Almost there!

I had planned on getting at least ONE update out before I got Pets, but the game teased me in the electronics section so I caved. Just working out some hack issues (which should be resolved tonight) and then, fingers crossed, we’ll be back to Creeperland! Until then, enjoy these two screenshots I got from the whole 10 minutes of playtime I’ve had in the past four days XD

10 thoughts on “Almost there!

  1. AHHH, I want Pets SO BAD. my preorder STILL hasn’t arrived. I actually Googled how to make preordered things come faster and I’m having a heart attack every single time a car passes my house… And I still have to see if my computer can handle it!

    Buuut I still can’t wait for more Creepers! You should get Ron Weasley a rat named Scabbers and then KILL IT VICIOUSLY BECAUSE IT MESSED EVERYTHING UP FOR SIRIUS DIIEEE….

    Sorry, I’m rereading the series and it’s kinda like getting pissed at the little rat all over again…

    As for me, I want a freaking unicorn. And I’ll give my simself a matching beard…I need to stop talking now. I’m getting more and more excited, so I’m going to go take a nap or something…


  2. Oh Starla! This can’t be happening! How I you get Pets before me? (Oh yeah, your American). EA don’t appreciate us in the UK enough to give us expansions at the same time as you. Those both look awesome, but I don’t get why a horse would be running through the middle of Sunset Valley, or there would be a bright yellow eyed cat would be mesmorized by a translucent lazerbeam. If there eyes are like that doesn’t it mean that they’re blind or something? Anyway, I love your blog and your sims X).


  3. Ugghhhh, you’re so lucky. I always get incredibly jealous when I read legacies and see that the authors have all the expansion packs and I don’t even have one! Well, at least I get to live through you guys in a creepy, messed-up sort of way lmao. Anyways, I’m uber excited to see exactly how much awesomer the Creepers get with Pets added in. PLEASE GET THEM A DOG AS WELL AS A CAT. I’m sort of apathetic toward cats, but I love dogs so PLEASE get one. That way I can truly live through you lol.


  4. Wow, your pictures are always so gorgeous :O

    And a big CONGRATULATIONS on getting your internet back!! I can’t wait for the new updates, but please take your time to catch up with everything first :)


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