Chapter Fifty: Catching Up with the Creepers

Sage Moonblood: This doesn’t seem like my house.

That’s because it’s not. I’ve commandeered us a new one, like a pirate.

Sage Moonblood: And all of our stuff?

Gone. Sorry.

Sage Moonblood: And my entire family tree?

Also gone. Except your siblings.

Sage Moonblood: Well happy goddamn 50th chapter to the Creepers. My father will hear about this.

He can’t because he’s in another save file! Aaaah, funny.

Sage Moonblood: Just kidding. I like our new house, as well as the lack of Creeper inbreeding.

Me too!

Before I wrote up the last chapter I made the executive decision to leave the old Creeper save file behind and start a new one with just last generation’s kids to begin with. I’ve still got everyone on the family tree safely tucked away in case I ever decide to play them out, but for now, fresh and clean is the best thing ever.

Oh, and Sage Moonblood was glitched when I loaded the last save file, so blame her. Sorry, ancestors :(

I was also tired of the huge lot and fell in love with a new premade house, so I left the house too (I will be uploading it soon, I promise).

Tour time? Sure, why not?

This house is called Kid Friendly, Mother Approved and it came with Generations. It had a very retro vibe before I redecorated, but I liked the layout a lot. It’s a tad similar to the old house.

Remind me to recolor that window on the left XD

The entryway and dining area.

Kitchen, complete with a fridge of spoiled food. Really, why would they bring that with them? I guess so it still feels like home.


Or just a living room.

This is what I like to call Sage’s Retreat, fully stocked. She enjoys this addition.

Part of Tabooger’s room. I left all the bedrooms pretty much the way EA had them, just did some recoloring in favorite colors.

She likes turquoise XD

The twins, who have yet to be introduced because I hadn’t written down their names last update like a failure, have a nice spacey room.

Their favorite colors are green and sea foam. Sea foam?! I just picture the baby being born and being all, "OH MY GOD, SEA FOAM IS THE GREATEST COLOR OF ALL TIME!" And then the nurses would be like, "Sea foam is allowed to be a favorite color? Why?" And then, "Holy shit, a talking newborn!"

I don’t know why I’m so weird sometimes. Let move on.

Peaches Honeyblossom’s room. There’s not much to it. Just this.

Annnd the mamas’ bedroom.


I’m still working on making it look lived in. That bookcase won’t be empty for very long with Hermione in the house.

The best part about the house is the backyard. Buy one house, get a water slide free! You can’t beat that deal.

But wait, there’s more!

Since we ordered within the next 60 seconds, they also threw in a free tree house! You can search craigslist all day long and not find anything like this, I swear.

Sage Moonblood: I approve of this!

House: ‘Kid Friendly, Mother Approved’! I told you so!

Tabooger: I miss the magic gnomes, mom. They were my friends.

Sage Moonblood: …Um, when did you grow up? Was it that long of a hangover?

Right, well, I’d played ahead before my SP experiments and then stupidly deleted all of those screenshots, so the kids are magically older this chapter. Magic is might, you know.

I’ll just use this time to re-introduce them :D

Tabooger is clumsy, hates the outdoors, and is a coward. She should never be let out of the house, apparently D:

Peaches Honeyblossom: I am blown away by your idiocies.

And I’m blown away by that infected looking scab on your arm.


Peaches is a neurotic genius, just like Diva Muffin was.

And this is Spec Wildhorse. He’s a friendly virtuoso.

Spec Wildhorse: Look, I beheaded my would-be imaginary friend!

He’s the one who likes sea foam. Clearly he’s a future serial killer.

IRL Spec Wildhorse is another one of John Mellencamp’s kids. He’s a half-sibling to Teddy Jo and Justice.

And THIS is Seven Sirius (…I had to XD). He is easily impressed and a loner.

IRL Seven Sirius is the son of Erykah Badu and Andre 3000. Best name ever for this generation, methinks.

Seven Sirius: Do I have to play with this thing?

You don’t have to, but it’s ALL YOU FREAKING DO anyway.

Seriously, put the things down! They creep me out D:

Imaginary Friends: Plaaaaaay with uuuuuuusssss!

Horse and Bunny: It’s a lonely life :(

Bunny: We should murder them.

Bunny: …Did I say that out loud?

Naturally, we have to have a house warming party.

Sage Moonblood: Shh! No talking in my retreat. Only drunking.


Sage Moonblood: Exactly.

Maybe we shouldn’t keep it fully stocked.

Dweezil: Hey, sis, I thought you were dead. Killed by the slayer who just so happened to be another version of mom.

Moxie CrimeFighter: Well I am back. With a vengeance.

I stuck her in town with the intention to kill her off after setting up the family tree, but I just couldn’t do it. Also: she’s prettier than I remember.

And then there’s Tu Morrow.

Moxie CrimeFighter: She doesn’t even go here!

Dweezil: Ahaaaa, Mean Girls.

Sage Moonblood: I mixed this up just for you. Here’s to a second chance at life.

Moxie CrimeFighter: Mmm, that’s lovely. What’s in it?

Sage Moonblood: Your mom’s chest hair!

Moxie CrimeFighter: I already did the Mean Girls joke >:(

Sage Moonblood: Oh, well then poison. It’s poison.

Moxie CrimeFighter: Go sober up.

The party was awesome and full of stuff like this.

And this.

You know you’re awesome when your siblings are acting like Twihards whenever you’re around.

Hermione is still working on her Leader of the Free World LTW… as you can see?

A little Party Drink before work never hurt anyone, right? She’ll do great things for the sim world.

Sage stays at home with the kids. I don’t know if that’s necessarily safe, but we do what we can.

In-between trips to the bar she plays hopscotch and attacks the twins with The Claw.

Sage Moonblood: I have the greatest life.

Sounds like it!

She also works on their skills with them.

Spec Wildhorse: I’d rather be playing with my imaginary friend like Seven is.

I’m sure you would. IT NEVER STOPS.


The day after the house warming party is Peaches Honeyblossom’s birthday, meaning yay, another excuse to throw a party!

Peaches Honeyblossom: But people will breathe on me! It’s not safe. I don’t need a party.

Sage Moonblood (from the Retreat): You’re gettning a p… *hic*arty, kid. Shaddup.

Sage Moonblood: See, this isn’t so bad. This is fun, right?

Peaches Honeyblossom: Your breath smells like highly concentrated whiskey. I would advise you not to blow on my candles if you don’t want to blow us all up.

Peaches Honeyblossom: Are we absolutely sure these sparkles aren’t going to give me a terrible rash? I’m… I’m not going to open my eyes, just in case.

Peaches gains the Perceptive trait, making her a neurotic, perceptive… genius.

Peaches Honeyblossom: I’ve just realized… I am the smartest child… on the planet. Oh, and I’m confiscating this cake in order to protect everyone from the deadly bacteria that was most likely passed from me to the frosting upon my blowing out the candles.

…This is a terrible mix of traits. She’s cute though :3

I also first typed ‘deathly’ instead of  ‘deadly’. LOL HARRY POTTER IS IN MY BLOODSTREAM.

Sage Moonblood: Congratulations, Peaches. You’re going to be the first ever Creeper to receive a gift. Happy birthday :D


She jumped really high for a little CC cactus plant.

Bella Swan: My cactus.

Sage Moonblood: You get a gift too, to be fair. But don’t tell your sister.

Tabooger: Aw, thanks, mom! It’s awfully heavy…

It was an iron ingot. I’m declaring myself the best gift giver.

I think Hermione’s Insufferable Know-It-All tendencies are getting to her. I can’t keep her from going to the bar and trying to mix drinks.

Hermione: It can’t be that hard, can it? It’s like mixing potions, only with fancy swizzle sticks.

Hermione: How does she DO this?

Magic? XD

The next day is Friday, and if Rebecca Black has taught us anything, it’s that yesterday was Thursday, choosing the best seat in the car is very important, and we’ve gotta get down on Friday. Remember these things… and you’ll become a meme.

So the girls throw a slumber party!

Sandi French: Hey, who invited WORTimer?

Bella Bachelor: He’s so amazing… I picture him riding a majestic unicorn.

Neil Patrick Harris: Hey. That’s MY thing.

Peaches and Mortimer party down with homework. NERD ALERT!

Hello? Can you hear me? I’m making fun of you!

Well screw you too.

Sage Moonblood: This’ll spice this party up.

Sage… they’re just children!

Sage Moonblood: Yeah… and?


I didn’t let the kids drink, I promise.

…Bella, you were supposed to scoot back to hide the drinks from view!

Bella: Crap.

Ignore this screenshot.

Our new gnome is called Gnome-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. GWMNBN for short.

Spec Wildhorse: I’m here for the party. BYOB means Bring Your Own Boat, right?

Pizza Lady: Here’s your pizza, little girl. *dumps*

Tabooger: …Thanks.

Pizza Lady: Yay, I did it! They said I couldn’t do it but I did it! I delivered a pizza against all odds!

Tabooger: Congratulations. But you don’t get a tip.

Weirdo NPC.

Tabooger: I just remembered it’s my birthday! Derp time!

Peaches Honeyblossom: I can’t pretend to be excited when I know my mom is endangering us all with her bodily fluids.


Tabooger: I’m now a virtuoso and that TERRIFIES me.

Sage Moonblood: Really? I was going to give you a keyboard for your gift, but now I guess I’ll stick with Starla’s idea.

A curtain!

Spec really freaks me out. He’s supposed to be singing to his imaginary friend doll, but it’s not there.

Spec Wildhorse: My singing voice gives him the power of invisibilityyyyyyy.

He will kill you in your sleep, I swear D:

I moved the furniture to make room for the sleeping bags (and notice Peaches is the only one with a CAST sleeping bag because her parents actually love her).

But three of the kids preferred Tabooger’s room.

I’m pretty sure that’s why Tabooger woke up having her first mood swing.

Tabooger: Yeah, I woke up with a bunch of freaking kids in my room. I’m a TEEN now, I don’t put up with kid crap.

Says the girl who’s still got a princess bedroom. Nevermind that that’s my fault.

It is literally 6:17 in the morning and Sage has already prepared enough drinks to last three days.

Sage Moonblood: No, these will only last until about 9, unless the kids decide to take some home with them, in which case it’ll be 7. I’ll make a few more rounds, just in case.

Well that’s it for now! Next time: More birthdays, some teen angst, serial killers and old people?

Sage Moonblood: It’s going to be scaaaaaaary!

Thanks for reading, happy simming!

60 thoughts on “Chapter Fifty: Catching Up with the Creepers

  1. “Bunny: We should murder them.

    Bunny: …Did I say that out loud?” Ahahaha, that was epic.

    “Peaches Honeyblossom: Your breath smells like highly concentrated whiskey. I would advise you not to blow on my candles if you don’t want to blow us all up.” As was that! lmao

    I love that house you moved them into, especially with all the changes you made to it! It’s just a well-laid-out house with fun Generations stuff all included. <3

    "Bella Bachelor: He’s so amazing… I picture him riding a majestic unicorn.
    Neil Patrick Harris: Hey. That’s MY thing." Fits of giggles, I swear! Starla, you are back with a VENGEANCE!

    Oooh, Tabooger (despite her name) is very pretty as a teen! And a curtain? Really? :P


    1. It really is an awesome layout and so fun. I’m surprised it was EA who came up with it, lol.

      Aw, thanks! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I definitely had fun writing this chapter :D

      Haha curtains are very practical gifts :P Right?


  2. They’re baaaaaaack!! I was so excited to see this update…and it didn’t disappoint! Seven Sirius is indeed the most epic name for this generation, though they all have pretty interesting names, of course, lol. Nice to see that they have interesting personalities to go along with those names too…especially Peaches, lolol. Awesome =D


    1. Yay, I’m so glad! They definitely do have some interesting names. It still blows my mind that there are actual people in the world with these names XD I can’t believe the traits Peaches is getting. I think I’d be a little hesitant to meet her in real life O_o. She’d scare me, haha.


  3. Seven Sirius as a name? WIN!

    ‘I’ve just realized… I am the smartest child… on the planet.’ I thought she was about to start singing about how she’s the coolest girl in the whole wide world for a second. The smartest person she had ever met. :P

    Now that I saw that house I think that’s the one I’m going to use when I get to play Generations (this afternoon, yay!), it’s really cool!


    1. Haha right?! It’s a name that, while weird, I wouldn’t mind having XD

      LOL I thought about it!

      Yay I’m so glad you’re able to play now! Enjoy!


  4. It’s hard to tell because there really has only been like two shots of her as a teen, but Tabooger looks like she has a weird mouth. She also looks a lot like Hermione. Not that it’s really a bad thing, since it’s been like a 4 generations of the same nose. It’ll be interesting to see how the other three look when they grow out of their icky toddler/child faces. x)

    I’m gonna miss Pilot. I know he died a few chapters ago, but I was really looking forward to his ghost. :(


    1. P.S.!!! The reason the imaginary doll was invisible is because only Spec can see it, hence it being an “imaginary friend” ;)


      1. Yeah, she’s basically a clone of Hermione except for her coloring, which is a little disappointing. Hermione’s mouth is pretty weird and I’ve tried to edit it to where it’s not AS weird, but I could never get it right so I just left it XD I just try to get shots where it looks relatively normal, lol. And I agree, I’m kind of ready for a change in the nose. It’s actually been around since Gerald! And it was donated by Christopher Steel :O I hope we get a good mix. I hate clones.

        Aw, I know. I might grab the main family line for the graveyard eventually. I was feeling so lazy, lol.

        Haha yeah I thought that, but then even when he was the active sim it was invisible D: And it was just the “Sing to…” interaction that it happened with.


      2. I was wrong! Imaginary friends aren’t supposed to turn invisible until they age up into a child… Soooooo Spec is just a creep! How fitting.


      1. Haha thanks bitches, you’re so nice :P :D

        Yesss Moxie! It was so unfair for sim!Andie to kill her, wasn’t it?


  5. Lol… This was amazing!!! I love your chapters, they always crack me up!
    The new house is awesome :D
    I laughed so hard at all of this, I won’t even write down my favorite parts because they all were!
    Gift giving FTW xD
    Great chapter :3



    She’s back!!!! But wait…..

    AHHHH NO Apple, Moses, Fifi, Teddy Jo, Justice, Rumer, Tallulah (she was unimportant anyway), Diva Muffin, Moon Unit, Pilot Inspektor, Audio Science, Bronx Mowgli, Rufus Tiger, Bluebell Madonna, Everly Bear, Reignbeau, and Wilbur Creeper!!!!!!! YOU SICKEN ME STARLA SOMETHING*

    *but not really

    This chapter was just complete win. I love the new house, and every Generartions realted thing in this chapter.

    Oh, and one last thing, Spec IS playing with his imaginary friend. He’s imaginary, remember?


    1. Yay Moxie!

      Hahaha, yeah, I’ll probably go in later and grab the main family ghosts for the graveyard. I was just too lazy to do it before XD

      Thank you!!

      Haha true. Imaginarily creepy.


  7. Moxie!! :D

    I really liked that Sage’s expression didn’t change at all when Moxie was drinking x’D
    That bunny is creepy D:
    And oh wow Peaches is so awesome!! So are the imaginary friends and the sleeping bags and the waterslide and the ghost stories… I want Generations tooooooooo D:

    Great chapter as always!


    1. LOL yeah she just stood there like a weirdo XD

      It is! I didn’t actually realize how creepy it was until it kept staring at me.

      Generations is definitely something I’d recommend! It just adds so much more to gameplay.

      Thank you so much!


  8. I have to say, that house is also one of my favorites from the Generations expansion pack. But I didn’t decorate it nearly as nice as you did.

    I’m with you on the imaginary friends. They are quite creepy. A delightful read, as usual. :)


    1. Aw, thank you. It took me a while to decorate and sometimes I really loathe decorating, so that really means a lot. And I’m sure you did great!

      They are D: Thank you!!


  9. :D
    You stupid people and you’re stupid Generations >.> I’d give my soul to play right now but I kinda sold it. [/bitter] Haha anywaysssss amazing chapter of humorousness :D


  10. “Bunny: We should murder them.”
    I immediately thought “Bunnies, bunnies IT MUST BE BUNNIES!”

    Your redecorating by the way looks amazing!

    This chapter was basically nothing but partying, partying YEAH. I loved it. So much funny I could barely stand it.

    I freaking love this family.


    1. Ohai Mariah!

      Hahaha that’s awesome!

      Oh man, thank you! I’m not nearly as good as you, though. *bows down* XD

      PARTYING YEAH. Thank you!

      Aww, they love you too!

      THANK YOU <3


  11. This? This has been EPIC I say!

    I’ve missed the Creepers so much :3

    FYI, while I was typing this, I was told that my Generations has arrived in the mail! :D

    So installing it now :DD

    Can’t wait for next Creeper update! :)


    1. Aw, thanksss!!

      The Creepers have missed you too :D

      YAY that’s great! I hope you have as much fun as I’ve had so far!

      Also, I forgot to tell you that your simself is living in what I’ve decided to call The Simself House of Awesomeness. I think she’s dating someone, ooooh!

      Thank you so much!


    I didn’t plan on getting Generations, but between you and Andie I’m starting to consider buying it.
    Retro!? I love retro! :D But only sometimes. :P
    Wow, the twins’ room is… bright… but that’s not the right word. Maybe bluetastical in-a wow-this-is-really-bright-and-only-somewhat-uncomfortable-to-look-at way?
    It looks like the reign of redhead kids is over :P
    LOL Tori Kimura jumping rope (I think?) in the background XP
    NOT REBECCA BLACK DD: Darn, now I’m thinking of that song.


    1. Hahaha, oh man. That’s how I was about World Adventures too!

      Yeah retro is nice when it’s done right, lol.

      Omg yeah I think it’s because I used BuyDebug for some extra invisible lighting. It was too dark without it, but too bright with it. I’m still trying to find a good balance XD

      It does indeed! I didn’t like it when I had it, but now that it’s going away, I’m kind of sad haha.

      Haha I didn’t even notice that! Nice :D

      Bwahaha! Omg that song D:


      1. Okay, I caved. I went and bought Generations. I’ve installed it and as soon as this comment is written… I’ll be playing! :D


  13. Great Update! I’ve been a long time lurker, so this is my first comment here!
    I love that Sage is such a bad influence to the kids, or she would be if it wasn’t the sims lol.
    And in the pic with the evil bunny, I didn’t see him at first and when I did see him, I actually screamed out loud. He’s scary looking!


    1. Aw, hi! Thank you for commenting!

      LOL yeah I’m pretty sure she’d be a really terrible mother IRL XD

      Haha, me too! His EYES D:

      Thank you!


  14. Creeper update :)

    How do you get your houses to look so bright? Mine always end up too dark or waaaayyy too bright when I try to fix it. 3:

    Love the pizza lady, btw. :D


    1. I am very upset. Also I find this kind of funny. I have a sim named Sage Moonblood and she glitched really badly just now. She randomly just disappeared and I couldn’t select her and then an IMPOSTER named Dana Moskovitz was spawned, looking EXACTLY like her. Poor Sagey was pregnant too. :(

      And, how hilarious is this? This happened FIVE MINUTES after she invited MOON UNIT CREEPER to one of her parties. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!


      1. Well, in the old house I basically had little CC ceiling lights EVERYWHERE and set some lights’ custom intensity to 5. Then if I saw something was TOO bright (the really bright statue in the twins’ room, for example), I would set the intensity of the lights around that object to dim.

        In this house I’ve used BuyDebug to buy some invisible lighting, but it tends to make things too bright for me, so I’ll probably be taking some of it down.

        LOL weird pizza lady XD

        OMG! Hahaha, that’s the greatest thing ever. Friggin’ Moon Unit.


  15. Hahaha ! :D This has to be my favourite chapter so far; I laughed out loud at least 10 times. I’d list all of my favourite bits, but I’d just end up copy and pasting the entire chapter :D

    Also, Tabooger is stunning. And Seven has the best name EVAR. I can already tell that it’s going to be a tough heir poll this year :)


    1. Awwm thank yooooou! That makes me so happy :D

      Yeah definitely! I think this gen has a really interesting mix, and we might just get away from the nose/mouth combo that heirs have had for like 5 generations, haha.


    1. Haha isn’t it silly?

      And I saw a comment from you a few updates back, but I think I forgot to reply to it. I don’t think you comment too much :D I appreciate your comments! So thank you.


      1. Yeah, it is silly. But I like it :P. Oh, and you wait till NOW to reply. I h8 u. Not really though, you’re awesome. You gave us the Creepers :D You’re the best lol. But thanks, I like commenting (who wouldn’t?), but I don’t want clog up the post with thousands and thousands of comments about the same thing :P

        But yeah, silly. “Kickin’ in the front seat
        Sittin’ in the back seat
        Gotta make my mind up
        Which seat can I take?”

        Seriously, Rebecca?


  16. Hey, I just realized that Peaches’ traits are like Monk! :D He was a neurotic genius detective, wasn’t he?! Love your stuff, as always. Hope that Meniere’s isn’t getting you down!


  17. I can’t recall whether or not I’ve commented yet (I’ve only recently gotten into legacy stories, so I’ve been doing a LOT of catching up!) but I just wanted to say that I ADORE the Creepers, and I think Sage Moonblood is my very favorite so far!

    Also, I just got a new computer the other day, and I completely weirded my boyfriend out when the first thing I said was, “Oh my gosh, maybe my Sims will FINALLY be as pretty as the Creepers and Chimerees (who I also love, obviously)!” lol


  18. Happy Independence Day Starla! I’m not American, or do I live in America, but I know how much it would mean to you.


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