGE! NO AUTONOMY!” But then I thought it was fitting XD

      Thank you so much! I’m excited to have the internet back, and especially excited to read your Chronices of Mist Thunderbird. Anything with the word “Chronicles” in it is a must read for me.


  3. LOL! The Creeper day care. Turning the neighborhood into lushes one toddler at a time. :) I’m really glad the Creepers are back! So, are you finding the day care challenging? I haven’t tried one yet, so I’m curious to know how difficult it is.


    1. Yesssss! It’s almost better than creating a zombie army! Almost.

      I’m glad to be back! At first my mind was going a mile a minute. I wanted to play and update, but I wanted to catch up on ther legacies as well. It was a hard decision.

      Day care is… oh man, okay, so I’ve only done it for like two days and I feel like instead of it being fun, it’s… not fun. The parents are awful, they bring their kids in with filthy diapers and empty stomachs and they’re just full of neglect. Any normal daycare would be calling child services in a heartbeat — not the Creepers, of course, because they’re pretty much guilty of the same thing. You get promoted, but instead of it being awesome and like “You get your own office and a company car!” it’s like “Here, we’re throwing another kid in the mix! Enjoy!” It takes from 9 am until about 3 pm to finally get the kids happy, and then it’s not so bad. But you’ve still got 4 hours before the parents come (unless they’re running late), so you have to keep checking the kids. I think you should be allowed to give the kids back in the same shape they were in when they got there, but you’ve got to be the “better person” and “care for them” because “no one else is going to.”

      XD It’s not too bad though, you kind of get in a nice groove.


  4. Yay! You know what’s strange, I woke up this morning thinking ‘I bet there’s a creeper update right about now’ and there WAS. I’m PSYCHIC!

    There was so many awesome things in this chapter! The returning burglar, all the birthdays, even Peaches birthday, the Darren Criss party events… still so glad you are back, Starla!

    And by the way, is that Seven burnt in the dancing video?


    1. Whoa, I WANT YOUR POWERS!

      Thanks! I’m so glad to be back! I’ve missed everyone! *group hug*

      Yes! Yes, Seven was dabbling with the Potion creator thingamajig and he exploded himself XD



    I got so mad when I saw this is my email because I had to go to school for six hours before I could read it!!

    LOL, I love Sage. Who wouldn’t want to skinny dip with a burglar? And she’s a really cute elder.

    7 is really cute, too. He must’ve got lucky xD (lame joke)

    Wow, Peaches…I was not expecting that. Her eyes are kind of weird, but maybe she’ll grow into it!

    Hickle, pfft


      1. Aw, boo school! XD

        I was surprised at how well Sage aged. Some elders just look terrible D:

        Haha, good one! I think 7’s going to turn out pretty interesting looking. I’m afraid Spec is a clone of Sage. Tabooger is a clone of Hermione, but you can hardly tell because of her coloring.

        Maybe. I hope so. I think I’m gonna try to tweak her makeup to make her look a little better.

        Haha, I think I might make movies more often!

        Thank you so much for reading!!


    1. Ah, that is exciting! I’m still trying to figure out how to make these pets LOVE ME D: Haha.

      Hope you have fun and thanks so much for the comment!


  6. That cat is FREAKING PERFECT FOR THE CREEPERS. It’ll be one of those cats that always wants in the bathroom when you close the door.

    Darren Criss’ hair is gone! :O

    I enjoy those videos that you put up, Even if they do remind me of how superior your computer is to mine. What video card do you have? I’m going to get an AMD Radeon HD 6450 1gb. Do you think that would run the game as good/ nearly as good as yours?


    1. It is isn’t it?! It’s like fate wanted us to be together XD It probably will! Lol!

      Yeah, I changed him a bit after those screenshots actually. I didn’t like his hair like that. I didn’t give him his old hair, but I gave him something a little bit longer.

      Aw :3 I have an NVIDIA GeForce 240 GT. I was actually thinking about upgrading again, but I’m not sure yet. I don’t know *too* much about graphics cards, but yeah I think that one sounds like it’d do very well. When I was researching, I did a lot of googling with the name of the card I wanted and added “The Sims 3” with it to see if anyone out there had posted about its performance.

      Thank yooou <3


  7. My Napoleon Dynamite voice ended up being a Forrest Gump voice.
    Lots of birthdays this chapter! (It took me three tries to spell that right.)
    Hehe, everyone is so obsessed with Darren Criss XD
    Hi Leroy!… it’s weird to see you that old- no, wait, it’s weird to see you at all.

    What has my simself been up to? Speaking of which… I need to upload the updated version of him!


    1. Hahaha, that works too :D
      Yeah it seems like there’s been one birthday after another. I kind of timed everything perfectly, with the exception of Sage being so old so soon D:
      They were all flocking to him, it was so weird, lol.
      Yeah! I didn’t mention it, but I went ahead and brought a lot of the extended family back. Hopefully they don’t start dating eachother again XD

      You do! I can switch the two out once you do. He hasn’t been doing much, acutally. I kind of had issues with the last save file, so I’ve only had the new one for about one sim week and no one’s had time to do much yet. Rad’s simself (which I finally added) was dating Connor Frio and when I first read it I thought it was your simself XD I thought it was cute, but alas. I’ll keep you updated though!


      1. I’m late to reply, but I just remembered this xP
        In one of my save files, your Simself became the town tart (!) and married some dude named Marcus and had three kids.
        My old Simself married the town bike and they were expecting a child, but I “accidentally” left her behind after I moved everyone to a new town.
        Mariah never did anything D:
        Oh and Moses Creeper got married and had two kids… whose names I can’t remember.

        Then I deleted that save and it was the end. :P


  8. OMGeeeeeeeee! I can’t even type because I’m so excited you’re back!

    I love how all the women were all over Darrin at the party! I love Sage, I will be sad when she’s gone. But I am so excited to get to know more about the next generation Creepers!

    Seriously, I backspaced like 50 million times!

    Hope your cat comes back.


    1. Aww, thanks so much! I’m excited to be back toooo.

      It was madness! I wish I was making it up XD I will be sad too. I feel like I’ve been focusing more on her than anything, but she’s so fun to watch and she’s pretty much the only one around during the day, lol.

      Haha, aww! <3

      I hope so too, he's great.

      Thank you!! <33333


  9. Oh man, it’s good to have the Creeper’s back!

    “Darren: Hey. What’s up?

    Andie: If I were a dude, it’d be my–” Hahahahaha. See? This is why we missed you, Starla.

    OMG, Sage running a daycare…I am scared. That’s pretty epic. Can’t wait to hear about Tabooger and her horse obsession!


    1. Love your new gravatar!

      It’s SO good to be back!!

      Haha, aw, thanks! What’s bad is Andie probably really would say that XD

      I would be scared too, LOL. Next time there will be more kids stuff hopefully :D

      Thank you!


  10. :DD
    So happy to see you’ve finally got your internets back!
    The chapter is fracking awesome as usual. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go skinny dipping with their burglar who missed you so much, she came to rob you twice!
    ZOMG, kitty! Actually, I recall that a long time ago, someone proposed that the Creepers get a rat like dog when Pets come out :DD
    Just putting it out there.
    FYI, have you tried to catch any of the wild horses yet? Man, I’ve tried so much and still they flock away -.-
    AND Tabooger for heir! :D
    Happy simming to you! And hope that your internet stays put!


    1. Thank yooou!
      Haha, right? That burglar was obsessed XD
      LOL yeah I remember that! I’ve been practicing moderation very carefully because I’m pretty sure I could end up with more animals than sims if I let myself, lol. Definitely getting a dog too though!
      Yes! And you have to follow them like 30 miles just to watch them! It’s kind of ridiculous, but I’m determined, so hopefully I’ll make it happen.
      I need to have a poll really soon! Before Sage passes away at least :(
      Thank you! Oh, and I don’t know if I forgot to tell you that your simself is running around town, living in the simself house with a bunch of others. I’ll keep you updated on what she’s doing :D



  11. *Sigh* I’m so sorry Starla, but until further notice I need to stop reading about the Creepers :'( *CRIES FOR 10 YEARS* I’ve had to many spoilers about Pets this chapter, and I need to wait until Christmas to get it! :'( Also, where did you get your simself’s hair?

    Ohhhhh! And! EA seems to be getting the hang of this whole “nice clothes” thing, aren’t they?


    1. Aww, noooo! :( I’m sorry!!

      Umm, I think her hair is a Newsea hair recolored by Lotus. I’ll put the link at the bottom of this comment :D

      Oh man, they are! I was so impressed this time my jaw actually dropped. Whatever they’re doing for research, they need to keep at it. There you go!


      1. Ahh *stops crying*. I can’t stop reading! It would be like me cheating on my girlfriend! Thanks for the link, by the way!


  12. omg, Peaches Blossom totally looks like one of those hoity-toity equestrian dressage competitors. Even without the clothes, her looks just screams horse-rider. I’m totally voting for her. LOL


  13. Yaaaaaayyyy Creepers!!!! :3 I missed these guys!!!! I’m glad you’re back <3

    Hermione and Ron forever!! xD Just kidding. I think I may be team Sage, although her alcoholism is a bit concerning xD And the daycare! Ha! Priceless. Poor, poor, poor children. xD


  14. CATTTT! THE CREEPERS NEED THAT CATTTTTTTTT! I’onno ’bout you, but I think the Creepers definatley need ‘im. And! I had an art teacher named Ashley Olsen. AND SHE WAS A TWIN. And! I LOVE YOU.


  15. AHHH YOU’RE BACK *glomp*

    Little overwhelmed by all the new Creeperness to comment much, but may I just say that Sage’s pimpwalk in the video was amazing? She makes elder stage look gooood.

    Oh my gawd, a daycare run by an alcoholic. XD You’re amazing.

    Can’t wait for more!


  16. Ahahahaha! The stray cat wins. And that video is epic! Did you match the music to Sage’s walk, or was that accidental? <3
    Also, Sage's cavewomanness made me laugh. For hours. And then some more. And my dogs stared at me the whole time and now think I'm insane. So thanks for that. -_- :D

    Your legacy is hugely awesome, BTW! I am now officially obsessed. UPLOAD FASTER.


  17. Yay! I’m finally caught up! Thanks for the eye candy, Darren Criss is yummy. Now I can’t wait for my founder to become an elder. Sage makes it look fun! This was sooooooooo good. :)


  18. oh man – catching up on this after agggeees away from it (and from the sims 3 altogether, actually) and it is just a funny as I remember. Segue deer made me legitimately laugh out loud.


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