Generations Picspam

This will be quick because I’m exhausted for some reason. Pictures and a few cool things worth mentioning.

As with every new EP, my simself is forced to be a guinea pig and sport some of the new hair and clothing. I picked the fauxhawk because I’d never be bold enough to have one in real life XD

This time my husband’s simself has to be a part of this as well, bwahaha.

The new male clothing isn’t OMGAWESOME. It’s just meh, kind of like in real life, but it’s no big deal. There are a bunch of sweatery type tops for everyone, which makes me think a Seasons-esque EP is coming after Unleashed.

My daughter’s simself has to model a new style as well. Generations makes it a family affair.

And so does my son’s XD He’s the only one who seems excited about it, but that’s because he’s a sim toddler and doesn’t know any better.

Now time for the Lazy Starla No Captions With Pictures Experience.

Daughter’s Simself: Isn’t this illegal?

Probably. Moving on.

Students going on a field trip :)

Woohoo in the treehouse.

Most of the new clothing has pregnant morphs, yay!

A prank D:

Slumber party!

And that’s all I’ve got for now. My town is about half way through week two and there have been two pregnancies (besides Ursine and Keaton) from inactive sims, so that’s a little better than it used to be, which is awesome. I’m going to play it further and see if there will be any weddings or anything else.

*falling asleep while typing this*

Happy simming, everyone!

17 thoughts on “Generations Picspam


    I’m still testing stuff out, I played a bit with my legacy and then a bit with a old backup file from before the legacy, and I have to say I’m having a ball. First day, two weddings and a pregnancy somewhere. Someone did die, but it was someone I couldn’t have cared less about, so the SP is doing so much better.

    So much stuff! I really don’t know where to begin right now!


  2. I am happly to see that there are people out there having good experiences with Generations. I only read negative things on the Sims 3 forums. Can’t wait to get mine now. Happy simming


    1. I had issues with mine, but it was my CC, got rid of everything from the launcher and BAM, I’m good to go. Some of the problems people are having have easy fixes, such as getting rid of CC, Mods, etc. Others are a simple uninstall + reinstall. Even when I was having troubles I loved it. >_>


    1. oh yeah, 2 other things. 1) Nice maternity wear from EA? Stop kidding yourself! 2) I’m guessing Starla isn’t a vampire anymore?


  3. OHMYGOD. That looks AMAZING!!! New pregnancy clothes?! Woohoo in the treehouses?! And the slumber parties and the strollers and the pranks and the chemistry set and… *hyperventilates* I want it D:

    Didn’t you pre-order? How did you get it right away? I did the pre-order thing too and mine didn’t ship til the release date. :(


    1. I got it :D it’s brilliant so far; I just made two random sims and got them married – the new weddings are great. They’ve got a kid now, so I’ll be able to experiment a lot more soon :)


  4. Guess what Starla?!?!?! I was going to buy Generations with my birthday money that I got, and then, when I got home from school, I found something…

    OMGYESOMG! My amazingly fantasticly great uncle got me Generations for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Omg yes


  5. Hi! I recently started reading your legacy and I was wondering if you could put up a list of the mods that you use? I installed generations and most of mine conflict with my game. Thanks!


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