Tabooger’s SCARY Tale

Tabooger: The story I’m about to tell you is absolutely true. It’s going to be the most terrifying, horrific thing you could ever imagine and I’m going to tell it to you in the scariest voice I can muster. Also, I must tell you that I am a coward by nature and therefore may pee my pants from the true terror I am about to describe.

Tabooger: Are you listening? You better be.

Tabooger: Once, in a town not far from here, there was… a WOMAN. A gorgeous woman whose beauty was only surpassed by her incredible wit and charm.

Taooger: Okay, that’s obviously not that scary, but bear with me. This woman is just so attractive, I bet my moms would let her move in and shower her with lovin’. Anyway.

Tabooger: This amazingly pretty woman woke up one beautiful (but not as beautiful as her) summer morning. The birds were chirping, her kids (oh, she has kids too) were behaving… It was a day like any other day, only there was ONE slight difference. The difference was…

Tabooger: HER INTERNET WAS GONE. *twitch*

Tabooger: Internet is important, see, and without it, I guess the world is really sad and lonely for some people. I dunno, we automatically have internet on our computers, so we never have this problem. But okay, so…

Tabooger: Her internet was gone! Had it been stolen? Had it run away? Nooooobody knew, but she could instantly start to feel the panic rushing through her veins like white water rafters on a Friday or something. She was suddenly wanting to update her Facebook status to "My internet is gone! Help!" She wanted to see if Darren Criss was Tweeting, she was itching see what was going on with Pottermore, and now she was getting a nagging urge to Google why yawning is contagious, what causes hiccups, pumpkin carving, and what else this actress in the movie she was watching has played in because she looks familiar and she couldn’t figure out where she’d seen her. She couldn’t update her Sims 3 legacy and she couldn’t read the ones written by others. IT. WAS. AWFUL.

Tabooger: Awful indeed, but the worst part about this story… This woman, after months of being deprived from the wonders of the world wide web, shut off from the universe…


Tabooger: Thank you. And now I must go change my pants.

Thank you, Tabooger, and yes, I am back. MUAHAHAHA!

I am SO READY to update NOW, but I have a lot to catch up on before I can. Here’s what I have to do before the next update:

1) Go through My Sims 3 Blog to see what goodies I missed while I was forced into the prison of real life.

2) Update my hax0rz.

3) Tweet at Darren Criss.

4) Pottermore? Pottermore!

E) Make sure the Creeper save file hasn’t broken from not being used (I actually used it a few times, so I’m not worried).

6) Play and play and play and take screenshots.

7) Write the update.

And then after that:

?) Catch up on all the other, more superior legacies.

Notice eating isn’t even on there. That is not an accident.


ETA: You can follow my progress on Twitter if there’s nothing good on TV. Not even good reruns.

57 thoughts on “Tabooger’s SCARY Tale

    1. Aww that’s sweet, thank you :D It is a very good week for me! I don’t even know where to start, I seriously have like 15 tabs open right now XD


      1. I think most of us have been busy hunting down any info about Pets we can find, so all the new stuff should be a nice surprise for you. Knowing EA, though, the spawners will probably give us face 1 pets. *sprays Awesome disinfectant*

        Now here comes the process of taking out my mods. Dx


  1. You’re BAAACCCKKK!!! My, how I have missed you. And the Creepers. >.> That was a scary story. I use my internet constantly. And you’re back just in time for Pets! (You are getting pets so the Creepers can have creepy animals, right?? :D) Can’t WAIT for updates!!!


    1. Yesssss! Aw, we’ve missed you too :D I use mine constantly too! And it’s crazy how many things I wanted to Google as soon as I knew I couldn’t Google anymore D:

      PETS! It might be a few weeks before I pick up Pets, I’m not sure yet D: I want to get it, but I want to do massive updating with the Creepers… I think I’ll wait until hacks are updated so I won’t be tempted to play without them XD


  2. Oh yay! I’m super happy that there are Creepers on the ‘nets once more!! I droped Sage Moonblood and Moon Unit into my legacy town… they’re breeding with the Chimerees like crazy. It’s awesome! lol

    That really IS a scary story, though. I go crazy without internets!!


  3. OMG YOU’RE BAAAACK!!! *glomps*

    I’ve missed you Starla. You and your wonderful creepers. *tears of happiness* I’m so glad that you have internets again.



    I thought you weren’t going to be back until mid-November or something, but this is SOOOO much better! *Tears and spasms of pure joy*

    That story was terrifying. I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight. *Hugs Internet*

    Chad Creeper married Skehrer :D Also, Pilot Inspektor had a few babies around town, but don’t worry; my game tends to slut everybody up beyond repair. My simself alone has six or seven children, nearly all are with different people. xD

    Your simself married some guy from Sunset Valley, and you had one child before all of my numerous town moves because the Olympians somehow fug everything up…

    I’m rambling. I’M JUST SO EXCITED :’D


    1. :DDDDDDD

      Aww *huuuugs*

      LOL! *clings to internet*

      Omg that’s awesome XD I love when games slut people up! My simself will hardly have ONE child. I wish she’d have 7 from different people :DDDD

      I’m excited too! Ramble all you want, I’ve missed human… er, virtual contact, haha.


    Also, I shall follow you on Twitter. Will you also follow me!? :D My username is cbcondor.

    I was worried that the Creepers had become glitched and you had to cancel the legacy D: But that wasn’t the case at all. YESSS…

    Also, I can sympathize with the horrors of the real world! :P This ONE time, I was without internet for a week… and while not as horrible as you’ve had it, it sucked.

    BLAAAAH! I’m so hyper and I don’t know why. Maybe because I only have school today and Tuesday… so a 5-day weekend!



      I’m hyper too! It’s taking a lot of self-control not to write everything in allcaps XD

      Omg I was hoping at first that it would only be one week, but THREE MONTHS OMG. I haven’t been without internet for that long EVER D:

      5-day weekend sounds GREAT!


    1. OMG Pottermore won’t email me back! I remember registering… but I did it from my phone, so I dunno how much that worked. But I feel like I’ve been stood up DDDD: And I feel like a kid whose whole class was invited to a birthday party except for her :(

      Thank you so much though, at least I can depend on YOU to not stand me up :D


  6. Joy! So glad you has the interwebs and it will be great to see your updates again! Will you be getting pets? I hope so.. and I hope they get completely normal names, like George, Henrietta, or Graham. :)

    LURVE! <3 <3


    1. Thank yooooou! I will be! But probably not for a few weeks. LOL yeah, it would be VERY nice to have normal names XD

      <3 <3 <3!!


  7. There isn’t words or even random letter seizures to describe my joy that you’ve returned! This is going to be the greatest return of something awesome since ever, I can feel it :D :D :D


  8. Wow. I just read this whole thing in one sitting. Sure, it took me 2 days, but whatevs. It was SOOOOO Epic I can’t even properly put it into working nouns, verbs and adjectives. That’s epic. And WOO looks like I finished just in time for you to be back in business! That’s so exciting.

    Anyway, just want to say that you’re awesome, and I’m DEFINITELY putting this in my bookmarks. I can’t wait for the updates. And I miss Pilot (and Bartholomew the Beard and the Dolphin Tattoo) soo much. :( He was so cool. *wipes away sad tear* Good luck with things to come!


    You got the internet back!!!!!! The Creepers are back! You’re back! *is extremely happy*
    Has it really been 3 months? It feels like so much more.
    So good to have you back. WE MISSED YOU STARLA!!!


  10. Eff yeah, you’re back! :D
    I too lost internet for a month and a half (nothing compared to you), and my sleep hours have slowly been diminishing ever since I got it back. xD
    I’ve missed the Creepers, a lot. Good to have you back. :3


  11. hai thar!!! im a long time creeper on this legacy (get it?) and i just wanted to say i love your legacy and im so glad your back! cant wait for some updates! =]


  12. hai thar!! im a long time creeper legacy creeper (akward) and i just wanted to say i love your legacy and im glad your back! keep writing legacies! your great at it! =]



    And ALSO POTTERMORE IS SUPER MEGA FOXY AWESOME. The only problem I have with it is that you can’t talk directly to people, you have to talk with people through the comment boards. BUT the wand test is pretty accurate and (even though I hate my house) the sorting is really accurate too… I got Hufflepuff… :( I am incredibly nice to the point of being handicapped (but not really, I am just very nice. I AM A CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE I HAVE TO BE NICE) so I guess it makes sense but MAN I WANTED RAVENCLAW.

    aaaaaand do you think we will see the return of Zinnie Malphoy? I KNOW YOU USED HER TO TEST STUFF BUT SHE WAS SO GREAT. SHE SAVED PEOPLE AND STOLE THEIR STUFF.

    okay no more caps voice.


    1. Clearly I’m retarded and put my email where my named was supposed to go… WORDPRESS THAT MAKES NO SENSE WHY PUT THE EMAIL FIRST?! NAMES ALWAYS GO FIRST WTF


  14. HELL YEAH!

    Wooo, I’m glad you’re back! This is such a good week: the Creepers are back, it’s my birthday on Saturday, I have a week off of school next week AND Pets is coming out!

    I just want to get on my horribly broken and stupid laptop and play, but, at the moment, I’ve got loads of homework due tomorrow that I haven’t even looked at yet :P I should be doing it now really, but the Creepers win :D

    Oh, and Pottermore = win, too. I got early entry and it really is amazing. You can get a pet, a wand, do potions . . . The house test is pretty cool, too – I’m a Slytherin. MWAHAHAHAHAHA >:D

    So yeah. I’m looking forward to seeing your new post! :3 Long live the Creepers!


  15. Comment # 52 (loosely translated as you probably don’t give a fart after reading Comments # 1-51 BUT…) You’re back!!!!!! And I’m so excited!!! My almost daily stalkings of your site to see if you resurfaced has finally paid off!!! Now back to studying for me… =(


  16. Oh yay! I’ve been thinking about you because my current heir looks a lot like Pilot Inspektor…so much so that I nearly changed his favorite color to something other than orange because I felt like I was plagiarizing. I’ve missed the Creepers. Is Tabooger going to take over from her mom?


  17. *Cries tears of happiness*! I CANT BELIEVE YOU’RE BACK! I’VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH! I refused to even start a legacy because I’ve missed you so much (start a legacy? I’ve had about eight so far :P)! I’ve been spending my days trying to change my Sims 3 username and making crappy videos and trying to say that they’re good. Since SnarkySims mom isn’t too well, I don’t even know what happened to StarSarah, and you having no internet just made it even worse :( I need the creepy Creepers :/

    Ok, rant over. Glad your back!


  18. You’re back!!!! This is so very exciting! Congrats on your new baby (the internet). I can’t wait to be able to read more of your awesome legacy (along with 1/2 of all other internet users). Happy simming and blogging. I’ll be waiting… :) Glad to have you back!!


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