And another sad update.

Still no internet and my 2-year anniversary with the Creepers was on the 17th or something :( BAW BAW.

I’m going to go ahead and say that there probably won’t be a legacy update again until long after Pets comes out (but not too long, hopefully). I’ve been looking into various internet companies, but because I live out in the middle of nowhere (not by choice, really) the only thing most people can offer my area is DIAL-UP. I haven’t had dial-up since I was like 13. No offense to anyone who may still have and enjoy it (does anyone like that exist?), but no thanks, kay?! I was tempted, because any internet is better than NO internet, right, but I’m not paying $70 a month for dial-up. Noooooo waaaaaay.

Listen to me being an old grumpy person. But after months of only being able to skim the web with my unsmart phone, I’d like to think I’m allowed XD

Just know that I appreciate you all for being patient and sympathetic and more or less HERE. You can use any Creepers you want from the Downloads page in your game or legacy or… whatever else you might use them in so that they’re not lonely. And in the meantime, I’m doing everything I can to come back and finish their story.


20 thoughts on “And another sad update.

  1. Dial up???? They still offer that? So not worth $70 a month. I miss your story but I don’t want you to be robbed!
    I put Chad in my legacy, he’s a vampire. I had you in there, but Bella kill your simself. I think Chad became a vamp just to spite Bella. Maybe he will teach her a lesson.
    I thought of an idea that may help you. I’m being completely selfish here. You could type up your posts and take your computer to a McDonald’s or other place with free WiFi and upload while you and family have a little dinner. Might work…


  2. Ugh, no wonder Dial Up gets no business. What are they thinking?

    Yeah, I don’t think ANYBODY enjoys Dial Up.

    I’m sorry about your Internet :( It’d be nice if internet carriers could stop being so complicated and all. Seriously! I’m surprised they haven’t started asking how many hairs are on our heads!

    Happy 2-year anniversary to the Creepers anyway! Even though the mood isn’t especially happy right now!

    All of the Creepers I put in my game are breeding like rabbits xD


  3. Ugh, dial-up. I think he had that for a short period of time when I was like 5 or something. Who still uses that? Whatever.
    I appreciate an update…. actually I think I’ll go download some Creepers now :P Maybe even your Simself. It’s been a long while since I’ve had any simselves in the game.


  4. Dial-up is… painful.

    But seriously, thank you for Audio. :D

    And when I say I’ve got the Creepers wreaking incest and havoc in my neighbourhood, it’s Twallan’s mod doing that, not me. xD


  5. I had dial up until I went to college, and it was HORRIBLE. 12 hours just to do a 50 picture sim chapter… yes, don’t go with that. Surely something will show up for you soon! We all miss your Creeper stories :(


  6. Maybe there’s satellite internet where you are? Or one of those companies might have a rocket stick (or whatever they’re called in the US…) with portable high-speed? Either way, I feel for you; I recently moved as well and was suffering withdrawal after just a week so I can’t imagine what you’re going through! We’re all crossing our fingers for you =D


  7. Ugh, that reminds me of when my family moved last June. No Internet for three weeks! It was terrible!

    I live out in the boonies now as well. As we speak, I’m unsuccessfully trying to Skype my bestie. I doubt this’ll even post the first try.

    My friend also lives out of town. She has dial-up. She rants constantly.

    Anyway, happy two year Creeper anniversary! May there be updates in the near future!


  8. Dial up??? Who still has that??? Also for $70!!! That’s outrageous. Plain outrageous.

    Happy belated 2 year creeper anniversary! I am always on the look for a new post – whether it be an update from you, or a post from the creepers.

    Good luck in your quest for internet.


  9. Oh god, I remember we had dial-up 6-7 years ago or something like that – the sounds were so funny xD I thought they stopped offering it a long time ago!

    Happy Creeper anniversary by the way! And don’t worry, even if your next post doesn’t come out until next year we will all still be here, the Creepers are always worth it, believe me :D
    Good luck with your internet!


  10. I agree with everyone else. Dial-up is SO not worth it, but the Creepers are definitely worth the wait! I released a few Creepers into my legacy world to allow them to breed, but I wasn’t going to actually feature any of them without your permission… so now I suppose we can see what they are getting up to! I really hope you find a suitable ISP soon, but I’ll be waiting either way!


  11. They still have dial-up? I thought that died with the dinosaurs. Of course, I actually remember dial-up, and I was in college at the time, not like the rest of you kids on this thread. :p

    Yep, that’s right, I’m an old guy who plays Sims 3. As far as I know, I’m the only dude who plays it…


  12. I am actually having a similar problem right now in that my fiance and I are in the process of buying our first house but for some reason the only way the internet companies offer internet above snail speed is if you buy a package. Its our first house! We are going to be living on a small cell plan. I don’t want your billion dollar phone/internet/cable package! I just want internet, just one of those three! What the poop!


  13. I’m sure you’ve gotten internet back by now but I just wanted to say I know this feel bro. I live in the middle of nowhere too, sadly, and until only 3 years ago there was literally nothing but dial-up. Those were the dark days. In fact I’m in semi dark days now because we moved away for a year and got super fast cable and now we’re stuck back on the microwave internet. Bleh. Still better than dial-up.


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