Oh man, guys…

*clings to everyone, scratches at your windows*

I… *gasps for air* Need… *clutches at heart* Internet… *curls into fetal position, defeated*

Make it come back. Please? :(


13 thoughts on “Oh man, guys…

  1. BAH! I wish I had magic powers right now. I would ZAP THE INTERNET INTO SUBMISSION AND MAKE IT BEHAVE.

    We all miss the Creepers :(

    Do you use wifi at home? It might be that something is messed up in your router, or maybe something isn’t plugged in right.

    Has your Internet carrier been any help?


  2. XEWTROIDJGKLDFJG;DFGLK. I sincerely hope you get your Internet back as soon as possible. The Creepers are my absolute favourite legacy family to read and I don’t know what I’m going to do if I can’t keep drooling over your crystal-clear screenshots. For srs.

    O Mighty Web Gods, you can take my Internet but please give Starla hers back!

    Oh wait… I don’t think I thought that through properly. Then I won’t be able to read the Creepers when they do come back. :(

    Still!!! *does Internet-summoning dance*


  3. I feel your pain. I lost my internet for two days last week after a storm, and it was painful. I was limited to only work internet, which sucks because of all the filters they have on it.


  4. I wouldn’t just be scratching at windows, I’d be breaking into people’s house if I had to go without internet for that long. Dx

    Poor you! I miss the Creepers, even though right now I’ve got them wreaking incest and havoc in my current neighbourhood.

    Also uh, would I be ok if I used Audio as a spouse in my published de Mort legacy? I want his cuteness and red hair. :D


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