I need Generations like I need air.

My in-laws are here until tomorrow, so I’ve only had enough time to install Generations and play for about 30 minutes while they went shopping. From what I have played, though, I am very impressed. For one thing, and I don’t know if this happened before the EP but it’s never happened to me in any save file, my sims autonomously woohooed! It was preeeeetty cool. They were just flirting and suddenly both went to relax and then magic happened XD

They also had a pillow fight. SO GLAD they brought this back. I missed it. I also missed memories, which they can now have! Up to 300, but at least it’s something.

I don’t know if there’s a new town or not because I just jumped into a Sunset Valley save file, but there are a bunch of new premade houses which are actually pretty freaking sweet. I forgot to take pictures of the one I played in, but it was definitely decorated better than any premade EA house I’ve ever seen.

The new stuff is really nice. They’ve got some great new patterns as well, and tons of new little interactions that make gameplay so much better. That’s all I was able to explore so far.

I decided to start my SP experiments over with the new EP. I’m hoping that the fact that sims are autonomously woohooing means EASP isn’t so broken anymore. Wishful thinking? We’ll see!

Gotta go be social now though. Boooooo.


13 thoughts on “I need Generations like I need air.

  1. Ugh, mine’s kinda iffy right now (gameplay wise) and I’m looking for a way to fix it. What I can do though, I love!
    But my kiddo can’t play with her imaginary friend doll =(


  2. I know I wanna play mine as well, but I need to wait for Twallan to update as well D: I don’t feel like taking out my mods, and CC … I just don’t. It does look fun though! I can’t wait til he updates so I can explore it! :)


  3. My hubs is bringing mine home with him after work!!! I can wait, but the baby is sick so we will see how much time I get to have with it. I really hope story progression is fixed!


  4. :< I don't get it until Friday, once again I curse the non-flat world! Until then I'm stuck with housework to keep me occupied. (Not that I've played much anyways lately).


  5. I played for a few hours tonight. I agree that the new interactions they have added are great. My hubby’s simself gave my simself flowers. :) I am totally in love with the spring toys. I could watch the toddlers and children play on them for hours. I am very pleased that EA has made the toddlers and children more interesting to play.

    I am jealous that your Sims autonomously woohooed. I hope to see mine do that.

    Andie and Sponge, you all have more patience than I do. Twallan is fast, but I was too excited to wait for SP and MC. I will be very happy when he releases those updates so that I can get back to my legacy family.

    Oh, and if you’re a fan of LazyGameReviewer, he said on his Twitter that he’ll probably have his Generations review up late tonight/early tomorrow. http://www.youtube.com/user/phreakindee


  6. When I saw the title I thought of the song Accio Harry Potter by Hank Green where he sings ‘I need Harry Potter like a grindylow needs water’

    Just thought I’d say that.

    Don’t worry, I can’t play generations for two or three weeks. I can buy it. Can’t play it.


  7. AAAAAHH jealousy!!! I want it so bad!! If you feel the urge to post more pictures, I would gladly see them xD I hope it’s working well for you! Maybe story progression will finally actually work! That would be great, since mods don’t work on my computer xD

    I’m glad to hear you like it so much, though. I have a feeling this will be my favorite EP. ^_^


  8. i was completely unsocial yesterday afternoon, which will happen again today. i don’t care generations is amazing! from what i’ve played it’s definitely the best expansion (in my opinion anyway). unfortunately there is no new town, but considering all of the awesomeness that’s in this expansion, it really doesn’t matter. :)


  9. Wow that all sounds so great!!! I can’t wait to see if story progression is fixed! :D :D

    Stupid exams keeping me from playing too much D:<






    On another, less psychotic, manner, it’s my birthday today. Hoorayz!!!! I got loads of cash so that I can go and buy Gens. in 2 DAYS OMGMUSTHAVENEEDWANT!!!!


  11. I got the update but not Generations. The only thing I know for SURE is that I have Memories without the actual EP and my mods are broken. -_-


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