Hey, what’s this?

It’s me again, updating on… well, nothing really because nothing’s changed, haaaa. Still no internet, still sadness. But I’m at the library again and this time no one smells! Yay! Thank you all for your comments in the last post. I’m having a hard time concentrating on replying to them because I’m in public and, being the natural hermit-type that I am, it’s a little weird for me XD I feel like people are reading my stuff and judging me or something, I dunno. I should probably get that checked. ANYWAY, once I get back online for an extended period of time, I will shower you all with updates and catch up on your legacies and omg everything that is good in the world will be good once again.

Thank you for reading my babbles! Happy simming!

And P.S. Not being able to update mods and download CC is driving me just a little bit nuts D: ENJOY YOUR INTERWEBS.

16 thoughts on “Hey, what’s this?

  1. Aww, you are missed! I hope you get the internets soon! You could always do what I do when I think people are judging me.. I just make it more awkward for them =) Just turn around and ask them if they want to watch a great video with you, then pull up 2girls1c or something as equally atrocious. :D


  2. When I have no internet, I use my phone. Veeeeeeery useful. Hope you’re back online soon! Can’t wait for more creepy Creepers…


  3. I have no idea how you are managing without internet. I’ll still be looking for your updates! I miss the Creepers something terrible.


  4. Library internets are no good internets :( I hope you get internets again soon, the Creepers are missed. But, even moreso, I hope you don’t have to deal with weird, smelly people in *shudder* public anymore. :)


  5. Lol, I hate using the internet in public for that reason too!!!! I even can’t do anything online if I bring my laptop anywhere public in my house for fear my parents will see – even though the worst I ever look at is lazy sims in their PJs, which are sometimes panties xD

    *wishes lots of internets on you*


  6. I remember this one time in Greece, I wanted to check up on updates from everyones blogs, so I went into an internet cafe and it was just so awkward. I had like 10 minutes to check everything, which I took on as a challenge XD

    Still, I know how you feel. I’m actually on my phone now, I havent been able to update in ages cause my laptops screwed. The screen is actually beginning to disconnect from the keyboard, thats how bad it is :S Still, I’ll find some way to keep up with the Creepers :)


  7. Ok, Starla, it’s me, Kerr. Yano? Reader Kerr? Comment up there ^^^? Well when I decided to sign up for a WordPress account, it said Kerr was taken. So this is my new name (only thing I could think of :P). But I need your help! Well yano how you have the Creeper Downloads page, the Must Reads Page, the Creeper Contents page, etc? How do I do that? I need to get the blog sorted out before I make my first post. Thanks.


    (P.S, the guy in my picture is my legacy founder :D)


  8. Ok, new username. Again. One question. Umm, what was it? Oh yeah! How did you get past the 11 letter name limitation. It’s so annoying!


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